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Off the beat: Nov. 10, 2007


Lorain mayor just couldn`t win Tuesday

Comments made by Lorain Mayor John Romoser after he lost his bid for re-election have gotten him into some hot water with a fellow candidate and onetime friend.

Shortly after the final results came out, Romoser blamed the fact that he was a Republican for losing to Councilman Tony Krasienko, D-at large, by more than 5,000 votes and to independent candidate Paula Tobias by more than 500 votes.

"If Christ were a Republican and Hitler were a Democrat, Lorain would be goose-stepping right now," Romoser said.

The remark didn`t sit well with Melanie Szabo, an independent who unseated six-term Councilman David Wargo, D-1st Ward.

"Just to reference Hitler in this day and age is totally unacceptable," she said. "My grandparents were in the Holocaust. I am de

Romoser went on to blame voter error for Tobias receiving so many more votes than him, saying voters "had their head between their hip pockets when they voted."

Szabo, who until last year was a registered Republican, said Romoser made similar statements at an election-night party she hosted at National Tube in Lorain.

"He just kept going on about the results, and he didn`t even congratulate me," she said. "I haven`t spoken to him since."

Romoser said he never intended for those comments to offend anyone.

"I can`t even imagine in my wildest dreams why she would be offended," he said. "I didn`t portray Hitler in a good light. I portrayed the evil that he was. I`ve had good friends who were in the Holocaust and they didn`t take offense to that."

- Adam Wright

Items collected for Vietnam veterans

Like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., items often are dropped off and picked up in honor of 98 soldiers named on the Lorain County Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Amherst.

Joyce Young, a member of the veterans committee, has collected the items left behind and said they include a pair of combat boots, a military-issued duffel bag, letters, poems and an old Coca-Cola bottle.

The items will be stored until the second phase of the project - a small museum at the site of the memorial - is completed.

Committee member Don Attie said contributions for the project will begin to be collected in January, and engraved pavers for the memorial still are being accepted.

- Stephen Szucs

Former reporter found when is dog lost, sadly

Ever wonder what happened to former Chronicle reporter Joe Medici?

A student at Case Western Reserve University Law School, he was featured on TV earlier this week because his turned up missing.

Medici was on Fox 8 news to complain about the Mutt Hutt, a Tremont kennel where he`d dropped off his newly adopted 2-year-old beagle, Jack, for a four-hour evaluation period.

The problem?

When Medici came back to pick up Jack, the dog had vanished. And the kennel`s owner couldn`t explain where he had gone. There was no sign Jack had escaped by digging out under the 10-foot tall fence surrounding the kennel`s backyard. It also seems unlikely that he climbed the fence, although stranger things have happened.

So, Medici still is searching for Jack. We`re hoping he finds him.

- Brad Dicken

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