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Prep wrestling: Lutheran West's Malave survives grueling day with five pins


ELYRIA — Some of the wrestlers in the field at the third annual John McNulty Sr. Memorial tournament at Elyria Catholic had a pair of byes and wrestled just one match Friday night.
Others received one bye or wrestled a full three matches in their weight-class pool. But a few weight classes were packed with wrestlers from the 16 schools, and those wrestlers had to hit the mat four or five times during Day 1.
“We wrestled twice (Thursday), too, so this is my seventh match in the last 24 hours,” Lutheran West 135-pounder Josh Malave said. “It looks like I’m going to have five more (today).”
Malave went 5-0 with five pins to easily turn in the top performance during the opening day, helping the Longhorns to the best area finish — fifth place with 104 points. Monroeville leads the tournament with 145 points, Greeneview is second with 140 and Jackson-Milton is third with 109.
Malave’s performance didn’t come easy as the senior suffered a bloody nose during the opening match and it continued to gush throughout the six-hour event.
“I’ve had this plug in my nose all day,” he said, pointing to a wad of gauze sticking out of his left nostril. “I did so much bleeding tonight, I got a little light-headed.
“But it was worth it. That’s the first time I’ve had five pins in one day. I think that’s the most pins I’ve had in a stretch before.”
For the second year in a row, Elyria Catholic 140-pounder Danny Accorti rolled through the first day with three victories and three pins.
“I really want to win this tournament this year because I finished second last year,” Accorti said. “I just got overconfident last year and I can’t do that again. I’ve got three hard matches (today).”
Matching the Panther’s performance was Admiral King heavyweight Quentin Watson, who pinned all three of his opponents in the first period.
“We’ve got a new coach (Jim Black) so we’ve been putting in a lot of hard work,” Watson said. “We feel we’ve got the program headed in the right direction now. This tournament is a good stepping stone for the rest of the season. These early matches will give you the experience you need later in the season.”
Several other area wrestlers went unblemished during Day 1, but one that stood out was Columbia sophomore Ethan Garofolo. The 215-pounder went 3-0 and had a pair of pins — including one against EC’s Tom O’Malley in the closing seconds of the match.
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TEAM STANDINGS: Monroeville 145, Greeneview 140, Jackson-Milton 109, Brookfield 107, Lutheran West 104, Wellington 101, South Range 95, Swanton 90, New London 87, Clearview 80, Columbia 76, Admiral King 71, Elyria Catholic 67, Brooklyn 66, Oberlin 60, Trinity 56.
103 (area wrestlers) — Scott Plovoznik, Wellington (1-2): pin Flury 1:53, pinned by Hunter Stieber (M) 1:27, defaulted to Tim Wiseman (JM); Steve Flury, Lutheran West (0-3): pinned by Plovoznik 1:53, pinned by Tim Wiseman (JM) 1:17, pinned Hunter Stieber (M) :16; Dwane Brown, Clearview (0-4): pinned by Tyler Thompson (BKL) 1:08, pinned by Hunter Stieber (M) :32, tech. fall by Vinny Pizzuto (JM) 16-0, pinned by Tim Arthur (G) 1:24
112 — Justin Bockmore, Wellington (2-0): pinned Garret McGrail (NL) 1:07, pinned Cullen Keegan (M) 1:09; Jeremy Weissinger, Elyria Catholic (0-3): pinned by Cam Tessari (M) :48, pinned by Lou Hetrick (BKL) 2:32, pinned by Dereck Anderson (S) 1:49.
119 — Colin Dennis, Lutheran West (4-0): pinned Fralick 3:17, pinned Wells 1:29, pinned Perez :30, pinned Gary Bender (T) 1:52; Max Snow, Columbia (3-1): pinned Devon McGee (T) 1:08, pinned Justin Tomlin (ECX) 1:54, pinned by Logan Stieber (M) :10, pinned Anderson :56; Josh Fralick, Wellington (3-1): pinned by Dennis 3:17, pinned Wells 5:23, maj. dec. Gary Bender (T) 11-3, pinned Perez :33; Travis Wells, Clearview (2-2): pinned Perez 3:54, pinned by Fralick 5:23, pinned by Dennis 1:29, def. Gary Bender (T) by forfeit; Mark Mowcomber, Elyria Catholic (2-3): maj. dec. Brett Benedict (G) 10-0, pinned by Ed Lewis (SR) 1:05, pinned by Taylor Amburgy (NL) 1:10, tech. fall Joe Cavaceci (ECX) 16-0, dec. by Marcell Vitello (BRF) 6-0; Erickson Anderson, Oberlin (1-3): maj. dec. by Justin Tomlin (ECX) 8-0, pinned by Logan Stieber (M) :48, pinned Devon McGee (T) 3:25, pinned by Snow :56; Elliot Perez, Admiral King (0-4): pinned by Wells 3:54, pinned by Gary Bender (T) 1:52, pinned by Dennis :30, pinned by Fralick :33.
