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Dick Cheney: A retrospective

Artists have retrospective exhibits in which the public gets a chance to see what the artist created in the past. So why not have a retrospective exhibit for a politician, say Vice President Dick Cheney.
When Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defense during the Gulf War, he was asked why the United States, after defeating Iraq, didn’t continue into Iraq and get rid of Saddam Hussein?
His explanation was logical and told us much about his insights into the realities of the problems that existed in that part of the world. Cheney explained that invading Iraq would create a quagmire for the U.S. He understood that the Iraqi government was unstable. He commented that after the United States removed Saddam, there would be no government to run the country. Under those conditions, the country would disintegrate into three factions: Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds. He reported that we would be going in alone because none of the Arab nations that supported our intervention on behalf of Kuwait would support a further invasion of Iraq. He went on at length giving all the reasons present-day artists used to explain why we should not invade Iraq.
That was in 1991. The tragedy today that we call the Iraqi War would not have happened if George W Bush had listened to the Cheney who advised his father. 

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