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VIDEO: 2 dead, 1 hurt in Elyria home invasion


ELYRIA — Two men were killed and a third was critically wounded during a botched robbery in an Elyria apartment Sunday night.

A fourth man was arrested Monday on charges of murder, aggravated robbery and felonious assault.

Elyria police Lt. Andy Eichenlaub said Herminio Serrano, 38, who was found dead on the floor of the David Drive apartment, was shot six times, but the fatal wound was a bullet to his shoulder.

A second man, Michael Stump, 30, who lived in the apartment, died Monday at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Eichenlaub said Stump had been shot in the head.

The third shooting victim, David McDonough, 31, was listed in critical condition at MetroHealth on Monday evening. He was shot in the abdomen.

Elyria police Lt. Andy Eichenlaub said Brady Phillips, 38, and Serrano forced their way into the apartment shared by McDonough and Stump with the intent of robbing the roommates.

Phillips was arrested around 10 p.m. Monday near his Second Street home in Elyria and was being held in the Lorain County Jail, Eichenlaub said. He is set to be arraigned today.

Eichenlaub said a struggle for the guns Phillips and Serrano were armed with ensued during the robbery and McDonough and Stump were shot. McDonough shot Serrano, Eichenlaub said.

Video with audio of the 911 call (WARNING: CONTAINS HARSH LANGUAGE):

McDonough called 911 just before 10 p.m. Sunday but didn’t immediately talk to dispatchers.

He can be heard on the 911 tape calling out for his roommate, Stump.

“Mike, Mike, where you at, man? Oh my God, (expletive),” McDonough can be heard saying.

The call then drops and the dispatcher calls back twice before McDonough answered. He told the dispatcher, “we got a home invasion, somebody just came in here.”

He then gave his address and told the dispatcher he’d been shot in the stomach and that he thought Stump was dead. The 911 dispatcher then put McDonough on the phone with Elyria police.

When the Elyria police dispatcher asked who had weapons, McDonough said the men who forced their way into the apartment were armed.

“The two guys that came in here had weapons. We struggled with them and got the weapons from them,” he told the dispatcher. “One is dead on my (expletive) living room floor, I think my roommate’s dead in his bedroom, and I’m shot in the stomach.”

McDonough also told the police dispatcher that one of the assailants had fled the apartment.

Eichenlaub said two handguns and numerous bullets were recovered from the scene. One of the rounds appeared to have gone through the building’s outer wall, and police searched the snow-covered grass with a metal detector for bullet fragments Monday evening.

Police found no illegal drugs in the apartment during their search Monday but did find prescription bottles containing pills. Eichenlaub said he couldn’t say what those pills were.

Eichenlaub confirmed that there were people besides McDonough and Stump in the apartment near the time of the shooting.

Jamer Hannafy, an Egyptian exchange student studying electronic communication at Lorain County Community College, lives one floor directly above McDonough and Stump, although he said he didn’t know them.

He said he heard several loud noises, like something falling down, around the time of the shooting, but didn’t hear any gunfire.

Moments later, Hannafy said, a woman began pounding on his apartment door. He didn’t open his door, but his neighbor across the hall, a Chinese exchange student, did let the woman in.

LCCC Director of International Student Services David Arredondo said the Chinese student returned to China on Monday on a flight that had been scheduled before the shooting.

Hannafy said he and his fellow exchange students who live in the apartments the college began renting in August at the Pine Grove Apartments, were concerned about the shooting.

“All of us are scared,” he said.

The apartment manager and an employee declined to comment on the shooting, but Alec Hagerty, who mentors the foreign exchange students for the college, said the complex installed new locking bars on the apartments’ patio sliding glass doors Monday.

A doorknob with no lock on the door leading into the apartment building’s hallway was also replaced Monday with one that residents will need a key to open, something that was meant to increase security, Hagerty said.

Arredondo said the college has a lease agreement with the complex for one year. He said some of the students in the building where the shooting took place have asked to be relocated to other buildings, something the complex’s management is trying to accommodate.

A written message on a dry-erase board outside the management office warned that there were surveillance cameras watching the complex, but Eichenlaub said police had not located any such cameras Monday.

Serrano was living in Lorain but had been paroled in 2006 from a New Jersey prison, where he served time on charges of burglary, theft and distribution of drugs on school property, according to the New Jersey Department of Corrections’ Web site.

Phillips has served time in prison for theft, breaking and entering and drug trafficking, according to Lorain County Common Pleas Court records.

Both Stump and McDonough also have criminal records.

Stump has been convicted of domestic violence and other charges in Elyria Municipal Court and has served prison time on felony cocaine and marijuana charges, court records showed.

McDonough has a conviction for assault in Elyria Municipal Court. He also has been convicted of felony charges involving heroin and for forging prescriptions for the painkiller Percocet, according to court records. A domestic violence restraining order filed against him by the mother of his child earlier this year was dismissed because there was no evidence of domestic violence, according to court records.

Attorney Dave Nehr, who has represented both McDonough and Stump, said McDonough is currently on probation, but it could be revoked. McDonough’s probation officer, Nehr said, has accused his client of traveling to Florida to obtain prescription painkillers and for testing positive for cocaine and opiates. A hearing on those allegations is set for next month.

The families of Stump and McDonough could not be reached for comment Monday.

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