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A Day in the Life of an MA Extern


Written by: Matt Krafty, Marketing Assistant for OBC

At EMH MedWorks in North Ridgeville, an Ohio Business College Medical Assisting student, Sandy Sadowski, is currently completing the final stage of her education by participating in an externship.  An externship allows students to get their feet wet and start implementing some of their knowledge in a work environment, while also giving employers an opportunity to make connections with graduates before they even complete school.  MedWorks, which is part of the Elyria Metro Health system, is the home for the occupational medicine program, as well as the Department of Rehabilitation, which specializes in physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  Sandy Sadowski is completing her externship with MedWorks on the occupational medicine side of the office, and the friendly and accommodating staff at the office, was gracious enough to let me tag along with Sandy one day to learn more about the life of an MA extern.

To get a better understanding of the role of the medical assistant in a setting such as this one, I spoke with Dr. Paul Miotto, the primary physician on site, who explained Sandy’s responsibilities.  “Essentially the medical assistants take the patients to the back, get their vital signs, take their medical history, and prepare them for the physician to see them,” he said.  In fact, according to the manager at the facility, Rhonda Wood, medical assistants are “very important” to a smoothly running office, due in large part to their ability to perform a variety of tasks, in the front of the office as well as the back.

For Sandy, choosing to study medical assisting at Ohio Business College was a great decision, and one that is paying off already, though she plans to continue her schooling to become an RN.  “I’m glad I did this,” she explained, though she mentioned that being a good medical assistant does require dedication and a willingness to constantly gain new skills.   As a matter of fact, she said the sheer amount of information that she had learned during her time at OBC was incredible, along with the knowledge gained through her externship.  “We do phlebotomy, we do shots, we do EKGs, we do pulmonary function tests, we do charting, they teach us coding, and they teach us scheduling,” she explained.

The other employees in the office were also eager to compliment Sandy on the work she has done.  Helen Dillon has been an RN at MedWorks for 12 years, and she explained that Sandy is an invaluable asset on a day to day basis.  “She can triage the patients, she can file for us, she can get any supplies we need ready, she can help me with the EKGs, she can help me with the blood draws - she can do the blood draws actually.  Sandy is just wonderful; I just can’t say enough nice things about her.” Julie Thompson, an administrative assistant at the office, mentioned that she was an Ohio Business College graduate as well, and that she had also completed her externship with MedWorks.  When asked how Sandy’s externship was proceeding, Thompson was very complimentary.  “Sandy’s awesome,” she said.  “She learns very quickly and she’s very professional, which is hard to find.  We really enjoy having her here.”  By all accounts, the externship is paying off for everyone involved, and will even result in employment for Sadowski, according to Rhonda Wood.  “Sandy has learned quite a bit,” Wood noted, before mentioning that MedWorks would be hiring Sandy part-time upon the completion of her externship.

While going back to school hasn’t always been easy, Sandy is confident that she made the right decision attending OBC, and would encourage others to do the same.   “I loved Ohio Business College. It was great,” Sadowski said. “(The faculty) make your experience there great, they make it understandable, they make you want to go and be the person that they’ve helped you to be.”  It was clear from speaking with the staff at MedWorks that, in this case at least, bringing in an extern from Ohio Business College was a winning scenario for everyone.  Contact Ohio Business College today to learn more about all of the programs that are offered, and one day soon it could be you participating in an externship such as this one.

For more information about graduation rates, median loan debt of students who completed the programs, and other important information, visit the college’s website at http://www.ohiobusinesscollege.edu/pages/consumer-information.  Ohio Business College has been educating Ohioans since 1903 and offers associate degrees and diploma programs that will give students a head start filling the jobs of tomorrow, so contact OBC today at (440) 934-3101 or by visiting www.OhioBusinessCollege.edu.


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