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It takes a real Grinch to steal a tree


An Amherst family was surprised to find that somebody at Pine Ridge Christmas Tree Farm in Birmingham Township had driven off with their blue spruce tree after it was cut down and prepared to be loaded on top of their vehicle.

The tree was marked with the family`s initials, and was obviously different from the white pine left behind by the culprits.

The would-be owner, needless to say, was not happy.

"If I wanted that scraggly looking thing, I would`ve picked it out myself," she said. "I didn`t realize we needed to keep track of it after we cut it down."

- Stephen Szucs

Bathroom humor from Speedway

Speedway on state Route 57 near the state Route 113 intersection must have the best restrooms in the entire county, according to the bright red neon message that lit the sky earlier this week

The giant Speedway sign over the station`s pumps was malfunctioning, and the letters S and D were blacked out, giving passing motorists a good chuckle.

- Jason Hawk

Watch out for that trap door

Elyria`s new courthouse, the John A. Howard Municipal Court, comes with all the cool little features that make for an up-to-date facility: video surveillance, Kevlar-protected benches for judges, security entrances for prisoner drop-offs – virtually everything a criminal justice professional could ever want to be safe and productive - icluding, perhaps, a trap door for attorneys who get rascally.

While touring the courthouse with Elyria Rotary members recently, Elyria Municipal Court Judges John Musson and Lisa Locke Graves tried to convince their tour group that the high-tech courtrooms have a button behind the judge`s bench.

"Please don`t push it, we`ve got a trap door -- for emergencies," Musson said, pointing to an area where attorneys and defendants might be standing.

There was no button or trap door, of course, but the joke wasn`t lost on Locke Graves and an attorney in the group.

Locke Graves said the trap door was for attorneys who get obnoxious; the attorney simply nodded his head and whispered to other folks: "Thank you for the warning."

- Shawn Foucher

‘Christmas Story` actor has following

Alli Bonum is a huge fan of the movie "A Christmas Story," but loves actor Zack Ward, who played bully Scut Farkus, even more.

Bonum, 18, drove 7½ hours with her parents and sister from Monroe, Wis., to Cleveland for a three-day convention honoring "A Christmas Story," not just to revel in some childhood memories of watching the film, but also to meet Ward, who starred in the short-lived sitcom "Titus."

When the show was canceled after just two seasons in 2002, Bonum called Fox Network executives to try to bring the show back. She also created several Web sites to attract other "Titus" fans in her effort. She had been in contact through e-mail with Ward and the show`s creator, Christopher Titus, during that time as well.

"It was so nice to meet him," she said, holding signed DVD copies of the show`s two seasons.

- Adam Wright

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