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Lorain County Speedway: Gerken dominates E-Mods


Bob Stascak
The Chronicle-Telegram
SOUTH AMHERST —  LaGrange’s Stacey Gerken dominated E-Mod racing all season at Lorain County Speedway so it was only fitting that he end it in the same manner.
The 2007 E-Mod Division champ ran away with Sunday’s feature in the open-wheel division, leading all 100 laps en route to victory in the 7th Annual Halloween Festival of Speed.
Over 150 cars were in the pit area for the three-day event which concluded Sunday.
 In addition to Gerken, other race winners were Norm Taylor (Late Model), Mike Sims (Sportsman), Josh Way (Street Stock), Charlie Wells (Chargers), Bo Hays (Detroit Iron) and Bobby Fade (School Bus Figure 8 race).
Gerken and Joe Shannon brought the a stellar field of E-Mods to the green flag with Gerken diving into the lead heading into Turn 1.
Gerken, a multitime LCS E-Mod champion, was hooked up. His pace was slowed by numerous cautions, but he pulled away after each with more of a lead each time.
The race was stopped on Lap 47 for refueling. Following the break, Gerken checked out on the field, workng his way through the lapped cars with ease.
 The only car to gain ground was 15-year-old Dave Carter who fought his way into third.
The final caution came on lap 89 for Mike Lawson. The field was closed and Gerken’s lead erased.
But he still had more firepower as Shannon was unable to mount any type of challenge.
Rodney Saunders was the early race leader in the Sportsman feature.
Scott Simpson took over the lead on Lap 5 when Saunders went off turn four. Simpson appeared to have the race won, but in the closing stages he got loose in Turn 3 and spun on Lap 21. This brought out the yellow, sent Simpson to the back of the lineup and turned the lead over to Mike Sims.
 Joe Courson began his charge to the front going from fourth and getting to the second spot as Mike Sims held on to take the win.

Sunday’s results

Late Models
Feature (50 laps, 5 cars, $1,500 to win): Norm Taylor (Parma); John Sandquist Sr. (Austintown); Tony Urdials; Jimmy Carter (Brookpark); Rick Groetsch (N.Ridgeville)
Consi 1 (15 laps, 9 cars, top 4 advance): Jerrod Prince; Mike Lawson (Grafton); Scott Baker (Akron); Jason Drew (N.Olmsted)
Consi 2 (15 laps, 7 cars, top 4 advance): Shawn Gray (Columbus); Ron Saunders; Baldy Baker Jr. (Strasburg); Troy Bonnema (Leroy)
Feature (100 laps, 25 cars, $2,500 to win): Stacey Gerken (LaGrange); Joe Shannon (Tall-madge); Doug Meyer (N.Canton); Nick Diano (Canton); Brett Jursik (Doylestown)
Feature (30 laps, 14 cars, $500 to win): Mike Sims (Marblehead); Joe Courson; Joe Blood (Willoughby); Chuck Philips (Madison); Lou Hill (Chardon)
Street Stock
Consi 1 (15 laps, 8 cars, top 5 advance): Tory Gibbs (Port Washington); Steve Harmon (Elyria); Blaine Klein (Wadsworth); Justin Hamilton (Norwalk); Jeff Mundell (Niles)
Consi 2: (15 laps, 6 cars, top 5 advance):  Shawn Winters; Jay White (Painesville); Davey Lawson (Painesville); Keith Platz (Mentor); Dan Lombardo
Feature (30 laps, 24 cars, $400 to win): Josh Way (Painesville); Mike Henderson (Eastlake); Bill Sprague; Dan Zundel (Painesville); Kelly Bright (Madison)
Feature (25 laps, 22 cars, $50 to win): Charlie Wells; John Buderer; Adam Biltz; Willie Patterson (Elyria); Neil Broski
Detroit Iron
Feature (15 laps, 12 cars): Bo Hays; Steve Blevins; Darrell Hayes; Eric Van Dalen; Rocky Nails (Painesville)
School Bus Figure 8: Bobby Fade, Madison

