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Humane officer allegedly shoots 5 kittens


A complaint was filed with the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after a call to the North Ridgeville Police Department for help in removing what the caller described as a feral cat and her kittens.

Teresa Landon, executive director of the Ohio SPCA, said when Humane Officer Barry Accorti arrived at the North Ridgeville residence, he told the homeowner that the mother cat and her five kittens “were going to kitty heaven.”

According to the complaint filed with the Ohio SPCA, Accorti went to his truck and returned with what the homeowner assumed was a tranquilizer gun then fired at the kittens, killing them. The mother cat ran from the scene and survived.

The law regarding how to deal with problem animals in Ohio doesn’t specifically bar shooting an animal, but Landon said this is an unusual case.

“This is new ground for us,” she said. “We’ve dealt with a lot of humane societies and animal control officers, but I can’t imagine an officer from any county in Ohio shooting kittens. If a dog charges you that’s one thing, but those kittens certainly didn’t charge anyone.”

According to Landon, she talked to a lieutenant at the police department and was told Accorti “wasn’t in and wouldn’t be back until Wednesday” so the lieutenant “couldn’t speak to the matter.”

The woman who filed the report with the Ohio SPCA didn’t want to give her name or discuss what happened.

“In all honesty, I’m kind of putting faith in my city right now to do the right thing, and I’m hoping they do the right thing,” the woman said. “I’ve talked to the chief already and tomorrow I’ll be talking to the mayor.”

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