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Midview bus routes


High/Middle 6:50 A.M.
W. Capel (from 57 to Durkee Rd.), Rt. 82 from Durkee Rd. to 57., Brentwood, Grafton Rd. (between Rt. 82 and Capel Rd) to include Bear Creek Dr.
Elementary 7:55 am
Dewhurst, Horizon Activity Center, East River to Fuller Road including side streets, Fuller between East River and Grafton Rd., Child Garden, Greenbriar Apts.

High/Middle 6:45 am
Middle Ave. (between Colonial Oaks & Fuller) including Pratt, White, Wood, State, Edwards, Fuller (between Middle & East Ave./Grafton Rd.), Grafton Rd. (after Plas Dr. to Southwood) including all side streets
Elementary 7:55 A.M.
Pemberton, Robin Park-- Falcon, Finch, Haines, Raven Ct., Sandpiper,Songbird (600-806)

JVS A.M. High/Middle 6:32 A.M.Indian Hollow (between Butternut Ridge & Banks Rd.) including side streets and Slife Road, Robson Rd., Parsons (between Grafton Rd. & Indian Hollow Rd.)
Elementary 7:45 am
Brentwood, Robson, Grover Court, Grafton Rd. (between Edgewood Dr.& 2379)

High/Middle 6:40 A.M.Rt. 83 (between Cooley & Butternut Ridge), Butternut Ridge (between Rt. 83 & Durkee), Durkee (between Butternut Ridge & Rt. 82) to include Sabol Ct.Elementary 7:35 A.M.
Capel (between Rt. 83 & Cowley), Cowley (between Crocker Rd. & Rt. 82 to include Parkside Dr., Viewpoint Dr., & Willow Creek Ln.), Island (between Rt. 82 & Capel), S. Reed

High/Middle 6:40 A.M.S. Abbe, East Hampton, Bayberry, Syracuse, Cumberland, Kansas, Oakdale Circle, Emily Lane, Heatherwoods Dr., St. Charles Pl., Ashfield Ct., Chestnut Ridge (from Wynn to & including Highland Park Dr.),
Elementary 7:40 A.M.
S. Abbe (between Chestnut Ridge & E. Hampton), East Hampton, Bayberry, Syracuse, Cumberland, Kansas, Oakdale Circle, Emily Lane, Heatherwoods Dr., St. Charles Pl., Ashfield Ct., Chestnut Ridge between East River and Augusta Dr.

PMHigh/Middle 6:35 A.M.Pemberton, Song Bird (402-588 between Sandpiper & Alexis), Alexis, Erin Ct., Kelly Ct., Victoria Ct., Teal, East River from Sandpiper to Chestnut Ridge including side streets, Fuller Rd. (between East River & Grafton Rd.) Elementary 7:40 A.M.Rt. 82 (south side only from Rt. 57 to Durkee Rd. Rt. 82 Giles to Durkee north side also) East, Alton (from East to pipeline), National, Elm (between National & Eaton Blvd.) Harmony & Melody (pipe line to Elm), Rt. 82 from Islandto Durkee Rd.

High/Middle 6:34 amCapel Rd. (between Durkee to Rt. 83), Grafton Eastern Rd. (between Rt. 83 & Crook), Elm St. (1033 to Durkee), Durkee Rd. to W. Capel (including Country Placeand Fiddler’s Green)Elementary 7:30 A.M.
Island Rd. (between Grafton Eastern & Law), Erhart/Elyria Medina Rd., Neff (between Erhart and Rt. 57), Law Rd. (between Rt. 83 and Rt. 57), Grafton Eastern (between Rt. 83 & Crook St.) to include Highland Dr., Crook (between Grafton Rd. & Mechanic), Mechanic between Crook & Railroad, Railroad to Main St., Oak (west end), Main St. (between tracks and Mechanic)

JVS P.M. High/Middle 6:20 A.M. Island Rd. (between Rt. 82 and district line), Dye Rd., N. Reed Rd., Brokaw Rd., Cooley Rd. (between Rt. 83 to Hawke Rd.), Rt. 83 (Cooley to Rt. 82)
Elementary 7:45 A.M.
Grafton Rd. (between Capel Rd. & Edgewood Dr. to include Bear Creek Dr.,) Butternut Ridge (between Grafton Rd. & Indian Hollow), Indian Hollow (between Butternut Ridge & Grafton Rd.,) Southwood

A.M. High/Middle 6:45 A.M. Colonial Oaks, (Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina
Elementary 8:00 am after private school run
East Ave./Grafton Rd. & side streets from Convenient to and including dead end Butternut Ridge, Oakwood, Plas, Hope Ct., Miller Ct., Willow Haven, Bruce Lane, Capel Rd. (between Rt. 57 & Durkee Rd.),