125 — Adam Bill, Clearview (2-1): maj. dec. Curtis Puder (NL) 14-6, dec. Dylan Tomaino (JM) 2-0, dec. by Jacob Armlovich (G) 8-3; Mason Butler, Columbia (1-1): pinned Watson 1:14, pinned by Matt Mascioli (JM) 3:27; Brad Watson, Lutheran West (0-2): pinned by Butler 1:14, pinned by Matt Mascioli (JM) :41; Branden Peterson, Admiral King (0-2): pinned by Brandon Gorcheff (SR) 2:43, pinned by Lance Johnson (M) :25.
130 — Eric Bednash, Lutheran West (3-0): tech. fall Jordan Szozda (SW) 20-5, pinned Ben Ringenberg (M) 1:49, pinned by Chris Scheckelhoff (SR) 5:59; Josh Taylor, Elyria Catholic (2-1): pinned Ethan Lorenzo (G) 1:34, maj. dec. Shaffer 15-2, pinned by Dan Miller (BRF); Bishop Overton, Admiral King (1-2): pinned Gerhardinger 3:58, pinned by Alex Tomaino (JM) 1:59, Bret Essenmacher (NL) :50; Josh Taylor, Elyria Catholic (2-1): pinned Ethan Lorenzo (G) 1:34, maj. dec. Shaffer 15-2, pinned by Dan Miller (BRF); Matthew Gerhardinger, Oberlin (0-3): pinned by Overton 3:58, pinned by Bret Essenmacher (NL) 1:06, pinned by Alex Tomaino (JM) 3:14.
135 — Josh Malave, Lutheran West (5-0): pinned Hayden Brooke (SR) 1:50, pinned Kazee 1:40, pinned Freas 1:55, pinned Wells 3:12, pinned Matt Quinn (T) 4:26; Mike Daniels, Admiral King (4-1): tech. fall by Mike Eavers (G) 20-4, pinned Vittardi 1:49, tech. fall Tyler Collins (JM) 19-4, dec. Mike Chambers (LWX) 9-2, pinned Bittner 2:14; Curtis Bittner, Columbia (3-2): pinned Tyler Collins (JM) 1:04, pinned by Mike Eavers (G) 1:21, dec. Mike Chambers (LWX) 9-6, pinned Vittardi 1:26, pinned by Daniels 2:14; Ryan Wells, Clearview (3-2): pinned by Matt Quinn (T) 3:12, pinned Freas :24, pinned Hayden Brooke (SR) :58, pinned by Malave 3:12, pinned Jeremy Kazee (ECX) 1:08; Jason Freas, Oberlin (2-3): pinned Jeremy Kazee (ECX) 2:32, pinned by Wells :24, pinned by Malave 1:55, pinned Matt Quinn (T) :44, pinned by Hayden Brooke (SR) 2:23; Sebastian Vittardi, Elyria Catholic (0-5): pinned by Mike Chambers (LWX) 3:45, pinned by Daniels 1:49, pinned by Mike Eavers (G) :43, pinned by Bittner 1:26, pinned by Tyler Collins (JM) 5:09; Will Hall, Wellington (0-5): tech. fall by Cory Essenmacher (NL) 19-3, dec. by Matt Hospodar (JM) 6-4, pinned by Mike Syverson (M) 5:29, forfeit to Cody Thompson (BRF), pinned by Bennie Roschmann (S) 1:52.
140 — Brendan Rinehart, Wellington (3-0): tech. fall Tyler Tonelli (M) 16-0, maj. dec. Selage 13-3, dec. Logan Fannin (NL) 6-4; Danny Accorti, Elyria Catholic (3-0): pinned Justin Bezeau (SW) 3:01, pinned Siegman 3:02, pinned Fred McKindrick (JM) 2:22; Tom Siegman, Admiral King (2-1): pinned Fred McKindrick (JM) 1:41, pinned by Accorti 3:02, dec. Justin Bezeau (S) 12-5; C.D. Schneider, Lutheran West (1-2): maj. dec. by Antwaun Holley (T) 17-3, pinned Dillon Rodriguez (BKL) :50, dec. Brennan Witmer (SR) 4-2; Steve Selage, Columbia (2-1): dec. Logan Fannin (NL) 9-6, maj. dec. by Rinehart 13-3, pinned Tyler Tonelli (M) :33;.
145 — Ben Bogan, Wellington (3-1): pinned Bobby Barnett (BRF) 1:41, maj. dec. by Kyle Johnson (S) 16-7, pinned Moe Husien (COX) 3:00, pinned Ryan Thompson (BKL) :23; Ben Cline, Clearview (3-1): pinned Styer 1:58, dec. by Branden Pike (G) 9-5, pinned Jarrod Shook (JM) 5:24, pinned Joe DeRose (SR) 4:58; Colin Styer, Oberlin (0-3): pinned by Cline 1:58, pinned by Branden Pike (G) 1:15, pinned by Jarrod Shook (JM) 5:39; Zach Saxon, Elyria Catholic (0-3): pinned by Cal Clark (M) :29, pinned by Aaron Martin (WX) :37, pinned by Jake Lewis (NL) 1:52.
