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Eagles flying high: North Olmsted boys, Avon girls have strong performances at Avon Jim Reynolds Relays


AVON — To compete and win at the Avon Jim Reynolds Relays takes something a little different than other meets. Track athletes need “sea legs” of sorts to adjust to the jumbled order of running events.
The North Olmsted boys and Avon girls handled the task very well Saturday. North Olmsted was the class of the boys field, scoring 113 points to beat out Aurora and Buckeye, each with 72. Avon (91) was second for the second straight year in the girls field, finishing behind defending champ Rocky River (102).
Traditionally an all-relay meet, three individual events were added for the first time — the 100 meters, both open hurdle events and the 1,600-meter run.
Behind senior Jordan Hoppel and junior Josh Price, the North Olmsted boys won seven of 16 events. The Eagles also had two seconds and three thirds. The Avon girls rang up two firsts to go along with four seconds and two thirds.
Hoppel won the 100 meters in 11.24 as he came from behind in the last 10 meters to defeat Buckeye’s Shaun Cordes (11.26).
A 2008 Division I state qualifier, Hoppel was also a member of two winning relays. He teamed with junior Rodney Dukes, senior Pat Tomko and senior Phil Tomko to win the 800 (1:32.56). Earlier, Hoppel teamed with Alec Nuendorfer and the Tomko brothers to take the 1,600 (3:33.10).
“I wanted the meet record for the 100, so that gave me enough motivation to just go for it,” said Hoppel, an Ashland University recruit. “It was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t expect anyone outside of Ricky Earl and Bryent Robertson to be anywhere near us.”
The victory was North Olmsted’s first invite win since taking the Beachwood and Perry invitationals last season.
“We were third at both Amherst and Beachwood, so taking first today was nice,” North Olmsted boys coach Mike Ptacek said. “No matter where you go, you want to win, whether it’s Amherst or Avon or wherever you’re at, you want to win. We’re just trying to get better, like anyone else.”
Price won the 110-meter high hurdles (15.23) after teaming with Dukes to take the long-jump relay with a meet-record distance of 40-10¼.
Senior Christina Herbst and sophomore Nicole Armstrong were the standouts for the Avon girls.
Herbst teamed with sophomore Hanna Hujo to win the discus relay (191-8). A three-time regional qualifier, Herbst had the meet’s best throw (125-1) despite a sore ankle she sprained earlier in the week. She also teamed with sophomore Kristin Whitehead for second in the shot-put relay (58-5½).
Armstrong had a busy day, anchoring the winning 3,200 relay of Erin Schneider, Melissa Bruno, Emily Michelich (10:15.52) with a 2:31 split. She also had a 5:22 split on the second-place 6,400-meter relay (23:10.44). Armstrong had a split 1:03 as a member of the second-place 1,600 relay (4:12.19).
“It felt good just showing everyone that we could do it,” said Armstrong, nicknamed “Army.” “We have a lot of supporters that come out and watch us every home meet.
“It was a good meet for us, but I was in a lot pain during my last event (3,200 relay). I was thinking to myself, ‘Why is the 3,200 relay at the end of the meet? I don’t like this.’ Today was only the second time I’ve ever raced the mile. It was a tough day. My legs are just killing me.”
Avon girls coach Tara Gruskiewicz was upbeat about her young team’s performance.
“The meet order is a little different, but it must have been to our advantage,” Gruskiewicz said. “It’s just how you put girls in different spots.
“Our 3,200 really did well. Our sprint relays did phenomenal. Our 800 relay ran three seconds faster than they have all year. I don’t know how it happened because they had one handoff that wasn’t all that great. “
The Southview girls had three wins, including two meet records.
Freshmen Brittaney Cook, Alicia Arnold and Melody Farris, along with senior Alexis Washington, had meet records in the 400- (50.46) and 800-meter (1:45.73) relays. Southview held the records already, setting both in 2007. Southview just missed the 1999 school record in the 800 relay (1:45.0). In between, the same four girls won the sprint medley (1:54.08).
“We just wanted to come out here and keep dropping our times,” Washington said. “It was great that the weather cooperated. Last year, it rained the whole time. It was nice to have some good weather. Our goal is to jut keep dropping our times and make it to state.”
Sophomore Shaniqua Ogle (36-8) and junior Destiny Harbin (31-4) teamed to win the shot-put relay (68-0½) for the Saints.
Elyria Catholic senior Marty Coolidge ran two great 1,600 races, but only managed to come away with second-place awards. Rocky River came from way behind in the final leg of the 6,400 relay to edge Elyria Catholic in a meet-record time, 19:04.74 to 19:05.13. Coolidge ran the lead-off leg in 4:30.


Team scores: North Olmsted 113, Aurora and Buckeye 72, Rocky River 53, Avon 47, Southview 36, Firelands 32, Clearview 28, Elyria Catholic 25, Wellington 9, Admiral King 6.

