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Alleged threat over speaker phone leads to arrest


ELYRIA — Police arrested a 37-year-old Cleveland man for threatening a Lorain woman who accused him of aggravated burglary by luring him to a public parking lot, hiding in the woman’s vehicle and listening to the man threaten to keep her from testifying.

Andre Mathews, 38, was arrested near the West Avenue Taco Bell shortly after 6 p.m. Friday after a woman helped police get Mathews to the parking lot. He was charged with intimidation, theft of license plates and criminal trespassing. He is being held in the Lorain County Jail on a $250,000 bond, which is a significant increase of his original bond, that was upped by a judge after it was learned he was harassing his alleged victim, Sharon Whitman.

Whitman, 37, of Lorain, is the victim in a burglary charge Mathews is facing.

According to a police report, Mathews called Whitman on Friday after telling her she was not going to make it to work the next day and that he had done something to her car. When Whitman went outside to a parking lot on East Avenue, she discovered the 30-day temporary license plate on her car was missing, but before she could call police, Mathews jumped from behind a hiding spot and began chasing Whitman.

The woman told police she jumped into her car in an attempt to get away.

Mathews left, but as Whitman was at the Elyria police station filing out a complaint, she received a phone call from Mathews, which she put on speaker phone for officers to hear.

Mathews repeatedly told Whitman “you aren’t going to make it,” the report said. Believing Mathews meant Whitman was not going to make it to court to testify, officers asked Whitman to have Mathews met her somewhere. With an officer in the backseat and several others close, Mathews was arrested after he hopped in Whitman’s car in the restaurant parking lot.

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