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Warrior Relays: Exciting finish gives North Ridgeville boys the win; Avon girls dominate


FAIRVIEW PARK — It all came down to the final event — the 1,600-meter relay — Friday at the 34th annual Fairview Warrior Relays.

With Avon trailing North Ridgeville by four points in the boys meet, Rangers anchor leg Paul Sonego made up three spots to help the Rangers take second in the event behind Avon. It  proved to be just enough as the Rangers held off the Eagles 96-94 for the team championship.

The girls meet was far less dramatic as Avon rolled up 122 points to win easily.

Avon’s team of Brentton Wiley, Brandon Cannon, Paul Younger and John DeMarco won the 1,600 relay in 3:31.7, but Sonego’s big anchor-leg dash helped the Rangers edge Fairview by just five-tenths of a second to claim the runner-up spot.

“This was really a tough event,” North Ridgeville coach Lucky Varouh said. “We had a couple kids that were really stretched that did a really good job, and what I mean by that is that they were stretched across a lot of events that were relatively close together.

“Paul Sonego, Zack Bowden, Christian Watkins … those three were just really, really phenomenal. There were many others as well. And the under points we got — four points here, two points there, six points here — it all added up.

“That last race was just awesome. Paul got the baton and got the job done. It was just great. What an exciting way to win.”

The 1,600 relay certainly helped the Rangers, but their victories in the 400 and 800 relays and their record-setting win in the sprint medleys really stood.

Watkins, David Bowden, Sonego and Zack Bowden won the medley in 1:35.9, breaking the meet record by 1.3 seconds. The 800 relay team of David Bowden, Alex Awad, Sonego and Zack Bowden won in 1:32.43, missing the meet record by just three one-hundredths of a second.

The 400 relay team of Watkins, Sonego, Zack and David Bowden won in 44.65 seconds, just missing the record of 44 seconds.

“I believe we did very well,” Sonego said. “We practice our handoffs all the time, and those are our top priority. Everything was on our side, even when it got colder and windy, and our goals are to keep getting better and better and better.”

Added Zack Bowden: “We were looking to break all the meet records. This was a team effort. We all gave it our all.”

Watkins also led the Rangers’ long jump relay win with a combined leap of 57 feet.

The Avon girls handled their business early on, jumping out to a large lead after four events and never being threatened.

The Eagles won the 800 and 3,200 relays and the distance medley, while also winning the discus and high jump relays as well.

“From top to bottom, from our young freshmen to our varsity seniors, they’ve all come out and really put on a nice performance,” Avon girls coach Scott Ulery said. “They stepped up to the challenge. I challenged them yesterday in practice and I told them I thought this was a meet that we had a chance at winning.

“That’s come to fruition tonight, so that’s really exciting to see.”

Ulery singled out freshmen Reagen Betts, Emily Joyce and Ali Clark, as well as seniors Natalie Wilden, Katelyn Foye, Alexandra Burks and Maddy Toth for their performances.

Betts ran the anchor leg of the 800 relay and the second leg of the 3,200 relay. Toth ran the third leg of the 3,200 relay and the opening leg of the distance medley. Clark, meanwhile, finished second in the only individual race — the 1,600 — and ran the anchor leg of the distance medley.

“We really had no idea how we were going to do today, to be honest,” Toth said. “We had a feeling we were going to place well, but we weren’t really sure. So we just went out there and just raced the hardest we could, not knowing what to expect. And it wound up working out in our favor.

“To win is one thing, but I don’t think any of us expected to win the way that we did. This definitely gives us a confidence boost as we go forward through the season.”

Discus throwers Maddy Michelich, Hannah Geiger and Paige Decker combined to throw 261-1½ to claim the title. Geiger’s 89-foot toss was the longest.

Ridgeville’s Kaitie Borges, Isabella Mercurio, Alyse Fuller and Morgan Dwulat won the 400 relay in 52.57 seconds, edging Avon.

Brookside’s three shot putters, with a combined toss of 88-11.5, held off Firelands for its lone girls win. However, the Falcons, despite not winning any individual events, claimed the Division II team title with 60 points.

Austin Fasciana, who won the 1,600 run in 4:36 and ran the anchor leg of the winning distance medley team, led the Avon boys.

“I decided to take it harder in the open mile because the competition was a little bit steeper,” Fasciana said. “There were a lot of runners running the mid 4:40s. But I treat it like any other race. I with the others good luck, and then I just run my race.”

The Brookside boys made it a clean sweep in the shot put as Nathan Keith, Gio Taw and Josh Amburgey combined for a 125-0½.

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DIVISION I: 1. North Ridgeville 96, 2. Avon 94, 3. Midpark 72, 4. Olmsted Falls 41; DIVISION II: 1. Fairview 59, 2. Firelands 51, 3. Brookside 36, 4. Wellington 6.

Individual Results

DISCUS: *1. Midpark (Pruffitt, Murray, Pasela) 370-11, 2. Firelands 369-9, 3. Brookside 359-3, 4. North Ridgeville 322-4.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Fairview (Connor Bailey, Rorie Juhn, John Kabil) 17-1, 2. North Ridgeville 16-9, 3. Avon 16-9, 4. Brookside 16-3.

POLE VAULT: *1. Midpark (Bronson Repasy, Jerry Hopkins, Aaron Owens) 43-0, 2. Avon 32-0, 3. North Ridgeville 28-0, 4. Fairview 25.

SHOT PUT: 1. Brookside (Keith, Gio Taw, Josh Amburgey) 125-0.5, 2. Fairview 124-1, 3. Firelands 133-3.75, 4. North Ridgeville 121-5.