Saturday’s results

Late Model vs E-Mod Shootout (15 laps,  12 cars): John White (Norton); Norm Taylor (Parma); Rick Groetsch (N.Ridgeville); Nick Diano (Canton); Tim Gregory (N.Ridgeville)
Late Model
Fastest Qualifier: Jimmy Carter (Brookpark) 14.67
Dash: Tony Urdial; Mike Sheffer (Akron); Rick Groetsch (N. Ridgeville); Carter
Heat 1: Scott McMillen (Hilliard); Darrell Dexter; Foster Mackay (Akron); Jim Ripley (Akron); Rick Hahnaker
Heat 2: Norm Taylor (Parma); Preston Walker; Mike Shaffer (Akron); Bob Sibila (Massillon); John Sandquist Sr. (Austintown)
Fastest Qualifier: Dave Carter (Columbus) 14.74
Dash: Jim Blagg (Brunswick); Doug Meyer (N. Canton); Nick Diano (Canton); Carter
Heat 1: Mark Smith (Grafton); Tim Gregory (N. Ridgeville); Scott Baker (Akron); Ron Saunders; Troy Bonnema (Leroy)
Heat 2: John White (Norton); Brett Jursik (Doylestown); Mike Lawson (Grafton); Jason Drew (N. Olmsted); Andy Hoskinson (Elyria)
Heat 3: Matt Leedy (Bellevue); Kurt Hennigs (Cleveland); Jerrod Prince; Baldy Baker Jr. (Strasburg); Amber Gerken
Heat 4: Stacey Gerken (LaGrange); Matt Marlowe (Elyria); Joe Shannon (Tallmadge); Meyer; Diano
Fastest Qualifier: Mike Sims (Marblehead) 15.75
Dash: Jeremy Holbrook; Sims; Joe Blood (Willoughby); Scott Simpson
Heat 1: Ryan Gullata (Brookpark); Buzz Bates (Painesville); Scott Basham.
Heat 2: Jeremie Holbrook; Sims; Simpson; Rodney Saunders (Mentor); Chuck Philips (Madison)
Street Stock
Fastest Qualifier: Bill Sprague 16.70
Dash: Dan Zundel (Painesville); Josh Way; Sprague; Mike Henderson (Eastlake)
Heat 1: Earl Goldy (Grand River); Chris Law; Blaine Klein; Tory Gibbs (Port Washington); Matt Black (Madison)
Heat 2: Rick Pruchnicki (Lorain); Frank Flynn (Wellington); Shifter Winters; Keith Platz (Mentor).
Heat 3: Joe March (Painesville); Matt Wilson; Jeff Mundell; Dan Lombardo; Randy Hendricks (Painesville)
Heat 4: Kelly Bright (Madision); Josh Way; Tigh Shaffer (Columbia Station); Mike Henderson (Eastlake).
Street Stock Shootout (15 laps, 12 cars):  Sprague; Way; Shaffer; Henderson; Bill Penn (Avon Lake)
Fastest Qualifier: Joey Wyckoff (Amherst) 18.60 (Track Record)
Dash: Charlie Wells; Wyckoff; Adam Wells; Adam Biltz
Heat 1: Driver Unknown; Kevin Broski; Shawn Bubsey; Bill Rabbitts;
Heat 2: Willie Patterson (Elyria); John Buderer; Mike Gripp; Matt Scarvelli; Brian Masters (Elyria)
Heat 3: Charlie Wells; Troy Moore; Jessie Haughton.
Feature (15 laps, 13 cars): Wyckoff; Charlie Wells; John Buderer; Kevin McCall; Gripp
Detroit Iron
Fastest Qualifier: Matt Jakinyszyn 19.71
Dash: Steve Blevins; Bo Hayes; Jakinysyn; Eric Van Dalen
Heat: Hayes; Blevins; Van Dalen; Dominic Chicinetti
Feature (12 laps, 10 cars): Blevins; Jakinyszyn; Jeff Smith (Cleveland); Chicinetti; Rocky Nails (Painesville)
Legend Cars
Did Not Qualify
Heat 1: Dale Dodge (Senecaville); Dennis Knox (Tallmadge); Jason Knox (Akron); Jerry Warden (Pickne,Mi.) Randy Burns (E. Sparta)
Heat 2: Brian Knuckles (Columbus); Levi Rouster (Brooklyn, Mi.); Driver Unknown; Matt Todd; ( Canton,Mi); Ben Rouster (Howel, Mi.)
Feature (25 laps, 13 cars): Dodge; Dennis Knox; Nickles; Rouster; Warden.

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