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High school bowling preview: Team capsules, top players, top teams



T.J. Brady, so. (Lutheran West): The transfer from Berea has the `Horns`
No. 2 average with a 212. He had the league`s No. 3 series last year with a 766.
Bryan Buckosh, jr. (Vermilion): Had a solid sophomore year with a 207 average, leading the Sailors to their second straight trip to state.
Tyler Minnich, jr. (Keystone): Bowled a 667 at sectionals. Had a 261-259 set to help the `Cats set a conference record for a team-high game. He averaged a 195.
Collin Oliva, so. (North Ridgeville): The team`s No. 3 bowler last year with a 194 average. He`s now up to 215.
Ryan Pettry, jr. (Firelands): His 195 average was a big reason the Falcons were in the NSBC title hunt down to the wire.
Travis Podvorac, jr. (Lutheran West): The Longhorns` championship hopes play right in line with this junior`s 218 average.

Ciera Diaz, so. (Southview): Had a 549 series at sectionals to help the Saints qualify to districts.
Erica Friend, sr. (Firelands): The Falcons still have some growing to do, but this senior should help the process with a 159 average.
Becca Lamb, so. (North Ridgeville): Posted a solid 513 series last year at sectionals to help the Rangers win crown.
Mandy Tedick, sr. (North Olmsted): The Eagle captain has a 166 average as a member of the team`s coed varsity.
Natalie Velasquez, sr. (Admiral King): Last year`s top bowler at the NSBC Tournament with games of 235 and 226. She averaged 194 for the season.
Kellie Younglas, jr. (Wellington): Top bowler from a non-qualifying team at the Lorain sectional with a 556.

Vermilion Sailors: Nothing is guaranteed, but with three bowlers sporting better than a 180 average, the Sailors are pointed in the right direction.
North Ridgeville Rangers: Should again battle the Sailors to the finish.
Firelands Falcons: Only a tiebreaker separated the Falcons from a league title.
Lutheran West Longhorns: The Longhorns prove they`re a bonafide contender.

North Ridgeville Rangers: Should still be the area`s best team despite graduating its top two bowlers.
Southview Saints: Came on strong late last season and look solid again.
Admiral King Admirals: Faltered slightly in the postseason but have a real ace in Natalie Velasquez.
Vermilion Sailors: Just a solid team with Rooker, Cunningham and Piskur.


HEAD COACH: Terri Velasquez, 1st year
2006-07 RECORD: 6th place NSBC; 4th Lorain Division I sectional; 31st Hubbard district
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (5): Sean Buckholz, sr.; Brady Dickason, jr.; Murphy Dickason, jr.; Thomas Price, jr.; Marshawn White, sr.; Alex Wright, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Zack Breeds, jr.; Vinnie Camera, sr.; Robin Fletcher, fr.; Anthony Jeter, jr.; Nikolai Rivas, sr.; Bryan Stevens, sr.; Anthony Velasquez, fr.; Terry Wysocky, jr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Admirals rebounded from a flat performance at the conference meet to qualify to districts. Price had 170 average last year with a high game of 227 and high series of 391. Terri Velasquez takes over the coaching reigns. She has been a certified youth bowling coach for 16 years.
2006-07 RECORD: 3rd place NSBC; 4th Lorain Division I sectional; 23rd Akron district
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (5): Mercedes Arnau, sr.; Jasmine Harris, jr.; Kayla Soucek, jr.; Saleana St. Croix, jr.; Natalie Velasquez, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Brianna Burk, sr.; Krystle Sparino, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Lady Admirals were second behind North Ridgeville by only two pins at the NSBC Tournament. Natalie Velasquez was the top bowler at the NSBC Tournament with games of 235 and 226. She averaged 194 last year. Soucek had a high game last year of 224, followed by Arnau (189), St. Croix (187) and Harris (158). The JV team finished 11-0.

HEAD Coach: Mike Casey, 2nd year
ASSISTANTS: Jim Loos, Dave Moore
2006-07 RECORD: 4th place-tie NSBC; 6th place Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (5): Becky Burgdorf, sr.; Steven Loos, so.; Drew Moore, so.; Murray Petkovsek, so.; Brian Post, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Allison Flock, so.; Robert Kelly, fr.; Steven Powell, jr.; Bobby Scuzs, fr.; Kenny Strauss, jr.;  Kelly Turner, fr. Jenna Veard, so.; Travis Wilson, fr.
SCOUTING REPORT: There are three or four players capable of shooting 200-plus games in every time out. Comets hope to be competitive again after missing districts by seven pins. Individually, Steve Loos (197 avg.) was a district qualifier. The Amherst JV team was 11-0 last season.

