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The EMH Wound Care Center: It really works!

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As a retired nurse who worked for EMH Regional Medical Center for 37 years, Janet Jantz of Elyria was no stranger to wounds. But, when a form of skin cancer on her left shoulder had to be removed surgically, the wound that remained didn’t heal as she expected it to. That’s when her plastic surgeon, Dr. Roland Reyes, recommended that she seek treatment at the EMH Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. There, he could treat her in a brand new facility that was located on the EMH Regional Medical Center campus, just two miles from her home.

Janet’s wound was treated with negative pressure wound therapy. With this treatment, a medical instrument that works just like a vacuum is placed over the wound to draw drainage away and bring oxygen-rich blood to the wound bed, which encourages the growth of new skin. For one month, Janet visited the EMH wound care center once a week, and received visits from EMH Home Care nurses twice a week. After that time, Janet applied a topical cream twice daily to promote healing even further. In less than three months, her wound was completely healed! “It worked wonderfully!” exclaimed Janet when asked about her treatment plan. “The staff at the wound care center worked so well together – just like my former nurses and I did many years ago.”

Marlene Nixon’s wound was treated with the use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber – one of two state-of-the-art machines located at the EMH Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. A resident of Elyria all of her life, Marlene came to the EMH wound care center for treatment of a wound resulting from reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Also under the care of plastic surgeon Dr. Roland Reyes, on June 3rd, Marlene began the first of 20 hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments in 27 days. Even though she was a bit hesitant to try this therapy due to her claustrophobia, Marlene was surprisingly comfortable during her two-hour-long stays in the chamber. “The staff there is so wonderful – they helped to ease my fears,” she said. “Plus, the time just flew by because I watched a different DVD movie each time I was in the chamber.”

By June 30th, Marlene’s wound was healed, and she even received some great side effects from the 100% oxygen treatments: “My complexion has never looked better,” Marlene stated happily. “Plus – I feel better overall, too.”

For more information about the EMH Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, please call (440) 329-4930. Our office is located at 133 East Broad Street in Elyria.

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