152 — Austin Smith, Wellington (3-0): maj. dec. Chris Robison (G) 14-6, pinned Derek Eitneir (S) 5:25, dec. Teems 3-1; Benjy Partin, Oberlin (2-1): pinned McConville 1:01, pinned by Joe Skaggs (JM) :31, def. Springborn by default; Randy Springborn (1-2): pinned by Joe Skaggs (JM) 1:27, pinned McConville 1:20, defaulted to Partin; John Teems, Columbia
(1-2): maj. dec. Derek Eitneir (S) 13-2, dec. by Chris Robison (G) 7-5, dec. by Smith 3-1; Colin McConville, Elyria Catholic (0-3): pinned by Partin 1:01, pinned by Springborn 1:20, pinned by Joe Skaggs (JM) :12.
160 — Matt Ramage, Welllington (2-0): pinned Robert Mendoza (BKL) :54, pinned Brandon McGrigg (T) :57; Tyler Pigot, Oberlin (2-1): pinned Wilber Wilson (JM) 4:28, pinned by Mike Bender (BRF) 1:09, pinned Kaya 5:00; Brandon Medina, Admiral King (2-1): pinned Sil 1:45, def. Kyle Lewis (SR) by forfeit, pinned by Austin Reiner (S) 1:25; Aaron Sil, Lutheran West (1-2): pinned by Medina 1:45, pinned by Austin Reiner (S) 1:52, def. Kyle Lewis (SR) by forfeit; Cody Kaya, Clearview (1-2): pinned by Mike Bender (BRF) 1:12, pinned Wilber Wilson (JM) 2:20, pinned by Pigot 5:00.
171 — Dane Szente, Elyria Catholic (3-0): pinned Beastrom :50, pinned Gary Yarborogh (T) 1:28, pinned Hamper 3:23; Mark Bennett, Wellington (2-1): dec. Myles Smith (M) 3-1, def. Miller by forfeit, pinned by Seth Melvin (BKL); Eugene Mercado, Admiral King (1-2): maj. dec. by Beau Bowden (SR) 16-3, dec. by Brock Wagner (G) 4-1, pinned Husar 1:34; Travis Beastrom, Lutheran West (1-2): pinned by Szente :50, dec. Hamper 6-0, pinned by Gary Yarborogh (T) :15; Justin Hamper, Columbia (0-3): pinned by Gary Yarborogh (T) 5:19, dec. by Beastrom 6-0, pinned by Szente 3:23; Nick Husar, Clearview (0-3): pinned by Brock Wagner (G) 1:10, pinned by Beau Bowden (SR) 2:49, pinned by Mercado 1:34; Andy Miller, Oberlin (0-3): forfeit to Seth Melvin (BKL), forfeit to Bennett, forfeit to Myles Smith (M).
189 — Nick Chmura, Oberlin (2-0): pinned Willis :55, pinned Carson :16; David Cooper, Clearview (2-0): pinned Gransky 1:26, pinned Pat Braham (JM) 1:09; Amon Willis, Admiral King (0-2): pinned by Chmura :55, pinned by Carson 3:41; Nate Carson, Elyria Catholic (1-1): pinned by Chmura :16, pinned Willis 3:41; Tony Gransky, Wellington (0-2): pinned by Pat Braham (JM) 2:33, pinned by Cooper 1:26.
215 — Colin McHugh, Lutheran West (3-0): pinned Wille 1:13, pinned Dan McNutt (S) 5:33, pinned Terry Hamons (M) 1:35; Ethan Garofolo, Columbia (3-0): def. Jakle Yochman (JM) by default, pinned Roberts 3:02, pinned O’Malley 5:27; Josh Roberts, Wellington (2-1): pinned O’Malley :39, pinned by Garofolo 3:02, pinned Jakle Yochman (JM) :20; Dalton Rimbert, Oberlin (1-2): pinned Rob Cegonko (T) 1:29, pinned by Scott Mentzer (SR) 1:57, pinned by Doug Randall (G) :49; Tom O’Malley, Elyria Catholic (0-3): pinned by Roberts :39, pinned by Jakle Yochman (JM) 5:09, pinned by Garofolo 5:27; Brandon Wille, Clearview (0-3): pinned by McHugh 1:13, pinned by Terry Hamons (M) 1:50, pinned by Dan McNutt (S) :23.
HVY — Quentin Watson, Admiral King (3-0): pinned Bill ManyPenny (SR) :31, pinned Drews 1:05, pinned Conner Stanely (WX) 1:22; Zach Drews, Elyria Catholic (1-2): pinned Conner Stanely (WX) 1:37, pinned by Watson 1:05, pinned by Bill ManyPenny (SR) :45; Tom Star, Clearview (0-3): pinned by Dan Clawson (JM) 2:23, pinned by Cody Augustine (M) :56, pinned by Matt Snyder (BKL) 1:35.

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