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Facebook takes down 'Creatures of Lorain County' page


Facebook has stepped in and decided to take down the Creatures of Lorain County group page.

Amy Clark of Elyria said she learned in an e-mail late Thursday the page would no longer be published on the social networking site. She was told it violated Facebook’s Community Guidelines, but was told she could appeal the decision, she said.

As of 11 a.m. today, the Creatures page has not been completely removed. The name will still pop up when searched even though clicking on it will only take users back to their own home page. Clark said she is appealing the decision to yank the page, but does not anticipate winning.

“I’m just going to make a new page today and make it a private group page,” she said. “That way people will have to ask permission to be on it and I can delete people and add people when I want. That way Facebook really can’t touch it.”

Clark’s argument may have some validity as some very risqué group pages with adult content can be found on Facebook, but are viewed by invite only.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is with my page because there are way worse pages out there,” said the 32-year-old.

Her page had a huge following. At last count, there were nearly 26,000 followers from all over the country. Clark said it has been viewed by Facebook users as far away as Russia.

Clark’s biggest opponent was David Stewart of Elyria.

He lobbied Facebook to have to page removed, started a petition on calling for its removal and even started an anti-Creatures page, the Creatures of the Creatures of Lorain County.

“I’m not the only who complained to Facebook ,” Steward said. “There have been numerous people who have silently been against the page. I was just the most vocal in saying this is not right for our community.”

Stewart said the page only served to tarnish the image and reputation of Lorain County, which is trying to rebound and rebuild. In an attempt to distance himself further from the page, Stewart has renamed his page Strength and Loyalty for Lorain County.

“I have plans to move forward and help the community more. I want to be the voice for people to be against hate, bullying, violence and racism,” he said. “There are better ways to help those misfortune people out. By putting a page online of pictures showing how the people dress knowing most of the people will not see the page, will not help.”

Clark said she will not be deterred. Her new page The Creatures of Lorain County 2 will go up as soon as possible.

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