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High school track and field: Westlake girls win their own relays for third straight year; North Olmsted boys second to Hudson again


WESTLAKE - Depth and balance carried the Westlake girls to their third straight title at Saturday`s 44th annual Westlake Relays. The Demons won five of 16 events and were second in five others as they outdistanced St. Joseph Academy, 110-100.

For the third straight year, the North Olmsted boys finished second to Hudson. The Explorers held off the Eagles, 95-92.

Westlake senior Alex James and North Olmsted junior Josh Price earned the Larry Nickel Outstanding Athlete Award as the meet`s top performers.

James cemented the Westlake girls` win. She anchored the winning shuttle hurdles, the second to last event (1:06.92), teaming with Heather Smith, Lauryn Smith and Kelly Essi for the win. It was the fourth straight year James was a member of the winning shuttle hurdles team at the meet.

James also contributed to a meet record as a member of the winning long jump relay, jumping 16-9½ as she teamed with senior Hanna Dixon and junior Julie Wang for a combined distance of 47-10, breaking Brecksville`s 1997 meet mark of 47-8¾.

"It feels great to be honored for the hard work," James said. "It`s exciting."

It was the second year in a row James, Dixon and Wang won the long jump event. Last year, the trio combined for a mark of 47-2.

Price also enjoyed a great day. He combined talents with senior Rodney Dukes and junior Bryan Kasberg to break a 25-year-old record in the long jump relay with a distance of 61-8.

Their effort broke the old mark of 61-4 set by Lakewood in 1984 and tied by Elyria in 1987. Price had the meet`s best jump with a distance of 22-1. Last year, the same three Eagles combined for a winning distance of 58-11¾.

"We got very lucky. The three of us all got our jumps in before the winds really kicked up," Price said. "It definitely was a group effort and very good timing. I`m very proud that we did that."

Price also won the 110 hurdles (15.47) and anchored the winning 1,600 relay – the last event of the day -   that included Dukes, Alec Neundorfer and Pat Tomko (3:34.81).

"My coach (Mike Ptacek) plugged me into all the right events today," Price said. "If I wasn`t so tired I`d be smiling ear-to-ear. Today wasn`t so much about winning awards, though. It might sound a bit corny, but I care so much about my seniors right now. I`m just glad I came through for them (in the 1,600 relay)."

Even though the Elyria boys and girls teams didn`t rack up a lot of points, they did have several good performances.

Pioneer junior Lyndon Anderson, returning to the lineup for the first time since March 21, defeated defending champ Jordan Hoppel of North Olmsted in the 100 meters, 11.10 to 11.33. Anderson led Hoppel wire-to-wire in the battle of 2008 Division I state qualifiers.

Anderson was returning from a pulled right hamstring he suffered seven weeks ago at the state indoor track meet at Akron.

"I`m excited," Anderson said. "I wasn`t too sure how the leg would respond. I thought I might have to coast the second half (in the 100). I didn`t really explode out of the blocks. I saw Hoppel coming up from behind me. I said, ‘I can`t let him beat me.` I got lucky on that one."

Anderson also teamed with Trent Hill, Warnsley Betts and Branden Jackson to take the 400 relay (44.24).

The Elyria girls also got a win from its shot put relay. Brittnae Isom, Akacia Taylor and Mercadais Grissom combined for a distance of 95-4, beating Westlake by 7.5 inches. A junior, Isom led the relay with a throw of 35-2½.

"It`s our last relay meet of the year, but we`re happy," Isom said. "We wanted first because last year we only took fourth (90-0). We`re happy. I`m excited."


Team scores: 1. Hudson, 95; 2. North Olmsted, 92; 3. Strongsville, 88; 4. Avon Lake, 78; 5. Westlake, 66; 6. Solon, 54; 7. Elyria, 22; 8. Avon, 1

Individual results

100 meters: Lyndon Anderson (E), 11.10;  Jordan Hoppel (NO), 11.33; Kevin Zacharyasz (ST), 11.74; Hamdan (W), 11.80

400: Mike Mansnerus (AL), 51.90; Mason Meek (W), 52.88; Alfonso Vason (SO), 54.23; Jake Steiger (NO), 54.39

1,600: Fisher (H), 4:41.33; Jim Zarycki (NO), 4:44.64; Matt Faleber (SO), 4:49.63; Matt Marron (AL), 4:51.87

3,200: Tim McConnell (H), 9:55.17; Danny Bullard (NO), 9:56.26; Jack St. Marie (W), 10:11.31; Dave Corrigan (SO), 10:30.16

110 hurdles: Josh Price (NO), 15.47; John Poulot (H), 15.69; Peter Lancione (AL), 15.82; Jeremy Nelon (SO), 17.28

400 relay: Elyria (Trent Hill, Warnsley Betts, Branden Jackson, Anderson), 44.24; Westlake, 44.53; Strongsville, 45.02; Avon Lake, 45.06

800 relay: Avon Lake (Jordan Market, Adam Ciarrone, Craig Shaffer, Mansnerus), 1:31.22; North Olmsted, 1:32.63; Solon, 1:32.68; Strongsville, 1:32.84

1,600 relay: North Olmsted (Alec Neundorfer, Rodney Dukes, Pat Tomko, Price), 3:34.81; Strongsville, 3:35.21; Westlake, 3:36.09; Hudson, 3:37.37

3,200 relay: Strongville (Hopkins, Aske, Bower, Alexander), 8:17.75; Hudson, 8:24.02; North Olmsted, 8:29.29; Westlake, 8:30.48

6,400 relay: Hudson (S. Fasclar, N. Kelly, C. Peterson, C. Richard), 18:57.84; Strongsville, 19:10.30; Avon Lake, 20:18.61; Solon, 20:26.51

