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Heartbroken Sheffield woman hopeful beloved dog may be found


SHEFFIELD — Marge Brown says she feels like her heart is ready to burst open.

And it's not just her heart, but her health. She can't eat and can't sleep.

Brown, 87, has lost 20 pounds and gone on medication so she can try to get some rest at night — all since her beloved Megan, a 17 1/2-year old Yorkie, went missing more than two months ago.

After receiving more than 100 phone calls, mostly from "wonderful, wonderful people" trying to help, Brown is hopeful that she might have found Megan.

She'll find out tomorrow morning when she visits the Summit County Pound, where she has been told there is an elderly Yorkie about to be put down.

"I got a call from a lady who knew a lady whose sister was up here all the time in the area we live, and she turned out with a small dog (in the Medina area)," Brown said. "We have to go look."

Megan, who is deaf and can't see very well, slipped out of sight in Brown's yard — in the area of Abbe and Detroit roads — the evening of Nov. 15, she said. Brown said she was in her pajamas, so she asked her husband, Bud, to watch Megan while the dog went outside and he unloaded items from his vehicle. And then Megan was gone.

Marge Brown wasn't about to sit at home and wait for Megan to return. She ran a large classified ad in The Chronicle numerous times that includes pleading letters from both Megan and herself to bring the dog home.

"I have been all over, just everywhere looking for her," Brown said. "We took fliers out. We went everywhere. Drug Mart, anywhere that would let us put a flier. We went through fields. We rented a Bush Hog, and that cost us a fortune. One day we had five people back there in the field behind the house. I use a walker, but I was determined that I had to go look for that dog, that she would come to me."

Brown said she's had Megan, her fourth Yorkie, since she was six weeks old. She was purchased in southern Ohio with insurance money after a neighbor's dog killed her last Yorkie, Buddy.

"When we brought her home, she threw up the whole way from Lancaster, and she's been my baby ever since," Brown said. "I hand feed her. Sometimes I give her three choices. She's so spoiled. She's got me wrapped around her finger."

Since looking for Megan, Brown said she had one bad experience in which a man claimed to have the dog and demanded money.

"He never had the dog," Bud Brown said.

"I just cried and cried and cried over that," Marge Brown said.

Overall, however, Marge Brown said she's been touched by people's support.

"People have been so wonderful," she said. "I had a woman call me, and she said their whole congregation is praying for Megan," she said.

"I want to thank the wonderful, wonderful people — just the stories they've told me. It just gave me a whole new appreciation — there are wonderful, wonderful people in this world," she said. "People don't know how to be gracious toward one another anymore. Everyone's too busy. But they sure have been wonderful."

Besides what her ordeal has taught her about other people, Brown has learned a little something about herself.

"I think it's not normal for people to love animals the way I do, but I've learned different since I lost Megan," she said.

Anyone with information on Megan's whereabouts can contact Marge Brown at (440) 934-5708.

Contact Rona Proudfoot at 329-7124 or

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