High/Middle 6:40 A.M.
Middle Ave. from Butternut to Colonial Oaks, Colonial Oaks (Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, S. Carolina, Virginia), East Ave., Grafton Rd. (between district line to & including Plas Dr.)
Elementary 7:25 A.M.
Grafton Rd. (between 5 points & Crook St.), Cowley from Grafton Eastern to 303, Rt. 57 (between Rt. 303 and Neff), Law (between Rt. 57 & east district line), Neff (between Rt. 57 & Rt. 83), Rt. 83 (between Neff Road & Rt. 303), Elm St. south from Wabash to Main to include State, Hickory & Willow

High/Middle 6:45 A.M.Grafton Rd. (between Capel & Hyannis), including Liberty Lane, Riverridge, Glendalough & side streets, Arbor Ct., Hyannis & Wellfleet stop, Brewster & Wellfleet stop, Washington & Wellfleet stop, Hunter’s Chase, Woodland Chase, Timber Trail
Elementary 7:50 A.M.
Grafton Rd. from Rt. 57 to Butternut Ridge Rd., Overlook, Middle Ave. (between Butternut Ridge & Colonial Oaks), Colonial Oaks (pick up students from the following streets—Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, N. Carolina, Pennsylvania, S. Carolina, Vermont, Virginia), Wayne St.
High/Middle 6:20 A.M.Rt. 303 (east of Rt. 83), Rt. 57 (between Rt. 303 & Neff), Medina/Elyria Rd., Neff (between Rt. 57 & Rt. 83), Dunham Rd., Rt. 83 (between Dunham & Capel Rd. north of railroad tracks)
Elementary 7:40 A.M.
Capel Rd. (between Durkee & Rt. 83), Rt. 83 (between Capel & Butternut Ridge Rd.), Butternut Ridge Rd. (between Rt. 83 & Durkee), Durkee Rd.(between Butternut and Giles)

High/Middle 6:25 A.M.Cowley (between Capel & Rt. 303), Crocker, Grafton Eastern (between Erhart Northern & Rt. 83), Erhart NorthernElementary 7:50 am
Liberty Lane, Riverridge, Kensington Dr., Arbor Ct. and Rader Lane, Fox Run, Chippewa, Plymouth, Greenwich, Nantucket, Yarmouth& Hyannis

High/Middle 6:30 A.M.Rt. 82 (between Island & Hawke), Hawke, Cowley (between Rt. 82 & Capel), Capel (between Island & Cowley), S. Island (between Rt. 82 & Capel, Rt. 82 (between Durkee Road& Giles)Elementary 7:43 A.M.Rt. 82 (between Island & Hawke), Melody, West & Melody, West & Harmony, Alton (between East and Eaton Blvd.), Avalon & Eaton stops

JVS & Alternative
Elementary 8:05 A.M.
Colonial Oaks (Connecticut, Delaware Circle, Kentucky, New York, Rhode Island)

High/Middle 6:18 A.M.Capel (between Rt. 83 & Island Rd.), Island (between Capel & Law), Erhart, Law (from east district line to Mennell), Haystacks on Mennell Road
Elementary 7:36 A.M.
Route 83 from Capel to Grafton Eastern, Island from Grafton Eastern to Capel, Elm Rd. (between Island & Eaton Blvd.), Alton & Elm, Eaton Blvd., Alton (from pipeline to Elm Road), IslandRd. (between Rt. 82 and Cooley Rd.)

#31 – OPEN DOOR A.M.
High/Middle 6:30 A.M.Grafton Rd. (between Rt. 82 & Flint Ridge), Flint Ridge, Chestnut Ridge (between Rt. 57 & Archer), Durkee (between Chestnut Ridge & Butternut Ridge), Butternut Ridge (west of Durkee)
Elementary 7:50 A.M.
Fuller Rd./Street (between Middle & Grafton Rd.), Wood, White, State, Edward, Pratt, Portia

High/Middle 6:40 A.M.
S. Reed, Melody Lane (between pipeline & Eaton Blvd.), Harmony (between pipeline & Eaton Blvd.), West (between National & Harmony), Giles Rd.
Elementary 7:30 A.M.
Dye, Brokaw, N. Reed, Cooley (between Rt. 83 & Hawke), Rt. 82 (between Rt. 83 & Giles), Giles Rd., Durkee (between Giles & elementary school entrance to include Sabol Ct.), Island Rd. (between Cooley & district line)

High/Middle 6:35 A.M.
Lagrange Rd. (between Rt. 10/20 and Oberlin Rd.) including side streets, Steelton, Hall Road, Butternut Ridge (between Middle Ave. and Grafton Rd.)
Elementary 7:35 A.M.
Indian Hollow Rd. (including side streets--Parsons, Banks, Slife) between Parsons Rd. and Butternut Ridge Rd., Grafton Rd. between Parsons & Novak (to include Vivian Dr., Jamie Ct., Shelby Ct.

High/Middle 6:35 A.M.Chestnut Ridge from and including Augusta, Bears Paw, Pinehurst, Spyglass, Rosemere, East River from Chestnut Ridge to Calann including side streets.
Elementary 7:30 A.M.
Rt. 303 from Mennell to Chamberlain, Chamberlain, dead-end Law, Chamberlain to Dunham, turnaround, west side Law to Vermont, Rt. 303 to Chamberlain, Chamberlain to Crook, Crook to district line, Mechanic between Sunshine Ct. and Chestnut St. to include Oak St. (pick up at Sunshine Ct.), Mechanic & Chestnut St.

