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15 Minutes: Meet Anissa Brooks, a Lorain High entrepreneur


Anissa Brooks

Age: 17

Lives: Lorain

Pursuit: Titan Enterprise

What was the project your group worked on at Lorain High?

Our company name is Titan Enterprise. We’re faced with — I wouldn’t say a challenge — but an idea of creating a product and selling it.

First, we were going to do blankets incorporating the logos from all the schools, but our volunteer, Angela Anderson-Greiner, approached us with the idea of finishing a book that was already started about the history of the Lorain City Schools, and that’s the name of the book. It goes from the early 1820s of the first school to the combining of the schools and famous people that attended. It has a little bit of history on Lorain in general.

Who are some of the famous people?

Toni Morrison — she’s also my aunt. George Daniel, a football coach and we named our stadium after him. Bruce Boehler, a basketball coach, and more.

The biggest thing for me was going back in time and finding that the first school was built in 1827 and that building is still there on Washington Avenue and Fourth Street.

Our elementary and middle schools are covered, and even the ones that were rebuilt like Longfellow, Whittier and the new schools like General Johnnie Wilson, Toni Morrison and Helen Steiner.

Were people sorry to see Southview close?

I would say so, but I think as time has gone by, now that we are combined, people have seen the good. It has brought our community together a lot more.

What are some of your hobbies?

Oh, so much — I’ve been playing soccer since age 3. But more so with the school, I’m the class president and every club you can think of I’m probably in — like the Leo Club, a community service club, National Honor Society, Key Club, Rescue Animal Club. School, work and giving back are what I do.

Do you have plans for college?

I want to major in marketing and sales, so I’ll either be at Kent State or Baldwin-Wallace.

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