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EC grad Foisy wins women's title at fifth annual Kerstetter 5K


ELYRIA — Michaela Foisy didn’t let a long college season diminish her will and effort at Saturday’s fifth annual James Kerstetter Memorial 5K. The 2013 Elyria Catholic graduate was hands down the top performer in the women’s field as she clocked a course-best 18 minutes, 59.1 seconds to take home the top prize and was 14th overall.

The Akron University sophomore was third at the 2013 Kerstetter event in 19:13.8 behind Kelly Staruch (18:44.5) and Alexis Rick (18:53.5). She was second in 2012 in 19:39.4, just 3.2 seconds behind winner Lydia Slouter (19:36.2).

“I’m happy,” Foisy said. “We’re moving up. I was running with a guy from LCCC for most of the race. I took off because my split was 12 flat at the 2-mile, and I wanted to see how much bigger of a gap I could make.”

Quickness was definitely in Foisy’s favor. She clocked a career-best 17:35 for 5,000 meters on the track this spring at the Raleigh Relays.

“My college season ran through last weekend, so I finally started a break on Sunday,” said the 19-year-old Foisy. “I didn’t run all this week, but I knew that I had to run this race because it is for such a good cause. My dad being a firefighter I understand. It’s so important. I’m so blessed.”

A record field of 913 runners and walkers participated in this year’s event that also included a mile walk. The total is up from 600 runners last year and 450 in 2012.

“To run (18:59.1) is fine for not training for a week and from such a long season,” Foisy said. “I can now take a little bit more of a break before training hard again for cross country.

“The college season is a very long. Freshmen have to get used to that three-season format. It’s different than high school. I was glad I was able to PR (personal record by 1½ minutes) for my 5,000 in track. I’m glad I’m where I’m at right now. It really shows good training will take me far.”

EC senior Sarah Ziegelmeyer, 17, Foisy’s former teammate, took second (22:47.5). Elyria High sophomore Sarah Hamilton, 15, was third (23:12.1).

“The result was a lot better than I expected,” Ziegelmeyer said. “I was out very late last night, so I wasn’t expecting a lot today. I just tried to pace it and it worked. I held back a little the first mile because I didn’t want to take out all my energy then and there. I had family in the race and I thought my little brother Nick might come up and catch me. My dad (James), my little brother and my little sister (Elizabeth) also did the run and my mom (Theresa) did the walk.”

The men’s division featured a dual between Bay Village’s Joe Kinkelaar, 22, and Steve Benesh, 34, of North Ridgeville. Both held back during the opening mile before taking over. Kinkelaar ended up winning by 9.4 seconds over Benesh, 16:12.4-16:21.8.

Elyria’s Dave Woodward, 30, was third (16:39.7).

“Steve and I, we went out together the first 2 miles,” said Kinkelaar, a red-shirt senior for Kent State. “He was feeling pretty good, too, so it was hard outkicking him. My running has really come along. I was only the No. 5 runner on the team for cross country in high school. Everything wasn’t physically there when I started college, but it’s there now and coach Mark Croghan finally gave in and now I’m on the team for the first time. I really picked up my training and it’s really paid off.”

Benesh put his heart and soul into the Elyria race, but appeared a bit tired from a combination of a lot of racing this summer along with a lack of sleep in preparing for his July 19 wedding to Bethany Cicerchi in downtown Cleveland.

“Joe caught up with the lead guy (Woodward) at about 1½ miles,” Benesh said. “(Woodward) went for it. He didn’t die really bad.

I knew I could catch him, but I had no shot at Joe. The legs were not there. It’s time to recharge and get ready for the Chicago Marathon in the fall. It was a good fast part of the season, but I think I kept it going a little longer than I should have. I had it in my mind to do these last couple races before I get married. I did them, I’m happy.”

A 15-year police veteran of the Elyria Police Department, Kerstetter was shot and killed March 15, 2010, while responding to a disturbance involving neighbors on 18th Street in Elyria.

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OVERALL: Michaela Foisy, 19 (Elyria), 18:59.1; Sarah Ziegelmeyer, 17 (Sheffield Village), 22:47.5; Sarah Hamilton, 15 (Elyria), 23:12.1.