LONG JUMP: 1. North Ridgeville (Christian Watkins, Reed, Hudson) 57-0, 2. Brookside 54-0.5, 3. Firelands 53.9.75, 4. Midpark 53-6.

800 RELAY: 1. North Ridgeville (David Bowden, Alex Awad, Paul Sonego, Zack Bowden) 1:32.43, 2. Midpark 1:34.9, 3. Olmsted Falls 1:34.95 4. Firelands 1:39.12.

1,600 RUN: 1. Fasciana (Avon) 4:36, 2. Brady Jeffers (Firelands) 4:44.3, 3. Dowdell (Wellington) 4:47, 4. Kane (Avon) 4:47.

SPRINT MEDLEY: *1. North Ridgeville (Christian Watkins, David Bowden, Paul Sonego, Zack Bowden) 1:35.9, 2. Avon 1:37.38, 3. Midpark 1:40.56, 4. Brookside 1:41.27.

3,200 RELAY: 1. Midpark (Duncan, C. Ellis, Z. Myers, Styles) 8:27.5, 2. Fairview 8:31.2, 3. Avon 8:43.2, 4. Firelands 8:50.9.

SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1. Olmsted Falls (Chris Zriscek, David Flick, Chris Fox, Mike Gib) 1:02.94, 2. Avon 1:04.56, 3. North Ridgeville 1:05.62, 4. Firelands 1:07.18.

400 RELAY: 1. North Ridgeville (Christian Watkins, Paul Sonego, Zack Bowden, David Bowden) :44.65, 2. Olmsted Falls :46.15, 3. Midpark :46.31, 4. Avon :42.46.

DISTANCE MEDLEY: 1. Avon (Corey Herman, Tyler Linchak, Alex Shermak, Austin Fasciana) 11:33, 2. North Ridgeville 11:48, 3. Fairview 11:52, 4. Firelands 11:54.

1,600 RELAY: 1. Avon (Brentton Wiley, Brandon Cannon, Paul Younger, John DeMarco) 3:31.7, 2. North Ridgeville 3:35.1, 3. Fairview 3:35.6, 4. Midpark 3:36.4.



DIVISION I: 1. Avon 122, 2. Olmsted Falls 71, 3. Midpark 66, 4. North Ridgeville 60; DIVISION II: 1. Firelands 60, 2. Brookside 32, 3. Fairview 31, 4. Wellington 9.

Individual Results

DISCUS: 1. Avon (Michelich, Geiger, Decker) 261-1.5, 2. Brookside 255-11, 3. Firelands 234-10.5, 4. Olmsted Falls 226-0.5.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Avon (Madison Cooper, Jessica Yurkovich, Monica Bickley) 14-0, 2. Midpark 13-0, 3. Olmsted Falls 12-9, 4. Brookside 12-6.

POLE VAULT: 1. Midpark (Shelby Marken, Lucy Buckholz, Emilia Buckholz) 24-0, 2. North Ridgeville 19, 3. Firelands 14, 4. Avon 12.

SHOT PUT: 1. Brookside (Behrendt, Sarvas, Engle) 88-11.5, 2. Firelands 87-5.25, 3. Olmsted Falls 87-4.75, 4. Midpark 83-6.

LONG JUMP: 1. Midpark (Lagotte, Stepien, Buckholz) 42-4.5, 2. Avon 41-8, 3. Firelands 38-3.5, 4. Olmsted Falls 37-3.5.

800 RELAY: 1. Avon (Katelyn Foye, Emily Joyce, Lauren Kapalko, Reagen Betts) 1:50.6, 2. North Ridgeville 1:51.4, 3. Firelands 1:54.2, 4. Brookside 1:59.1.

1,600 RUN: *1. Shakita Kabicek (Midpark) 5:21, 2. Ali Park (Avon) 5:28, 3. Kate Ferster (Olmsted Falls) 5:31, 4. Linda Morales (Avon) 5:34.

SPRINT MEDLEY: 1. Olmsted Falls (Taylor Ledwell, Danielle Augustin, Alexis Meketa, Allison Duber) 1:55.15, 2. Avon 1:58.06, 3. North Ridgeville 1:58.5, 4. Firelands 2:01.21.

3,200 RELAY: 1. Avon (Monica Bickley, Reagen Betts, Maddy Toth, Halley Toth) 10:18, 2. Fairview 11:02, 3. North Ridgeville 11:03, 4. Firelands 11:46.

SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1. Olmsted Falls (Emma Whitney, Erin Hundley, Vicky Wilkins, Danielle Augustin) 1:13.3, 2. North Ridgeville 1:14.6, 3. Avon 1:15.94, 4. Fairview 1:16.2.

400 RELAY: 1. North Ridgeville (Kaitie Borges, Isabella Mercurio, Alyse Fuller, Morgan Dwulat) :52.57, 2. Avon :53.15, 3. Olmsted Falls :53.65, 4. Midpark :54.23.

DISTANCE MEDLEY: 1. Avon (Maddy Toth, Payton Mitchell, Linda Morales, Ali Clark) 13:48, 2. Midpark 14:54, 3. Fairview 15:16, 4. North Ridgeville 15:21.

1,600 RELAY: 1. Olmsted Falls (Kate Ferster, Erin Hodley, Alexis Meketa, Allison Duber) 4:11, 2. Avon 4:13, 3. Firelands 4:29, 4. North Ridgeville 4:32.

*—denotes meet record

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