High/Middle 6:45 A.M.Butternut Ridge (dead end off Grafton Rd.), Grafton Rd. (between Rt. 57 to Indian Hollow), Prospect, Yunker Ct., Jerrol Ct., Southwood, Indian Hollow (between Grafton Rd. & Butternut Ridge), Overlook, Grafton Rd. (Overlook to Edgewood)
Elementary 7:30 A.M.
Grafton Eastern Rd. (houses across from Crook St.), Rt. 83 (between Grafton Eastern and Rt. 303, Rt. 303 (between Rt. 83 & Erhart Northern, Erhart Northern, Grafton Eastern between Erhart Northern and Cowley Rd., Cowley Road (from Grafton Eastern to & including Crocker Rd., Grafton Eastern (between Cowley & Rt. 83), Main St., even numbers from five points to Mechanic, Mechanic St. between Main St. & Elm St., Center St. (Mechanic to Elm-pick up at Mechanic/Center)

High/Middle 6:48 A.M.Dewhurst, East River, Robin Park, Haines, Wynn, Songbird (600-806), Sandpiper & side streets, Chestnut Ridge Rt. 57 to Wynn, Defiance stop
Elementary 7:35 A.M.
Durkee/Elm, (between school entrance & Novak Rd.), Novak Rd. (pick ups at Chippewa, Wellfleet, & Yarmouth), Grafton Rd. only (Novak to Capel)
Elementary 8:10 A.M.
Waterford Crossing (Glendalough & Wicklow, Wallace), Emerald Pointe (Woodland Chase, Hunter’s Chase, Timber Trail), Wellfleet, Washington, Brewster, Scituate, Chatham

High/Middle 6:30 A.M.
Indian Hollow (between Parsons & Banks), Banks, Parsons (between Indian Hollow and SR 301), Crook (between Indian Hollow & Mechanic), Oak, Sunshine Ct., Mechanic, Center St.
Elementary 7:35 A.M.
Butternut Ridge (between Indian Hollow & west district line) Lagrange Road (including side streets), Oberlin Road, Steelton, Hall, Myrtle, Carlisle Ave.

High/Middle 6:49 A.M.Rt. 83 (between Capel & Rt. 82), Eaton Blvd., Alton (pipeline to Eaton) & East, Avalon (pipeline to Eaton), Rt. 82 from Island Rd. to Giles Rd.
Elementary 7:25 A.M.
Mennell Rd. to Rt. 303, Rt. 303 to Rt. 83, Law (between Rt. 83 & Mennell), Rt. 83 from Neff to Dunham, Neff Rd. (between Rt. 83 & Mennell) , Mennell Rd. (including side streets) to Grafton Eastern Rd.

High/Middle 6:55 A.M.
Novak Road (at Corners of Chippewa, Wellfleet, Yarmouth), Erie, VFW stop (including Ontario, Huron, Cleveland & Barchard), Main Street (from Novak Rd. to Hyannis)
Elementary 7:25 A.M.
North side Rt. 82 (between Durkee & Rt. 57), Grafton Road (east side only between Rt. 82 & Flint Ridge), Flint Ridge, Chestnut Ridge (between Rt. 57 & east district line), Stillwater, Durkee Road (between Chestnut Ridge & Butternut), Butternut Ridge (between Durkee and dead end)

High/Middle 6:23 A.M.Chamberlain (including side streets), Rt. 303 (between west district line & Chamberlain), Crook (between Mechanic & Rt. 57), Railroad St., Chestnut St., Main (between Mechanic & Novak Rd) to include Greenbriar Apts., Vivian, Jamie & Shelby Elementary 7:50 A.M.
Erie St., Huron St., Cleveland St., Barchard, Ontario, Main St. between Parsons & railroad tracks, Center St. between Main & Mechanic to include Water St., pick up at Center & Water, Main St. odd numbers from Mechanic to five points, north Elm/Durkee from Wabash (to include Penn, Wabash, Santa Fe, Fiddler’s Green and Country Place)

High/Middle 6:25 A.M.Rt. 303 (between Chamberlain & Rt. 83), Mennell (between Rt. 57 & Neff), Neff (between Mennell & Rt. 83), Elm St. (between State & Willow inclusive)
Elementary 7:38 am
Greenbriar--Augusta, Spyglass, Pinehurst, Alexis, Kelly Ct., Victoria Ct.,Teal, Erin Ct., Song Bird (402-588)

High/Middle 6:45 A.M.National Dr., Elm Rd. (including side streets), Durkee (between Rt. 82 & W. Capel Rd.)
Elementary 7:40 A.M.
Chestnut Ridge from Rt. 57 to & including Augusta (200-279), Defiance, Wynn, Highland Park Dr. & side streets, Rosemere, East River between Fuller & Calann (to include Carol), Calann,


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