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Woman says ex-husband used potty cam to spy on her


COLUMBIA STATION — A Columbia Township man apparently found it difficult to be divorced yet still living under the same roof with his ex-wife.

And now those old feelings that Thomas B. Miller, 55, of Emmons Road, told police he was trying to hold on to have landed him in trouble after his former wife told authorities that she found what she believed was a spy pen in her bathroom.

On Feb. 12, Miller’s ex-wife met with deputies in reference to a voyeurism complaint that took place in the house that she shared for two years with Miller, her ex-husband.

The woman stated the two were married for 18 years and divorced in 2008. Both names are listed on the house deed, and the couple still lived together for financial reasons. She told deputies that she found a video recording device in her bathroom, which looked “just like an ink pen” Jan. 26. She gave the deputy the spy pen recorder, its USB cable and directions, which she said her former husband had bought and apparently placed inside the bathroom at an angle that would record her as she showered and used the toilet.

The report stated that three recordings were on the spy pen. Two of the videos were too dark to observe any images, however, the third one showed the woman using the toilet.

“(The ex-husband) is then observed entering the bathroom and removing the recorder,” the report read.

Deputies could not gain access to Miller’s computer because it had been taken by his employer, NASA.

On Feb. 13, the day after Miller’s former wife filed the report, Miller arrived at the sheriff’s department and confirmed that the spy pen belonged to him and that he had placed it in the bathroom.

According to the report, Miller “still loves his ex-wife and placed the recorder in the bathroom to see her naked and for self-gratification.”

He said he did not record anyone else, nor did he save any of the recordings. Miller was served an Elyria Municipal Court complaint/summons for voyeurism.

It was not clear whether the couple still lived together in the house, but the police report listed a Bay Village address for Miller.

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