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Britney Spears leaves Las Vegas after dust-up with photographers


Eloise Parker
New York Daily News

   NEW YORK — Britney Spears' bruised image suffered a new blow when her bodyguard reportedly punched out one photographer and manhandled another, forcing the singer to cut short a family vacation in Sin City.
   Security man Julio (J.C.) Camera was given a summons for battery by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after Thursday's ugly scuffle at the Wynn hotel and casino.
   The ``Hit Me Baby One More Time'' warbler also filed a police report, claiming one of the paparazzi involved in the fracas ``battered'' one of her two kids.
   After the contretemps — which was hot on the heels of Spears' outrageous behavior at an OK! magazine photo shoot — she and her two kids checked out of the ritzy resort, a Wynn spokesman said.
   Police said the clash started when photographers Andrew Deetz, 24, and Kyle Henderson, 23, approached Spears and her entourage in a hotel hallway.
   Henderson allegedly bumped the bodyguard, who was holding 22-month-old Sean Preston — and Camera pushed Henderson against a wall, handed off the toddler to Spears and then ran after both shutterbugs.
   Photos of the incident show the beefy Camera tangling with the duo as a Wynn security officer tries to intervene. Deetz said he was punched and had a lump and scrape on his forehead to prove it.
   Camera was charged with a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison.
   Spears, son Sean, and her 10-month-old, Jayden, were not injured, police said.
   The fisticuffs could hurt Spears in her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline, who reportedly is furious she defied a court order and took their children out of California without written permission.
   The Vegas fight is the latest dose of bad publicity for Spears.
   Her most recent assistant, Shannon Funk, has reportedly been offered big bucks to dish on the one-time hitmaker, who is desperately trying to stage a comeback.
   Funk quit Wednesday after spending less than a month at Spears' side. Trouble was in the air when the girls were spotted at Il Sole on Monday night.
   ``The assistant made such a scene . . . constantly asking her (Britney) if she was OK or if she wanted to move. It seemed she got Brit so agitated . . . she had to leave before even ordering,'' a spy said.
   Funk's supposed deal to dish dirt suggests she never signed a confidentiality agreement when she took the job, which had been vacated by Spears' cousin Alli Sims.
   ``There are times when these kinds of important details get overlooked,'' explained literary agent Sharlene Martin.


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