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Portman proves popular at convention


Wednesday, Aug. 29

The bus trip to the convention hall was different today.

This time we stopped beyond the equipment security scanning the exterior and underside of the buses. The buses were more thoroughly checked and, for the first time, I observed military personnel on many of the rooftops.

Once we got inside, activities at the convention hall started up immediately.

Speakers ahead of Paul Ryan included Congressman Rand Paul, Senator John McCain, Florida Attorney General Bondi, Senator Rob Portman, Governor Tim Pawlenti, Secretary Condoleezza Rice and Governor Mike Huckabee.

There is a small contingent of delegates very loyal to Ron Paul who were vocally supportive when Rand Paul spoke, not in the least outdone by the huge show of support for Senator Rob Portman from the Ohio delegation.

It was interesting that a chant of Portman, Portman... started before the Senator took the stage and continued several minutes after he took the stage. The chanting seemed to be coming from all around the floor, not just the Ohio delegation.

Lynda Bowers is a trustee from Lafayette Township in Medina County.

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