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Lorain Schools renews admin contracts while laying off teachers


LORAIN — At the same meeting that Board of Education members announced 182 layoffs last Thursday, they also unanimously approved up to $3.35 million worth of contract renewals for 40 administrators.

The contracts are for the 27-member Lorain Administrators Association and 13 nonunion administrators. The two-year contracts contain first-year wage freezes, and the contracts were set to renew automatically March 31 per a state mandate.

Four association members are among those to be laid off.

Nonetheless, the timing of the renewal and the amount of money involved has rankled some school employees.

“There’s negativity out there. We knew that was going to happen,” interim Superintendent Ed Branham said Wednesday. “Those (administrators) are proven leaders. They’re respected, and they’re doing their job at meeting our expectations, so they’re entitled to a two-year contract renewal.”

David Wood, president of the Lorain Education Association, which represents teachers, said he’s been ill recently and hasn’t had a chance to gauge teacher feedback about the renewals.

However, Wood said, in general, teachers feel like they’ve borne a disproportionate share of the school district’s efforts to cut a $12 million deficit. Nearly $7.4 million has been eliminated so far through layoffs and program cuts.

Of the 182 layoffs, 120 are teachers.

“It wasn’t directed towards anybody particular,” Wood said. “It just seemed to the teachers that they were taking the biggest hit.”

Branham said the administrators’ health benefits were part of the combined $2 million in concessions negotiated by the teachers union in the last two years. Lorain Schools reduced administrators from 76 in the 2006-07 school year to 56 in 2010-11, but Branham said there was no support among the seven union leaders for wage cuts to save teacher jobs.

“The overall reaction was pretty much, ‘You know what? We’ve conceded and gave concessions for two years and we’re done with that,’ ” he said. “They’re fearful of doing that (wage cuts) and possibly losing as far as built-in raises after their freezes are over.”

The salaries were not listed on agendas provided on the district’s website along with the names before the meeting.

District Treasurer Dale Weber asked to meet with reporters Wednesday and provided salary schedules, but not all of the employees’ exact salaries, which are public information.

Weber said he would try to provide exact salaries in a few days.

“We have some archaic databases,” Weber said. “We have to get the package together and verify numbers.”

However, board member Jim Smith said he insisted on being provided with a list of who was being paid what before the vote and he believes other board members also received the information.

“It was my understanding that board members and the media were to be given that (document),” he said. “Mr. Weber knew what the salaries were because he provided them for board members.”

Administrator salaries

Contract renewals for 40 union and non-union administrators were approved by the Board of Education last Thursday. On Wednesday, Lorain Schools provided a salary range for the two-year contracts which does not include the exact salary information for all employees.


  • Adam Brezovsky, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Kendall Brown, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Tracy Carpenter, principal — $91,584
  • Diane Conibear, principal — $101, 256
  • Roberto Davila, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Marie Deshuk, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Teresa Flores, assistant principal — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Leila Flores, principal — $91,584
  • Dorinda Hall, Success for All facilitator — $71,473 to $76,642
  • Marta Hawkins, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Tim Jama, Assistant principal — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Barb Kupucinski, principal — $91,584
  • Laura Manning, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Denise McConville, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Steve Meggitt, principal — $91,467
  • Julie Mishak, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • John Monteleone, principal — $89,363
  • Gilbert Perez, Assistant principal — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Athena Rivers, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Rebecca Serazin, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Susanne Silva, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Leslie Sugiuchi, psychologist — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Victoria Timko, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Patricia Van Valey, assistant principal — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Paul Williams, Success for All facilitator — $79,390 to $82,910
  • Megan Young, principal — $91,584
  • Mindy Young, Success for All facilitator – $73,456 to $78,772

Total range for union employee contracts — $2,222,371 to $2,299,216


  • Barb Bowen, associate director of instructional technology — $81,893
  • Dan DeNicola, chief operations manager — $102,791
  • Darrell Forbus, operations manager, — $72,987
  • Elena Gonzalez, executive assistant to superintendent — $63,624
  • Kevin Haupt, custodial services supervisor — $65,546
  • Michelle Hayes, director of academic accountability — $92,387
  • Jeff Hawks, associate director — $81,414
  • Aliceson Humphries, director of professional staff development — $92,387
  • Don Jacopin, procurement supervisor — $54,044
  • Robyn Kniceley, Success for All administrator coach — $81,414
  • Bryan Koury, athletic director — $92,387
  • Linda Rivera, special education supervisor — $78,800
  • Stephen Sturgill, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction — $92,387

Total, non-union employees — $1,051,971

Total, union (low range) plus non-union — $3,274,342

Total, union (high range) plus non-union — $3,351,187

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