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Behind the news: The full Nancy Smith clemency report 2


Nancy Smith

Clemency Report


93CR044489 and 94CR045368

Facts: Nancy Smith was employed by a bus service and she was responsible for transporting

children to the Head Start Program in Lorain County, Ohio. On May 26, 1993, a five year old

male victim came forward and disclosed he had been molested by the applicant and co-defendant

Joseph Allen. He also reported that other children, that included two girls, also five years old,

and one five year old boy, had also been molested.

One male victim indicated he and the other children were not dropped off at the Lorain Head

Start by the applicant but were actually taken to the home of the co-defendant. The children were

transported by bus or by the applicant's car and were sexually abused in various ways. This

abuse was noted to occur between January 1, 1993 and June 1, 1993.

The children indicated the following sexual abuse: anal rape, fellatio, cunnilingus, and

inappropriate touching for sexual gratification. It was noted this abuse occurred by force or

threat of force; including spanking, sticking the victims with needles, and the co-defendant's

threats to kill the victims by appearing at their homes disguised as a woman. These threats also

included or extended to the members of the victims' families.

An active investigation ensued and many children were questioned .about the sexual abuse by

Lorain County authorities. Following the investigation, the applicant, and co-defendant were

indicted and found guilty by a jury.

Seriousness of Offense: The case involved numerous felony sex offenses against several


Applicant's version: The applicant stated that she did not transport the children to Mr. Allen's

home; that she did not know Mr. Allen; and that she did not sexually molest any of the children.

She stated she is innocent of the crimes.

Applicant's remorse and acceptance of responsibility: (to include payment of restitution,

fies, court costs) The applicant maintains her innocence and therefore does not express remorse

for the conduct she was convicted of committing against the children, and does not accept

responsibility for the crimes. Fines and/or court costs are due in the amount of $1205.50.


Court/County: Lorain County Common Pleas Court/Lorain County

Proportionality of the Sentence: The sentence appears proportionate, given the seriousness of

the offense and the vulnerable age of the victims.

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