Individual results

100 DASH: Jordan Hoppel (North Olmsted) 11.24; Shawn Cordes (Buckeye) 11.26; Bryent Robertson (Avon) 11.36; Ricky Earl (Southview) 11.36; Anthony Hitchens (Clearview) 11.68; Justin Hahn (Rocky River) 11.68.
1,600 RUN: Kyle Miller (Buckeye) 4:29.34; Marty Coolidge (EC) 4:34.34; Danny Bullard (North Olmsted) 4:35.08; Eric Stoddard (Rocky River) 4:36.13; Mark Korosec (Aurora) 4:47.10; Gabe Criz (Clearview) 4:51.72.
110 HURDLES: Josh Price (North Olmsted) 15.23; Jake Boettner (Buckeye) 15.47; Fred Frantzen (Aurora) 16.06; Evan Foreman (Elyria Catholic) 16.18; Joe Hanigosky (Rocky River) 16.23; Alex Koenig (Wellington) 18.40.
400 RELAY: Buckeye (Cordes, Chad Gatt, Boettner, Tyler Yuhas) 44.15; Southview 44.41; Aurora 44.69; North Olmsted 44.76; Avon 45.17; Clearview 46.04.
800 RELAY: North Olmsted (Rodney Dukes, Pat Tomko, Phil Tomko, Hoppel) 1:32.56; Southview 1:33.07; Avon 1:34.84; Buckeye 1:35.91; Clearview 1:36.90; Aurora 1:37.52.
1,600 RELAY: North Olmsted (Alec Nuendorfer, Hoppel, Phil Tomko, Pat Tomko) 3:33.10; Southview 3:36.33; Avon 3:39.21; Clearview 3:41.01; Elyria Catholic 3:45.18; Aurora 3:47.03.
3,200 RELAY: North Olmsted (John Rodriguez, Jim Zarycki, Zak Benmerzouga, Jake Stieger) 8:33.78; Aurora 8:44.61; Avon 8:46.86; Rocky River 8:48.49; Clearview 9:05.42; Buckeye 9:16.38.
6,400 RELAY: Rocky River (Tommy Eldridge, Martin Russ, Kenny Bazydlo, Eric Stoddard) 19:04.74 (MEET RECORD, old record 19:10.20 set in 2008 by Avon); Elyria Catholic 19:05.13; North Olmsted 19:25.55; Firelands 19:28.71; Avon 19:46.
SPRINT MEDLEY: Buckeye (Cordes, Chad Gatt, Boettner, Tyler Yuhas) 1:37.68; Avon 1:38.16; Aurora 1:39.33; North Olmsted 1:39.42; Clearview 1:40.32; Elyria Catholic 1:42.65.
DISTANCE MEDLEY: Aurora (Matt Davis, Zach Flowers, Mark Korosec, Scott Black) 11:17.42; Rocky River 11:18.90; North Olmsted 11:31.76; Firelands 11:33.94; Elyria Catholic 11:37.20; Buckeye 11:49.85.
SHUTTLE HURDLES: Aurora (Zach Flowers, Demetrius Brizzola, Fred Frantzen, Terrance Pegram) 1:02.40; North Olmsted 1:03.28; Rocky River 1:05.31; Buckeye 1:09.08; Avon 1:11.36; Clearview 1:14.32.
SHOT PUT: North Olmsted (John Taylor 48-2, Kamran Arif 41-5) 89-7; Aurora 86-4½; Wellington 83-2½; Firelands 80-2½; Buckeye 73-3½; Clearview 68-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Taylor 48-2.
DISCUS: Firelands (Ball 138-0, Ryan Waldmann 102-9), 244-9; North Olmsted 244-3; Aurora 244-3; Buckeye 226-3; Wellington 222-11; Clearview 197-4. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Ball 138-0.
HIGH JUMP: Clearview (Collin Owens 6-1, James Washington 6-1) 12-2; Buckeye 11-11; Admiral King 11-8; Rocky River 11-2; Aurora 10-9; North Olmsted 10-9. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Owens, Washington and Boettner 6-1.
LONG JUMP: North Olmsted (Price 21-2, Dukes 19-8¼) 40-10¼ (MEET RECORD, old record 40-1½ set in 2003 by Medina Highland); Southview 39-0¼; Avon 17-6¼; Rocky River, 36-10¼; Firelands 36-10; Clearview 35-10¾. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Price 21-2.
POLE VAULT: Rocky River (Dave Kolakowski 14-8, Tim Gibbons 9-6) 24-2; Firelands 23-6; Aurora 19-6; Avon 9-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Kolakowski 14-8.


Team scores: Rocky River 102, Avon 91, North Olmsted 66, Southview 64, Aurora 62, Admiral King 23, Buckeye 18, St. Joseph Academy 17, Elyria Catholic 16, Wellington 12, Clearview 9, Magnificat 7, Oberlin 6, Firelands 2, Open Door 1.

