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South Amherst man arrested for abusing 911


SOUTH AMHERST — A South Amherst man was arrested Sunday after he repeatedly called 911 to report the same incident.

Robb First, 47, was charged with making false alarms and abusing 911, according to a report from the Lorain County Sheriff's Office.

According to the report, First called a little before 4 p.m. to report that someone had taken his drums from his Annis Road home, telling a dispatcher that he had already reported the theft to a deputy.

First reportedly became agitated and refused to provide his personal information to dispatchers, stating he had already given it to a deputy, the report said.

Due to a high volume of calls, Sgt. Timothy Gallagher wrote in the report, he instructed dispatch to cancel response and to give him First's phone number, so he could speak with him.

Gallagher wrote that he got voice mail when he attempted to contact First. Minutes later, however, First contacted dispatchers again and was transferred to Gallagher.

According to the report, First began the conversation making demands, refusing to answer questions and continuing "to talk over my questions, getting louder and louder, claiming that he was a good tax payer and it is all '(expletive) that he is getting treated this way.' "

First also continued to say "excuse me" repeatedly, "in such a way to insinuate he did not agree with what was being told," the report said. The exchange ended in First hanging up on the deputy, the report said.

At about 5:20 p.m., First apparently called dispatchers again to report the same burglary.

After being connected to Gallagher again, First became more agitated and continued to scream into the phone, the report said, prompting Gallagher to hang up on him eventually.

Gallagher then contacted the deputy, now off duty, who had initially responded to First's home, and the following was determined:

First was living in the house with a female and while moving out he "accidentally" took the women's couch and sofa. When he brought them back, he discovered the woman had taken his drum set, apparently to hold until her furniture was returned.

That deputy determined the incident was not a burglary but a dispute over property.

First was taken to the Lorain County Jail.

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