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Fifteen Minutes: Meet Floyd and Gary Wells, who will host carnival this weekend at their Grafton farm


Wells brothers

Age: Floyd, 57, and Gary Wells, 53

Live: in Grafton

Events: Sunday’s Wells Family Foundation carnival in Grafton

How did this event get started at your family farm?

Gary: Well, this is our first annual event as far as the carnival goes. We wanted to give it a try out and see how it worked. We want to raise some money to help kids with things like backpacks … when they go back to school in September. For area schools, local people helping local people.

Floyd: My daughter Erin came up with the idea for this carnival and for the backpacks and school supplies.

Gary: The Wells Foundation has a reverse raffle around Christmas time to help needy families who are down and out. We’ve been doing that for better than 30 years.

Gary, what are your duties at this function?

Gary: I’m helping with a game at a booth.

What are some of the games offered here?

Gary: We have clown down; shark attack; water balloon; darts; fish bowl. The Grafton Township has a display here with their fire truck. We have local race cars that you would see at the Lorain County

Speedway. We have a martial arts academy that’s practicing here.

Floyd: I have the Wells Go Far carriage service — Wells Fargo is copyrighted so that’s a little take-off on the name. We’re offering wagon rides around the farm and “fair grounds.” We’re based out of Sullivan county and we do wagon and carriage rides. Soon we’ll be doing funeral service with a horse drawn hearse that’s almost ready — it’s on order. We do a lot of Christmas parties where we go to the neighborhood and do wagon rides at Christmas time. We also do wagon rides at Brassee’s Corn Maze in the fall for Halloween.

Gary: We also do a haunted forest fundraiser here at Halloween.

Who started this gift-giving?

Gary: Our mother, Lucille, started it. She was known as Grandma Wells. There were some people who were down and out, and we came together as a family and helped the people out and it just grew from there.

Who are all the siblings?

Gary: Well, from oldest to youngest, Kenny, he’s deceased, but he would have been 66; Swayne, 64; Rudy, 62; James, 60; Ron, 59; Floyd, 57; Larry, 56; Gary, 53; and Barb, she just turned 50.

When was that initial giving?

Gary: It’s been about 35 years, Floyd?

Floyd: About ’77 or ’78.

Gary: We’ve been growing a little bit every year since then.

What kind of hobbies do you have?

Gary: I like gardening.

Floyd: My hobbies are my horses and my hunting dogs.

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