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82 kids and teens fill cast of Lorain Youth Theater's 'Peter Pan'


LORAIN — While only Peter Pan and a few others will actually be zooming through the air during the Lorain Youth Theater’s performance of “Peter Pan” this weekend, director Valerie Farschman says everyone in attendance will be soaring out of the theater.

“Not only will the kids who are wired be flying, people will probably be sailing out of here,” Farschman said.

With a cast of 82 ages 8 to 19 performing 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at Lorain Palace Theatre, Farschman said this show will be the best of the four she has done.

“The show in rehearsal is awesome,’’ Farschman said. “It’s going to knock you off your feet.”

The staff and cast have been rehearsing for six weeks for the 32nd annual show, taking classes in the morning to learn about theater and rehearsing for a couple of hours each afternoon.

But such a large cast comes with its challenges.

Farschman said choosing “Peter Pan” was a combination of it not having been performed in 10 years and that it could accommodate the large group.

But there are only a couple times in the performance where all 82 cast members are on stage, forcing the staff to find worthwhile things to do for those who aren’t on the stage.

“Eighty-two kids is a lot of kids,” Farschman said. “Keeping them excited and enthused when we’re not using them on stage is a challenge.”

But some of that time spent off stage has been put to good use, allowing the kids to learn some things they may not have had to perform before.

Zach Heiser — who plays Captain Hook and helped design the cast T-shirts — said that while he has been in several plays over the years, there was some unfamiliar acting this time around.

“I had to learn all sorts of other things like sword-fighting, but all in all, this is probably one of my best years,” he said.

Another part of this year’s play that is expected to be one of the best in years is the costumes. Costume designer D. Justin Bilewicz III — who Farschman said pays close attention to details — spent a lot of time making sure the costumes for the play gave off the perfect feel.

“The costumes are a glistening, Edwardian dream that fills your inner child with delight,” she said.

The program also has Alex Arroyo, a professional Broadway actor, doing the choreography.

There are a limited number of tickets available for the show, and they can purchased through the Palace Theatre Web site,, or by calling the box office at (440) 245-2323.

Cast list

Principal characters

  • Austin Rubinoski: Peter Pan
  • Zach Heiser: Captain Hook
  • Kelly Dillon: Wendy Darling
  • Patrick Fetsic: John Darling
  • Devin Sugerik: Michael Darling
  • Pat Moroney: Mr. Darling
  • Taylor Fuge: Mrs. Darling
  • Julie Grabiak: Narrator, Mrs. Davies
  • Jessica Super: Tiger Lilly
  • Catherine Miceli-Spieker: Liza
  • Carolyn Reisdorff: Wendy (Grown-up)
  • Paige Yepko: Jane
  • Anastazja Golab: Nana/Crocodile


  • Nicole Given: Cheetah (Raven)
  • Patricia Hickey: Kangaroo (Mark Kay-ngaroo)
  • Ali Leadbetter: Lion (Aslan)
  • Breanna Meyers: Monkey (Bananas)
  • Klementyna Pozniak: Ostrich (Ozzy)
  • Kristen DiBernardo: Peacock (NBC)
  • Chloe Boland: Rabbit (Jessica)
  • Alex Wooledge: Skunk (Pepe)
  • Jamie Smith: Tiger (Tigger)
  • Madison Kovalik: Wolf (Stephanie Meyer)


  • Emily Brown: Count Crocula
  • Christina Jackson: Crocodile Rock
  • Kelsey Gonos: Gator Aide
  • Hayley McCall: Smile Crocodile
  • Hailee Markus: Kyle Crocodile
  • Patricia Shullick: Niles Crocodile
  • Megan Szabo: Croca Doodle Doo
  • Emily King: Crocodile Dundee
  • Maiya Davis-Santiago: Hickory Dickory Croc
  • Sami Novak: Ali Gator


  • Patricia Shullick: Aquata
  • Megan Szabo: Adella
  • Emily King: Andrina
  • Maiya Davis-Santiago: Sirena
  • Sami Novak: Ethel Mermaid


  • Nora Dillon: Indian
  • Rachel Elwer: Indian
  • Lexi First: Indian
  • Emily Hutlock: Indian
  • Alisha Nieves: Indian
  • Sarah Novak: Indian
  • Kaley Shaw: Indian
  • Paige Yepko: Indian
  • Heather Younkin: Indian
  • Lauren Thomas: Indian/Co-Dance Captain
  • Mackenzie Jalowiec: Indian/Co-Dance Captain
  • Victoria Bucci: Papoose
  • Claire Dillon: Papoose
  • Angela Fetsic: Papoose
  • Madison Urig: Papoose

Storytime children

  • Stephen Perez: George
  • Connor Jones: Jacqueline
  • Alexis Napier: Michelle
  • Alana Sworden: Nico
  • Morgan Hamlin: Patricia

Lost boys

  • John Fuge: Ace
  • Wendy Black: Binky (Twin)
  • Morgan Nisenboum: Curly
  • Molly VanHorn: Marmaduke (Twin)
  • Emily George: Nibs
  • Chelsea Soto: No Nap
  • Mariayna Colon: Noodles
  • Julia Mordarski: Pockets
  • Michael Golab: Rufio
  • Tanner Lias: Slighty Soiled
  • Sara Phillips: Thud Bum
  • Alexis Brenner: Too Small
  • Hannah McNulty: Tootles


  • Sadie Terry: Alf Mason
  • Carolyn Reisdorff: Aruj Barbarrosa
  • Myra Flores: Bill Jukes
  • Jenna Stack: Cecco
  • Emily Cervantes: Charlotte de Berry
  • Madison Paden: Cookson
  • Katie Carver: Grace O'Malley
  • Ashley Comstock: Hizir Barbarrosa
  • Darragh Liaskos: Jane de Belleville
  • Tiara McGuire: Long John Silver
  • Alaynna Czarney: Morgan Skylights
  • Brittany Spraglin: Noodler
  • Secili Gonzalez: Red Legs Greaves
  • Ryan Dillon: Robert Mullins
  • Emily Phillips: Smee
  • Spencer Riley: Starkey


  • Director: Valerie Farschman
  • Producer: Jessica Smith
  • Co-Producer: Kristin Stark
  • Musical Director: Kyle Branzel
  • Technical Director: Steve Stransky
  • Choreographer: Alex Arroyo
  • Costume Designer: D. Justin Bilewicz III
  • Makeup Artist: Christine Gigliotti
  • Seamstress: Valerie Smith
  • Staff Assistant: Sarah Ogan
  • Staff Assistant: Lauren Klimczak
  • Staff Assistant: Courtney Burke

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