CO-HEAD COACHES: Larry Sword and Sheila Tidd, 2nd year
2006-07 RECORD: 11th place NSBC
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (3): Josh Shire, sr.; Brittany Tidd, jr.; Joe Tidd, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Bobby Andress, so.; Adam Brietkrenz, so.; Ron Chidsey, so. Ron Chidsey, so.; Casey Holloway, jr.; Jon Pelton, so.; Angie Sciz, so.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Pirates again go with a coed roster to help the second-year program keep rolling. Josh Shire has been consistently bowling in the 220 range. Joe Tidd just bowled a 279 game and had 698 three-game series on his Saturday junior league. Josh Shire, Joe Tidd, along with Brietkrenz, Chidsey and Wright, make up the varsity to start the season.

HEAD COACH: Marc Amos, 8th year
2006-07 RECORD: 7th place-tie NSBC, 9th place Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNER (1): Rory Szymanel, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Andrew Castle, fr.; Eric DoBroka, fr.; Benjamin Hoyt, fr.; Sean Leighton, sr.; Andrew Machovina, fr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Panthers graduated their top six bowlers. Szymanel had a 144 average as a sophomore.
2006-07 RECORD: 8th NSBC; 9th Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNER (1): Kayla Stanziano, so.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Janice Amos, fr.; Hannah Karlie, fr.; Sabrina Oates, fr.; Amy Pritchard, fr.; Alexandra Shubeck, fr.; Alexis Sigrist, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Stanziano averaged a 91 last year as EC`s No. 3 bowler. The Panthers have to rebuild with the help of five freshmen.

HEAD COACH: Ken Davis, 7th year
ASSISTANT: Donald Davis
2006-07 RECORD: 2nd place NSBC
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (3): Andrew Krieg, so.; Brad Pettry, jr.; Ryan Pettry, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Adam Barefoot, sr.; Doug Hildebrandt, so.; Andrew Nitchman, fr.; Matt Rainey, fr.; Ben Roberts, fr.; Tom Vancs, fr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Falcons tied for first with North Ridgeville in NSBC at 10-1, but were bumped to second on a tie-breaker based on their finish at the conference meet. Firelands is eligible to compete in the sectional/district for the first time. Ryan Pettry (195 average), Krieg (192) and Brad Pettry (186) are the returning bowlers.
2006-07 RECORD: 7th place NSBC
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Shelby Duerk, jr.; Erica Friend, sr.; Kara Forrider, jr.; Michelle McLoda, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Sarah Adkins, jr.; Kristie Flickinger, sr.; Caitlin Gillen, sr.; Cari SanFelippo, sr.; Emily Scoggins, jr.; Liz Thomas, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Friend (159 average) will help to try to bring along the Falcons.

HEAD COACH: Kevin Minnich, 3rd year
ASSISTANT: Jerry Johnson
2006-07 RECORD: 4th place NSBC; 3rd Lorain Division I sectional; 16th place Hubbard district
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (7): Nick Gaydos, jr.; Tyler Minnich, jr.; Dave Pinto, sr.; Ryan Salyer, sr.; Ben Smith, jr.; Justin Truman, so.; Brian Yeo, so.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Chris Bohatka, sr.; James Fye, sr.; Alex Hainen, fr.; Andrew Holland, so.; Andrew Johnson, fr.; Jacob Stump, fr.; Michael Tomkin, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The `Cats set a conference record last season with a team-high game of 1,307. Tyler Minnich led the way with a 261-259 set. Team lost only two seniors to graduation. Minnich (195), Gaydos (180), Truman (179), Yeo (178) and Pinto (178) have the best returning averages.
2006-07 RECORD: 4th place NSBC; 5th place Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Kelsey Arthur, sr.; Alli Branham, so.; Ashley Branham, jr.; Jessica Naccarato, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Jamie Johnson, sr.; Amanda Keathley, fr.; Katie Ross, so.; Rachel Salyer, so.; Heather Shepard, jr.; Molly Weber, so.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Keystone girls were 8-3 in duals and just missed qualifying to districts by one spot. Ashley Branham (155), Naccarato (148), Alli Branham (140) and Arthur (138) lead the way.