Age group results

9 and younger: 1. Reece Lieby, 33:20.7; 2. Audrey Prechtel, 38:11.7; 43. Lyndsey Koepp, 39:20.3. 10-13: 1. Kelsey Gannon, 24:51.4; 2. Gianna Foisy, 25:44.0; 3. Hailey Bartish, 31:12.3. 14-18: 1. Erin Thiele, 24:02.2; 2. Madison Lambert, 26:25.0; 3. Morgan Reddinger, 26:49.6. 19-24: 1. Abbie Odell, 25:59.3; 2. Heather Robinson, 26:45.5; 3. Lauren Miller, 26:57.9. 25-29: 1. Steve Gensert, 24:19.5; 2. Amanda Goran, 24:21.7; 3. Renee Chapman, 25:16.3. 30-34: 1. Natalie Barkacs, 24:52.2; 2. Maria Whitney, 24:57.1; 3. Amanda Schmidt, 26:17.5. 35-39: 1. Brook Stewart, 26:21.1; 2. Tina Tomako, 26:27.8; 3. Krista Nieding, 26:40.5. 40-44: 1. Jodi Higgins, 25:57.8; 2. Beth Kovach, 26:12.6; 3. Angela Minnillo, 26:32.0. 45-49: 1. Pamela March, 24:05.0; 2. Laurie Stechow, 25:48.1; 3. Debbie Albert, 26:27.7. 50-54: 1. Missy Foisy, 23:32.4; 2. Terri Conklin, 24:31.6; 3. Athena Scrofano, 24:50.1. 55-59: 1. Janet Karpinski, 23:34.0; 2. Cythnia Brown, 28:21.6; 2. Karen Piccolomin, 28:56.2. 60-64: 1. Bridget Brushaber, 38:36.5. 65 and older: 1. Danute Kubelik, 27:14.8; 2. Jeanne Sikorski, 31:26.7.


OVERALL: Joe Kinkelaar, age 22 (Bay Village), 16:12.4; Steve Benesh, 34 (North Ridgeville), 16:21.8; Dave Woodward, 30 (Elyria), 16:39.7.

Age group results

9 and younger: 1. Holden Longacre, 25:37.0; 2. Sean Palmer, 31:11.4; 3. Zachary Longacre, 34:10.9. 10-13: 1. Dylan Naylor, 20:06.6; 2. Joel Pospisil, 20:10.7; 3. Alex Petel, 23:19.4. 14-18: 1. James Hawks, 17:05.3; 2. Creighton Jensen, 17:59.9; 3. Jake Chizmar, 18:23.2. 19-24: 1. Sam Allen, 17:00.2; 2. Matt Wiehe, 17:16.7; 3. Collin Callahan, 19:00.0. 25-29: 1. Ray Armstrong, 16:42.1; 2. Kirk Shellhouse, 18:31.6; 3. Jerry Traster, 18:36.7. 30-34: 1. Kevin Kirsh, 19:09.6; 2. Chris Niblock, 19:46.3; 3. John Zingale, 20:16.0. 35-39: 1. Randy Kerstetter, 21:05.0; 2. Jason Burrer, 21:40.6; 3. Dan Brahm, 21:56.7. 40-44: 1. Dave Hathaway, 18:43.6; 2. Sam Lambert, 21:21.1. 3. Casey Carty, 21:29.9. 45-49: 1. Jim Tuttle, 19:43.5; 2. Jerry Chizmar, 20:05.9; 3. Steve Lydon, 21:32.3. 50-54: 1. Tim Stephens, 20:35.4; 2. Arturo Hernandez, 21:20.8; 3. Terence Hunady, 21:46.2. 55-59: 1. Paul Norrod, 23:12.1; 2. Joe Gensert, 27:42.6; 3. Robert Mirache, 28:08.9. 60-64: 1. Randy Barkacs, 21:04.3; 2. Lennart Hultgren, 25:01.7; 3. Ron Brushaber, 27:12.6. 65 and older: 1. Don Rivera, 24:19.7; 2. Tracy Nicely, 25:18.0; 3. George Kubelik, 26:22.3.

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