Shuttle hurdles: Hudson (John Pultot, Ned Ramos, Mike Samede, Ryan Besmas), 1:03.67; Avon Lake, 1:04.32; North Olmsted, 1:07.57; Westlake, 1:07.65

Shot put: Avon Lake (Sean McCann, Jon Rodgers, Nate Clapp), 140-6½; Hudson, 126-9; Westlake, 124-3; Solon, 121-3½. INDIVIDUAL BEST - McCann, 52-7

Discus: Hudson (Addison Carbone, Jordan Marcalit, Steve Nagy), 407-7; Solon, 406-6; Avon Lake, 360-10; Strongsville, 358-8. INDIVIDUAL BEST: A.J. Hicks (SO), 149-0

High jump: Strongsville (Devoin Muff 6-8¼, Mohammed Hassen, Zane Kuizman), 18-10¼; Solon, 16-9; Hudson and Westlake, 16-7. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Muff, 6-81/4

Long jump: North Olmsted (Josh Price, 22-1; Rodney Dukes, 20-5; Bryan Kasberg, 19-4¾), 61-8 (MEET RECORD, previous record 61-4 set in 1984 by Lakewood and tied by Elyria in 1987); Strongsville, 55-2¼; Westlake, 54-6; 4. Hudson, 53-9½. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Price, 22-1

Pole vault: Strongsville (Dylan Ortanz, Andy Lucchese, Andrew Kovach), 35-0; North Olmsted, 34-0; Hudson, 32-6; Westlake, 32-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST - Logan Crist (AL), 12-6

l Larry Nickel Outstanding Athlete Award: Price (NO)


Team scores: 1. Westlake, 110; 2. St. Joseph, 100; 3. Strongsville, 84; 4. Avon Lake and North Olmsted, 63; 6. Elyria, 38; 7. Solon, 7

Individual results

100: Morgan Pochatek (NO), 12.71; Hanna Dixon (W), 13.14; Brianna Papotto (SJA), 13.75; Kora Eriprins (ST), 13.96

400: Megan Davis (W), 1:01.13; Cheyenne Lukstein (AL), 1:03.32; Julie Delong (SJA), 1:04.13; Moore (ST), 1:06.08

1,600: Miranda Weed (AL), 5:29.86; Alyssa Lawrence (NO), 5:38.22; Alesha Beverly (W), 5:55.80; Whiseen (SJA), 6:06.92

3,200: Melissa Bresnahan (SJA), 11:51.34;  Larsen (ST), 12:52.48; Brittany March (E), 12:55.81; Kristin Kenny (AL), 13:22.84

100 hurdles: Jessica Gardenhire (ST), 16.35; Alex James (W), 16.65; Katy Newton (E), 17.75; Hanigosky (SJA), 18.50

400 relay: North Olmsted (Jerrisha Brown, Meghan Drews, Tiffany Platko, Pochatek), 51.95; St. Joseph, 51.99; Solon, 53.20;  Strongsville, 53.22

800 relay: Westlake (Haylek Smik, Sarah Stachowiak, Liz Stark, Hanna Dixon), 1:49.36; North Olmsted, 1:50.62; St. Joseph, 1:51.66; Elyria, 1:52.01

1,600 relay: Westlake (Smik, Stachowiak, Alesha Beverly, Davis), 4:17.49; St. Joseph, 4:23.53; North Olmsted. 4:24.60;  Strongsville, 4:27.88

3,200 relay: St. Joseph (Kelly Gallagher, Celine Mangan, Erin Gaffney, Kristin Karn), 9:59.57; Avon Lake, 10:04.02; Westlake, 10:14.67; Strongsville, 10:19.16

6,400 relay: Avon Lake (Taylor Nedrich, Maddie Furrer, Weed, Katy Link), 22:39.13; St. Joseph Academy, 22:59.25; Strongsville, 23:21.32; North Olmsted, 23:31.62

Shuttle hurdles: Westlake (Heather Smith, Kelly Essi, Lauryn Smith, James), 1:06.92; Strongsville, 1:10.0; Solon, 1:10.20; St. Joseph, 1:13.63

Shot put: Elyria (Brittnae Isom, 35-21/2, Akacia Taylor 30-11, Mercadais Grissom 29-21/2), 95-4; 2. Westlake, 94-8½; 3. Avon Lake, 94-8; 4. Strongsville, 90-2. INDIVIDUAL BEST - Bridget Lyons (AL), 35-3

Discus: North Olmsted (Mary Bridges 121-5, Kristen Troyer 90-10, Courtney Bittel 88-4), 300-7; Westlake, 297-0; Solon, 292-10; Strongsville, 266-4. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Bridges, 121-5

High jump: St. Joseph (Seroka, Petersen, Sosoka), 14-4; Strongsville, 13-8; Avon Lake, 9-2; 4. Westlake, 8-11. INDIVIDUAL BEST - Kristen Toth (ST), 5-2

Long jump: Westlake (James, 16-9½, Hanna Dixon 16-1, Julie Wang 14-11), 47-10 (MEET RECORD, previous record 47-8¾ set in 1997 by Brecksville); St. Joseph Academy, 43-11¾; Elyria, 43-11½; Solon, 43-2. INDIVIDUAL BEST - James (W), 16-9½

Pole vault: Strongsville (Bevin Blake, Morgan Stehman, Mel Carolin), 23-0; Westlake, 22-0; Avon Lake, 17-0; St. Joseph, 16-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST - Morgan Srail (AL), 10-0

l Larry Nickel Outstanding Athlete Award: James (W)

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