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Flint Ridge residents seek solution to growing pothole problem


EATON TWP. — With its large homes and spacious lots, Flint Ridge is the pride of Eaton Township developments.

But the roads leave a different impression, and residents of the development feel the township has overlooked their crumbling state. Motorists driving on Eagle Nest Drive will encounter erosion, concrete upheaval and large potholes.

Chris Thomas, 37690 Eagle Nest Drive, said he simply wants safe roads.

“It’s been very frustrating since winter to have to put up with a road that looks like Bosnia,” Thomas said during a telephone interview.

Poor drainage exacerbates the road decay, Thomas said, and when the street floods after a major rain, the concrete crumbles even more.

Mike Parsons, who lives on nearby Deer Run Drive, said he pays more than $7,000 a year in taxes and his neighborhood’s streets deserve to be fixed.

“The township has had responsibility for these roads ever since the development was built, and they have done absolutely nothing to maintain them except for patching a few spots here and there,” Parsons said.

Both Thomas and Parsons said traffic and flooding have caused temporary fixes to fail. During a Tuesday night Board of Trustees meeting, trustees said the township plans to fix all streets in the neighborhood in sections over a seven-year period.

Road work is already taking place on the back end of Deer Run Drive and trustees said crews will eventually make their way to the front of the development over time. The trustees said work was started in the back, rather than targeting the worst spots, so that heavy machinery wouldn’t have to travel over newer areas and ruin it again.

But Thomas and other residents said this plan makes no sense.

“They should fix the most unsafe areas first, and they’re not doing that,” Thomas said. “I don’t understand why.”

At Tuesday night’s meeting, trustees acknowledged that storm water is accumulating in Flint Ridge under sections of road, and freezing and thawing in winter is likely causing concrete to buckle. Trustee Jason Monschein said the township has plans to run cameras into drains in the neighborhood in an attempt to find blockages that cause water to collect.

Monschein said the condition of Eagle Nest Drive is the worst in the entire township.

“We’d like to see things move faster too, but there are processes we have to follow that take time,” he said.

Trustee Randy Houston said the Lorain County Engineer’s Office will analyze Eagle Nest Drive this week, and when the township has an idea of the costs associated with fixing the street work might move forward.

“Hopefully we can have a special meeting this weekend so we can get this project out to bid — if we can afford it — and it’s feasible to do,” Houston said prior to Tuesday night’s meeting.

Houston said the township hopes to replace 500 feet of Eagle Nest Drive and it will be at least another month until work can begin.

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