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Perfect ball, perfect score: Judy Kovacs reveals secrets to bowling success


Judy Kovacs is picky.

That’s not an observation, it’s a fact. She said so herself.

“Once I get a (bowling) ball I like, I don’t want to give it up,” said the multitime C-T Bowler of the Year. “I’ve been using the same ball for a long time.”

So she took a leap of faith when she allowed John Shreve Sr. of the Family Fun Pro Shop to drill a brand- new-on-the-market Storm Lucid for her six weeks ago.

There is one word to describe the finicky bowler’s relationship with her new ball.


Kovacs began racking up 700s almost immediately — six to date since the middle of October, including a 791.

But the most telling proof of her success with the green, yellow and charcoal-colored ball came Nov. 24 when she mowed down the pins for her first 300 game in five years.

The perfect game, the second game of a 769 series (223-246) with the Hard Starters at Brunswick Zone, came a night after she rolled a 285 with the Friday Night Mixed, also at BZ.

“I finally found a ball I love,” Kovacs said.“It fits my style so well. I’m comfortable with it.

“I love bowling. And it’s a lot more fun when you are bowling good.”

Kovacs runs the Family Fun Pro Shop at Brunswick Zone with Shreve, also a multitime winner of the C-T’s Bowler of the Year award.

The two bowl together in couples leagues Friday and every other Saturday and she admits they have an ongoing competition between them.

“We have fun with it. Only he has an advantage because he’s a man and he’s left-handed,” she joked.

Kovacs wasn’t the only perfect game the week of Nov. 19-25. Jason Case and Chris Faris recorded their first 300s of the season.

Case’s was the first game of a 763 (227-236) series with the high-scoring Wednesday Nite Men at BZ.

Faris rolled his with the Friday Nite Men, also at BZ. He ended with a 781 series.

Les Rutherford’s 783 (270-244-249) with the Saturday Nite Mixed at BZ was high series of the week.

Amanda Morrow and Samantha Hamilton also hit 700s — both with the Cold Hard Cash at BZ.

Hamilton, also a former C-T Bowler of the Year, was consistent with games of 234, 243 and 245 for a 722 — her first 700 of the season.

Morrow, on the other hand, chalked up No. 6 of the year. Her 710 included games of 248 and 259.

Bowlers of the week: Nov. 19-25


  • Judy Kovacs: 769
  • Samantha Hamilton: 722
  • Amanda Morrow: 710
  • Judy Kovacs: 693
  • Connie Cunnin: 659


  • Judy Kovacs: 300
  • Judy Kovacs: 285
  • Jen Ellingsworth: 268
  • Paty Hronec: 259
  • Amanda Morrow: 259


  • Les Rutherford: 783
  • Vern Smith: 782
  • Chris Browning: 781
  • Chris Faris: 772
  • Craig Andrews: 771


  • Jason Case: 300
  • Chris Faris: 300
  • Gordie Wyman: 299
  • Andy Plowman Jr.: 299
  • Bryant Hudak: 290
  • Chris Pogorelc: 290
  • Cory Ness: 290

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