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Get out and vote, and give us your feedback


Get out and vote, Lorain County! But first, click here to see if your polling place has moved. And visit our 2009 election guide to read up on what's on the ballot.

Then let us know what your voting experience is like.

Tweet @YourChronicle on Twitter, leave us a message on our Facebook fan page or e-mail Chronicle Web editor Rona Proudfoot at Or call in news tips to 329-7124.

Check back here to see what your neighbors are saying about Election Day.


7:42 p.m.: In and out in ten minutes. No worries, mate! — Will Keller on

7:23 p.m.: Voted around 12:30 at LaPorte United Methodist Church. No line - easy as usual! — jennylouwho on Twitter

7:15 p.m.: An easy time at the new polling place at LCCC today. No line, and I was voter # 142 in my district, so it sounds like turnout was good. — Ted Wallingford on Facebook

6:35 p.m.: Great experience. Took around 10 minutes. Chatted with some nice young ladies and some nice gentlemen about the state of the city. All were torn on the issues at hand. — Smarter Than That on

6:16 p.m.: My experience voting was quick and easy. — Jason Schmidt on

6 p.m.: I just got back and the line was longer than I have ever seen it. That is great!!!!! — Bryan Goldthorpe on Facebook

5:53 p.m.: Chronicle reporter Melissa Hebert checked out the polling place at Lorain County Community College.

Things appeared to be going smoothly at Lorain County Community College.

Derek Roth, 24, and his brother, Jake Roth, 22, both of Elyria, said a main reason they came out to vote was because of the Elyria education levy, but didn’t say how they voted.

Jean Brletich of Elyria said that she’s noticed that people who complain the loudest and longest are often also the ones who don’t vote.

“I always vote,” she said. “It’s my God-given right.”

She added that there were no problems at the polls while she was there.

“Actually, I didn’t expect to get in and out so fast,” she said.

5:50 p.m.: My voting experience went real smooth today at the college. No problems at all. — vicjohusmc86 on Twitter

4:26 p.m.: Just want to let you know that I went to vote about 1:00 P.M. at Spitzer's Conference Center and I was No. 145 in my precinct. It seem very steady, but I was in and out without any trouble. — Lisette Gracia via e-mail

4:25 p.m.: Chronicle Web editor Rona Proudfoot talked to a voter in Grafton who said 'it’s like they set it up to discourage people from staying and voting.'

A voter from Grafton called The Chronicle to say she was upset at the new polling location for Grafton voters.

Before, two precincts voted at the Grafton library and two precincts voted at a community center. This election all four precincts were voting at Our Lady Queen of Peace church hall.

Despite twice the precincts using the location, there were less voting machines. She said she waited 45 minutes to vote but doubted others would have.

“There’s people coming in, they see this, they say ‘forget it,’ and they’re turning around and walking out,” she said. “It’s like they set it up to discourage people from staying and voting.”

She also questioned moving voting to a Catholic church as voters were being asked to make a choice on casino gambling.

“Every other time I’ve ever voted out here, and I’ve lived out here since 94, I’m in and out in 10 minutes,” she said. “Why didn’t they just send us out a card saying ‘Don’t vote.’ ”

3:50 p.m.: Chronicle Web editor Rona Proudfoot talked to an Elyria Township voter whose name wasn't on the rolls at the polling place she's gone to for 50 years.

An Elyria Township voter called The Chronicle to complain about her experience voting at Midway Baptist Church.

She said her name wasn't on the voter rolls even though she's voted at the same location for 50 years and she saw several other people with the same problem.

She said there weren't enough voting machines for the volume of voters, and the line to vote stretched all the way around the church gym.

She didn't have to wait in the line because she was given a provisional ballot, but she was still there for more than an hour.

Her daughter voted about 3 p.m., and it was just as crowded, she said.

3:15 p.m.: Chronicle Managing Editor Julie Wallace voted at 1:45 p.m. at Cross Community Church and reports it was packed. A poll worker told her that it was packed and people were in a bad mood and voting against everything. The poll worker predicted "anything and everything is going down," Julie said.

3 p.m.: Well...Once again I voted my $$$ away.Let's see...Veterans,farmers,schools,county, and the Port Authority...Did I miss anything? Yes, I did miss something good.....Casino,Casino,Casinos!!! That money should go to help ALL of the above mentioned. — Rob Van Horn on Facebook

2:35 p.m.: Voted @ the Washington Ave Christian Church around 1:30. No problems, no waiting. — from mimiaow on Twitter

2:15 p.m.: I went to the Library on West River Road and waited about 3 minutes to vote....everything went smoothly. — from DrJoe Hoelscher on Facebook

12:15 p.m.: Pretty smooth in North Ridgeville! Provisional voting was a LOT faster - no line! — from dlayphoto on Twitter

12:12 p.m.: Chronicle freelance writer Chrissy Kadleck just finished working the Election Day bake sale in Lakewood. Unofficial results show voters crave chocolate after casting their ballots and may be motivated to do their civic duty just to justify a treat.

12:10 p.m.: Chronicle reporter Melissa Hebert talked to Mark Shuster of Elyria, who had trouble voting this morning.

Mark Shuster of Elyria went to vote at East Park Rec Center around 7 a.m. this morning, only to be informed that he was listed as having voted absentee, which Shuster says he did not.

Shuster ended up spending an hour and a half waiting for the problem to be resolved. There were no provisional ballots at East Park Rec Center, and Shuster and others in his situation were told to come back later.

Shuster said he saw at least two people leave without voting. “One woman (who left) said she had kids to take care of, and that she couldn’t come back,” he said.

While he was waiting, Shuster said one woman working the polls told him similar problems were going on “all over.” He said he observed one poll worker trying to contact the Board of Elections, but wasn’t having any luck getting someone available to talk.

Shuster said that, finally, he and another man, who was also listed as having voted absentee but says he didn’t, were allowed to vote.

“It was a mess,” Shuster said. “Absolutely terrible.”

Noon: Chronicle Editor Andy Young talked to 12 voters at the Ward 6 polling place at South Rec and, based on their votes, unscientifically predicts that Issue 2 will pass, Issue 3 will pass, Issue 4 will pass narrowly and Issue 10, the Elyria income tax, is dead even.

10 a.m.: I went to West Recreation Center this year instead of Oakwood School. Was there at 8:00. No wait and everyone there was extremely friendly. — Missi Belfiore Cagle via Facebook

10 a.m.: Looks like there's a good turnout in Amherst! The clear skies help. — Amherst Council candidate Phil Van Treuren via Facebook

9 a.m.: Eastern Heights went smooth. Walk in smile and walk out. The people there were great. Felt like home, Oops it has been my home for 49 years! Love Elyria! — Jim Endrizzi via Facebook

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