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Who has the best food? Cleveland:


Indian food — cornmeal, deer meat, fruit plucked from trees?

Ohio’s Shawnee and Kickapoo tribes would have been in bewildered stupors when faced with the dogs, brats, pizza, nachos and ice cream today’s “Indians” can stuff their faces with, only to wash it all down with $7 beers or $4 pops dispensed in souvenir cups sporting the likenesses of Travis Hafner and other Tribe faves.

Cleveland Indians fans ravenous for a World Series crown have a smorgasbord of delights fit for a gourmand to sate their hunger inside The Jake or out. And you don’t have to be staring out a window of the Terrace Club to tickle your taste buds with this cornucopia.

Those lucky enough (or should that be well-heeled enough) to hold tickets to Games 3-5 at Jacobs Field can belly up to concession stands all over the ballpark for anything from corned beef, turkey wraps and gyros to gourmet burritos, shrimp baskets, ribs and Philly cheese steaks.

Just make sure you bring plenty of cash or plastic.

And if things go south for the Tribe (I didn’t say that), you can head for the frozen daiquiris and specialty martinis served up at the ballpark’s two bars.

We have come a long way since the bare-bones peanuts and hot dogs menu of old-time ballparks.

Cleveland may not have those foods like Boston baked beans and chowder that are cultural touchstones for Bostonians, but we’re not without lots of foods we love to eat and brag up.

There’s that perfect fish-fry food of the gods known as Lake Erie perch. And what about those hip-expanding pierogies, paczkis, chicken paprikash and baklava, or the most succulent bratwurst sandwich I’ve ever had from one of the delightful stands that pack Cleveland’s storied West Side Market.

And we haven’t even touched on all those obscenely rich pasta dishes and calorie-busting pastries produced in Little Italy, arguably the city’s biggest concentration of delectable restaurants and bakeries.

We’re ready to feast on the Red Sox but since there are laws about that sort of thing, let’s wash up, put those napkins around our necks, sit up straight at the table and chow down on all the goodies we’re known for.

When it comes to eats, we can send the Bean-town set to the showers.

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