HEAD COACH: Frank Kotas, 1st year
ASSISTANT: Carol Becka
2006-07 RECORD: 1st place NSBC; 2nd place Lorain Division I sectional; 12th place Hubbard district
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Wes Arndt, sr.; Tyler Cameron, sr.; Collin Oliva, so.; Joe Sas, so.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Brandon Becka, fr.; Alex Carek; Tyler Drehs; Justin Harnden; Todd Morris, so.; Mike O`Sullivan, fr.; Jordan Renner; Phillip Saad
SCOUTING REPORT: Oliva was the No. 3 bowler last year with a 194 average, followed by Sas (186) and Arndt (167). Oliva (215) and Sas (197), along with Morris (194), have improved their averages in the offseason. The Rangers` final starting lineup is still a tough call with all the incoming newcomers.
HEAD COACH: Debijo Lamb, 1st year
ASSISTANT: Heather Becka
2006-07 RECORD: 1st place NSBC; 1st place Lorain Division I sectional; 24th Akron district
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (3): Heather Hill, so.; Tabitha Hill, so.; Becca Lamb, so.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Stacy Bohr, so.; Brit Borges, sr.; Kurrie Brown, so.; Courtney Farrell, so.; Devan Freeman, fr.; Jessica Keaton, so.; Nichole Lamie, sr.; Brittany Madis, fr.; Leiah Malinkay, so.; Ashley Schoonover, fr.; Danielle Spooner, so.; Amanda Wargo, so.
SCOUTING REPORT: Lamb (156 average), Tabitha Hill (147) and Heather Hill (139) were the team`s No. 3, 4 and 5 bowlers last year. Farrell, Freeman and Schoonover have bowled in leagues with the junior programs at various bowling centers last year. Keaton is the only returnee from last year`s 9-2 junior varsity, which tied Vermilion for second.

HEAD COACH: Bob Monschein, 2nd year
2006-07 RECORD: 7th place-tie NSBC; 11th place Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (7): Kyle Beiswinger, sr.; Tom Fedinets, jr.; Simone Garcia, sr.; Russell Large, so.; Matt Maxwell, jr.; Alecia Phillips, sr.; Kyle Williams, so.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Adam Bollinger; Chere Dubois; Lucas Riggar; Mimi Samuel; Neven Zunich
SCOUTING REPORT: The Patriots started last season with boys and girls teams, but a couple of early season dropouts from the girls team necessitated a merger of the two teams into a coed varsity. Open Door finished with a 4-5 dual-meet record, winning three out of its last four matches. Beiswinger had a 586 series last year.

HEAD COACH: Peg Ham, 4th year
ASSISTANT: Orlando Diaz
2006-07 RECORD: 7th place-tie NSBC; 10th place Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Christian Beavers, jr.; Robert Comstock, sr.; Jermaine Hernandez, sr.; Mike Prihoda, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Brian Burge, sr.; Brandon Fitzpatrick, so.; Alex Lopez, sr.; Antonio Reyes, fr.; Andre Torres, so.
SCOUTING REPORT: Comstock leads the way with a 172 average. Beavers (145) and Prihoda (143) are also key players.
2006-07 RECORD: 2nd NSBC; 3rd Lorain Division I sectional; 21st Akron regional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (5): Tenisha Cruz, sr.; Ciera Diaz, so.; Migdalia Diaz, jr.; Jennifer Long, sr.; Nicole Mendosa, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Angelique Aiken, so.; Caitlyn Beavers, fr.; Shannon Hallisy, fr.; Raychyl Miller, so.; Lynette Rios, jr.; Emily Sas, fr.; Yolanda Torres, fr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Saints lost one senior from last year. After a 10-1 season, the core of the team is back to compete for the conference crown. Key players Ciera Diaz (152) and Nicole Mendosa (147) lead the way.

HEAD COACH: George Buckosh, 9th year
ASSISTANTS: Larry Cunningham, Eilene Rooker
2006-07 RECORD: 3rd place NSCB; 1st place Lorain Division I sectional; 4th place Hubbard regional; 15th place state
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Bryan Buckosh, jr.; Jacob Casto, jr.; D.J. Pohorence, jr.; David Woods, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Sean Aldrich, fr.; Cody Burger, jr.; Blake Eckley, jr.; Vito Ernande, jr.; Justin Greenaker, so.; Tyler Henson, so.; Ron Knox, jr.; Collin Kuhn, fr.; Mark Ostrander, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Buckosh led the Sailors last year with a 207 average, followed by Pohorence (193), Casto (184) and Woods (174). Casto had the best clip two years ago (222).
2006-07 RECORD: 5th place NSBC; 3rd Lorain Division I sectional; 26th Akron district
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (7): Sarah Camp, so.; Ali Cunningham, jr.; Valerie Piskur, so.; Emily Rice, jr.; Candis Rooker, jr.; Jamie Tassie, jr.; Cortney Tedford, jr
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Brittany Argenti, sr.; Brittany Hreha, fr.; Kirstin Neal, fr.; Ashley Rooker, fr.; Janna Schindler, fr.; Shelby Seals, fr.; Kathleen Sooy, jr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Candis Rooker (154), Cunningham (151) and Piskur (133) led the Vermilion girls regional-qualifying team last year. Five freshmen should push for starting time.

