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Each year from mid-October through mid-December, the City of Elyria conducts a leaf collection program. Residents are asked to rake leaves to the curb in piles or wind-rows, as closely to the curb as possible, but not in the street.

No brush, twigs or other material should be mixed with the leaves as these tend to clog the equipment and slow the process. Residents may also mower-mulch their leaves instead of placing them at the curb.

Because of the great volume of leaves no daily schedule can be followed. Leaf collection will be made as quickly and as often as possible. The City of Elyria will attempt to post areas scheduled for pick up in advance on the City of Elyria website:, on the local government information television station: Channel 12, and through signs posted in neighborhoods prior to the start of leaf collection.

Please understand bad weather can adversely affect the leaf collection schedule. This includes not only rainy weather, but snow as well. The vehicles that are used for leaf removal are also used for snow removal, which requires equipment to be switched over.


• DO NOT allow children to play in leaves on or near the street.

• DO NOT place branches or other debris in leaf piles. Doing so may result in leaves not being collected.

• DO NOT park vehicles on the street when leaf collection has been scheduled for your area.

• DO NOT park vehicles over leaves. The heat from the underside of the vehicle may cause a fire.

SPECIAL NOTE: This year residents can choose to rake their leaves to the curb as in the past, or bag them using environmentally-friendly, biodegradable paper leaf bags. These bags may be dropped off at the city’s Central Maintenance Complex located at 851 Garden Street.

SPECIAL COLLECTION: For residents who want their leaves picked up outside of the regular timetable, a special collection can be scheduled for a $75.00 fee. This fee will be added to the resident’s monthly utility bill.

For additional leaf removal information, please call 440-322-3129.

Please help city workers maintain efficient and economical service for all residents by following these guidelines.

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