Individual results

100 DASH: Morgan Pochatek (North Olmsted) 12.55; Alexis Washington (Southview) 12.67; Olivia Vtou (Rocky River) 12.88; Victoria Meneese (Aurora) 13.14; Christi Blinger (Admiral King) 13.40; Myia Bason (Clearview) 13.69.
1,600 RUN: McDonough (Rocky River) 5:29.14; Alyssa Lawrence (North Olmsted) 5:34.00; Brianna Shaw (Clearview) 5:36.60; Kayla Welch (Avon) 5:41.97; Jill Sweress (Aurora) 5:44.10; Casey Riley (Magnificat) 5:46.44.
100 HURDLES: Sheral Robinson (Admiral King) 15.75; Megan Kane (Rocky River) 16.30; Rachel Olach (Avon) 16.79; Rachelle Eye (Wellington) 17.28; Erin Jesse (Buckeye) 17.58; Courtney Dunckel (Open Door) 17.82.
400 RELAY: Southview (Brittaney Cook, Arnold, Melody Farris, Washington) 50.46 (MEET RECORD, old record 50.70 set in 2007 by Southview); Aurora 51.57; Avon 51.87; Rocky River 52.15; North Olmsted 52.62; Wellington 54.99.
800 RELAY: Southview (Cook, Arnold, Farris, Washington) 1:45.73 (MEET RECORD, old record 1:48.0 set in 2007 by Southview); Aurora 1:48.97; Avon 1:49.53; Rocky River 1:50.61; North Olmsted 1:55.94; Wellington 1:57.77.
1,600 RELAY: Rocky River (McDonough, Maeve Kessler, Maureen Kessler, Vitou) 4:09.01; Avon 4:12.19; North Olmsted 4:29.02; Elyria Catholic 4:36.92; Aurora 4:43.91; Clearview, 4:44.23.
3,200 RELAY: Avon (Schneider, Melissa Bruno, Emily Michelich, Nicole Armstrong) 10:15.52; Rocky River 10:32.30; Elyria Catholic 10:44.53; North Olmsted 10:59.23; Magnificat 11:01.33; Aurora 11:35.59.
6,400 RELAY: Rocky River (McDonough, Megan O’Keefe, Brittney Towner, Elyse Bierut) 22:56.27 (MEET RECORD, old record 23:04.0 set in 1989 by Avon); Avon 23:10.44; North Olmsted 23:47.07; Elyria Catholic 24:01.05; St. Joseph Academy 25:38.55; Aurora 25:41.94.
SPRINT MEDLEY: Southview (Cook Arnold, Farris, Washington) 1:54.08; Aurora 1:56.11; Rocky River 1:56.83; Avon 1:57.46; North Olmsted 2:03.63; Clearview 2:04.94.
DISTANCE MEDLEY: North Olmsted (Vanessa Gut, Martynowski, Kristen Troyer, Alex Goots) 13:48.79; Aurora 13:51.01; Rocky River 13:55.53; Avon 13:56.59; Magnificat 14:13.50; Firelands 14:50.34,
SHUTTLE HURDLES: Rocky River (Megan Kane, Jessica Goepfert, Maureen Kessler, Morgan Berg) 1:10.51; Avon 1:10.61; Wellington 1:12.81; Aurora 1:12.35; Buckeye 1:14.35; Admiral King 1:14.80.
SHOT PUT: Southview (Shaniqua Ogle 36-8, Destiny Harbin 31-4) 68-0½; Avon 58-51/2; Oberlin 58-1; North Olmsted 57-10; Rocky River 57-6; St. Joseph Academy 58-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Ogle 36-8.
DISCUS: Avon (Herbst, 125-1, Hanna Hujo 66-4) 191-8; Southview 188-9; St. Joseph Academy 176-6; Buckeye 166-3; North Olmsted 163-11; Magnificat 162-9. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Herbst 125-1.
HIGH JUMP: Aurora (MacKenzie McClung, Jessica Baker) 10-0; St. Joseph Academy 9-6; Buckeye 9-4; Admiral King 8-11; Avon 8-11; Firelands 8-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST: McClung and Baker 5-0.
LONG JUMP: Rocky River (Vitou 16-01/2, Andie Hobson 15-4½) 31-5; Southview 30-8; Admiral King 28-7; Aurora 27-5½; Elyria Catholic 27-2¼; Avon 26-5¾. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Arnold, 16-31/2.
POLE VAULT: North Olmsted (Tiffany Platko 10-9, Catherine Hohmann 8-6) 19-3; Rocky River 19-0; Avon 17-0; Buckeye 15-6; Buckeye 15-6; Aurora 15-0; Magnificat 8-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Platko, 10-9. 

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