HEAD COACH: Linda Repko, 3rd year
2006-07 RECORD: 10th place NSBC; 8th place Lorain Division I sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (6): Brandon Fraley, so.; Andrew Mondak, sr.; Jordan Rutherford, sr.; Kevin Saunders, so.; Ryan Smith, so.; Zach Wallace, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Michael Hicks, jr.; Levi Hunter, so.; Patrick Grieve, so.; Josh Maurer, jr.; Ryan Roberts, so.; Jonathan Skinner, fr.; Brandon Varner, fr.; Zach Vermilion, fr.; Andrew Walter, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Dukes have at least one bowler capable of averaging 200 in Rutherford (188). The rest of the squad is still developing.
2006-07 RECORD: 6th place NSBC; 7th place Lorain Division I Sectional
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Sarah Irvan, so.; Judy Logar, jr.; LeAnne Metz, jr.; Kellie Younglas, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Kellie Hanko, fr.; Kateland Kacic, fr.; Katelyn Mondak, fr.; Kathleen Plummer, fr.; Ashley Reese, jr.; Hannah Rutherford, fr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Younglas (160) is a good leader for a program still trying to develop. Time will tell when experience will pay off.

(The GCIBL started in late September
and is about halfway through its season.)

HEAD COACH: Mark Cizl, 7th year
2007-08 RECORD: 10th place scratch, 9th place handicap for Corr Division
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (3): Brad Masters, so.; Chris Pranckunas, jr.; Jeff Sours, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Joey Angelyosi, so.; Ashley Griffore, so.; Meagan Harvan, jr.; Aaron Lunn, so.; Lindsay Mudrak, so.; Jordan Swietyniowski, jr.; Dave Vorell, jr.; Amber Wiley, so.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Cards try to rebuild their program after graduating three seniors. The GCIBL Scratch Division is quite loaded. The league average is 236.

HEAD COACH: Ron Reeves, 6th year
2007-08 RECORD: 1st place for scratch, 3rd place for handicap for Reed Division
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (5): Rodney Bassett, so.; Andrew Blodgett, jr.; Karl Guenther, sr.; Travis Podvorac, jr.; Nate Yencho, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Warren Apger, fr.; T.J. Brady, so.; Alex Soltis, jr.; Corey Smith, jr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Podvorac (218), Brady (212) Bassett (203) and Yencho (202) lead the way. The `Horns have good team leadership and a solid lineup. West is a contender for the GCIBL City Championship and should have four bowlers in the top 20 in average.

HEAD COACH: Tom Hart, 1st year
2007-08 RECORD: 5th place scratch, 2nd place handicap for Corr Division
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Jon Berndsen, jr.; Shane Harmon, sr.; Mandy Tedick, sr.; Drew Wollenzier, jr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Nate Gilchrist, so.; Mike Hull, sr.; Matt Kunz, jr.; Adam Piwarski, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Bernsden (211) and Harmon (206) currently lead the Eagles. Piwarski (187) and Wollenzier (186) are neck-and-neck. Kunz and Hull both have 179s. Tedick (166) is the only girl on the squad. Harmon and Tedick are co-captains.

HEAD COACH: Craig Barbee, 38th year
2007-08 RECORD: 7th place scratch, 7th place handicap for Corr Division
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (4): Ethan Arnold, so.; Adam Sokol, so.; Jenna Zaleski, sr.; Sammie Zaleski, so.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Casey Anderson, sr.; Nathan Anderson, jr.; Alah Baher, sr.; Mike Sisko, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: The Bulldogs graduated some top-notched talent last June in Rob Smith (225) and Brad Clevenger (211). Arnold (199), Anderson (187) and Sokol (183) lead Falls at the season`s mid-point. Falls was the loop`s scratch runner-up in 2006-07.

HEAD COACH: Ralph Sulzmann, 4th year
ASSISTANTS: Sarah Furey, Cindy Konscak
2007-08 RECORD: 3rd place scratch, 10th place in handicap for Corr Division
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS (5): Mike Canestraro, sr.; Cody Harris, sr.; Joe Meadows, sr.; Chris Stewart, jr.; Corey Stineman, sr.
REMAINDER OF ROSTER: Matt Canestraro, fr.; Alan Moorman, sr.; Mark Rottinger, sr.; Jacob Walsh, sr.
SCOUTING REPORT: Stewart (199), Harris (191) and Stineman (189) lead the Demons. The Demons are currently in third place in the Corr Division for scratch competition.
OTHER GCIBL TEAMS: Trinity, Berea, Chanel, Normandy, Midpark, John Marshall, Garfield Heights, Brecksville, Valley Forge, St. Edward, Cleveland Central Catholic, Villa Angela/St. Joseph, Parma, Holy Name and Benedictine.

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