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Big camera, Big bucks


Well photography fans, here is the latest offering from Canon, and, judging from the specs, this new camera is a beauty.
The EOS-1 Ds Mark III features a 21-megapixel sensor, a live view on the rear display and a really cool dust removal feature that knocks the dirt off the sensor and onto an adhesive that keeps it from moving around inside the camera. That’s cool but, the second part of its dust beater feature is an integrated program that records any specks left on the sensor and replaces them with surrounding pixels …voila, the end of dust spots.

The camera is not for the uncommitted camera nut. When it ships in November, the buyers will consist mostly of the shooters still clinging to medium format film gear, think commercial photographers and really high-end fashion guys.

The price? A very steep $7,999.00. I guess the penny under 8K is designed to make us not realize we are buying a camera that equals the price of a pretty decent used car. On the plus side, it is the same price as the camera it’s replacing.  

The full frame 21-megapixel sensor is great and what’s not to love about a camera that offers a low resolution image of 5.2 mp.

So if you’re not shooting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, you may not need this camera, but, if you have eight grand lying around and can’t think of a single thing to spend it on, this would be a really great camera to own. While you’re at it, pick up the new 14mm 2.8 lens. At $2,199.00 it’s cheap enough when compared to the camera.


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