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Weather becoming a factor?


    Traffic in and out of area polling stations is at a crawl as stinging, icy rain pelts the county.

Supporters for both Democratic presidential candidates were easy to find early in the day, but fans of Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York are becoming harder to find as the weather turns increasingly nasty.

People casting votes for Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois seem to be everywhere, though.

“It’s time for a change. Hillary’s been in office for a long time and if she was going to do something she should have done it by now,” said John Whitfield, 70, of Oberlin, who voted for Obama.

Ella Cole, 65, of Elyria, said she is hoping that voters can see past the color of the candidates’ skin – and still vote for Obama.

“I’m hoping there will be a great change,” she said.

Paul Cotton, 54, of Amherst, said he chose to back Obama based on character.

“I’ve lost my job and I don’t like what’s going on in this county, but I like Obama’s outlook and optimism. He’s been a source of strength and that’s something we haven’t had in a while,” he said.

Ethel Gottschling, 79, of Elyria, was out around midday to cast her vote in favor of Clinton.

“I have a fear that the country isn’t ready for a black man to be president. There are too many racist white people and I would hate to see anyone killed in office,” she said. “It’s a shame, but maybe next time the people might be able to accept that kind of change.”

Voting for a woman to be president is still a touchy issue with many people, she said – but it’s worth a try.

Clinton has lost 11 straight state primaries, giving Obama the Democratic delegate lead with 1,378 to her 1,269. The balloting today in Ohio and Texas could give Obama a decisive advantage in the hunt for the party nomination.

Still others were braving the elements to weigh in on the less-contested Republican presidential primary.

Richard Hudnell, 54, of Oberlin, said he voted for Sen. John McCain of Arizona “because I can’t stand all the other ones. I can’t stand what they stand for.”


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