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Ax falls in Lorain


Lorain school district releases list of job cuts

 LORAIN — The Lorain Schools on Friday officially cut ties with 243 teachers and 22 preschool teacher aides — some of whom learned for the first time Friday that their tenure with the district was over.
Christine Miller, head of the teachers union, said some of the teachers whose names showed up on the layoff list Friday never received letters of intent last month from the school board to forewarn them that they’d likely be laid off. So, unlike many of their colleagues who had received the letters, they still thought they’d be employed by Lorain Schools come August, she said.
“I think they look at us like we’re inanimate objects, like they can just move this desk here or this cabinet here,” Miller said. “That’s how I feel, because I’m so frustrated right now.”
District officials said the layoff list — three teachers fewer than the initial announcement that stated 246 would be cut —has been a work in progress as they try to reconfigure the district to operate with about a third fewer teachers in order to balance the budget.
During the special meeting Friday afternoon, which lasted about five minutes, board President Jeanine Donaldson — reading from a prepared statement — assured the teachers that the school board and the teachers union were working to find funding to bring back those who were laid off.
“The last two months have been a difficult time for everyone in the community, especially the teachers,” Donaldson told the nearly 200 people who attended. “Whether you choose to believe it or not, we are very saddened about the action we are taking today.”
The vote was unanimous for the layoffs. Board member Paul Ramos was absent.
Still unknown is what will happen to several specialized programs in the district and where the remaining teachers will be teaching when school begins Aug. 27.
After Friday’s vote, three of the board members and Superintendent Dee Morgan quickly left the Frank Jacinto Elementary School gymnasium, where the meeting took place. Only board member Cynthia Miller stuck around to speak with angry teachers, many of whom were wiping tears from their eyes in the front row long after the meeting.
“It’s never been about money for me,” said a sobbing Anne Keller, who after teaching at Palm Elementary for nine years is now without a job. “Three kindergartners who were held back were already promised to be in my class next year. I’ve already met with their parents. Who’s going to help them now?”
Keller said she doesn’t know what she’ll do for a job now and can’t leave the area because she has to care for her elderly parents. She probably won’t get another teaching job — the teachers’ contract forbids anyone who was laid off from being recalled if they accept a position in a teaching-related field, she said.
After announcing that
22 preschool teacher aides would be let go during the meeting, the district sent a fax announcing that its preschool program would be reorganized.
This year, according to the release, all-day preschool will be limited to 190 students at three schools. For the 2006-07 school year, the district offered all-day preschool to more than 400 students, which cost more than $3.3 million.
But the district received only $94,000 in tuition — covering the remaining $3.2 million internally — because tuition was based on family income, the release said.
“For several years, we have been able to offer preschool option which far exceeded that of area schools,” Super-
intendent Dee Morgan said. “However, because traditional preschool units are not funded by the state, any offerings we have must be subsidized by the taxpayers or grant programs.”
Morgan, who is leaving the district before the new school year begins, said letters will be sent to all parents who have applied for preschool in the first week of August about the reworked program.
The job cuts were announced after the district’s new treasurer discovered that the district would be $4.75 million in debt by June 30 without the layoffs.
Jourdan Senquiz, who will be a 16-year-old junior in the fall, said she took time out from her summer break to attend the meeting only to be disappointed.
“I thought they were going to tell us what was going to happen next year,” she said. “They didn’t say anything — they were done in about five minutes, and then they left.”
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Anne Keller, a teacher who lost her job at Palm Elementary School, attends a Lorain school board meeting on Friday.


The list of employees who were laid off, according to the Lorain school board’s agenda for Friday’s special meeting:
Educational paraprofessionals
(Preschool teacher aides)
Laureen Kuehn
Danika M. Pafford
Nicole M. Dallos
Lori C. Schmiermund
Sally E. Nidell
Maricza Crespo
Patricia McCurdy
Pauline Detres
Amy M. Gonos
Christina M. Longo
Doris Shaffer
Violet R. Collins
Monica A. Horn
Michelle A. Nimene
Ruth A. Heider
Tamara Jadaan
Robin J. Amador
Amber R. Hoch
Maria M. Cruz
Alyssa M. Carrion
Norma I. Ives
Gloria Nieto
Michael A. Akers
Jeanne L. Akhavan
Holly L. Allsop
Jacob Arthur-Mensah
Carrie A. Atkinson
Cynthia A. Baker
Barry A. Balderson
Michelle C. Balmert
Kelley M. Barnes
Kathleen A. Barnhart
Linda W. Batovsky
Florida B. Battle
Kathleen D. Bentley
Rebecca M. Bernal
Gwen A. Beyer
Daniel M. Bierek
Rebecca L. Bilek
Lindy R. Birney
Beverly R. Block
William E. Bogan
Bradley J. Bomback
Jessica M. Bomback
Kathleen M. Boone
Misty L. Boscarello
Edward A. Botke
Julie L. Bowe
Schontay M. Bowen
Janet G. Brand
Yvonne K. Brandt
Karen Y. Brank
Robert K. Brdar
Terri A. Bristor
Lynn M. Brown
Carol R. Brown
Karen M. Bruce
Timothy L. Brumback
Eugene Burgess
Allison J. Caldera
Terry M. Callahan
Sheryl A. Cawrse
Jeannette L. Chappell-Nettles
Edward Chavez Sr.
Kimberly M. Clark
Kimberly M. Clay
Nora Colon-Agosto
Jennifer H. Connolly
Patricia J. Connors
Amy M. Cotterill
Robert J. Crausaz
Rhianna Criss
Judith A. Cummings
Kelly A. D’Amore
Barbara Davila
Michelle Davis
Karen L. Davis
Matthew Davis
Carrie A. Day
Dennis D. Delozier
Ryan P. Dickason
Ann M. DuChez
Sarah J. Dudukovich
Marcia N. Dudziak
Jeffrey G. Dudziak
Terri S. Duhart
Wendy R. Dull
Gina M. Dury
David J. Dury
Martha A. Edgar
Melanie L. Emery
Mary Jane Engel
Miriam C. Engle
Ian H. Faleer
Kenneth Faria
Kimberly K. Feakins
Gary S. Featheringham
Kamaria J. Ferguson
Kathryn E. Figueroa
Teresa Flores
Rosalina Fontanez
Sue E. Fortner
Cynthia A. Fuller
Celeste A. Furcron
Carmen I. Gallo
Carla S. Garcia
Lynn M. Gasdick
Kyle K. Gaskell
James S. Gedling
Pamela C. Gelenius
Barbara N. Glavas
Joel B. Gleason
Susan M. Glowacki
Anne E. Godlewski
David Gomez
Rick Gomez
Cara M. Gomez
Kevin Goodwin
Amy M. Graves
Ronald W. Greulich
Brandi K. Guyer
Rafael Guzman
Deborah L. Hager
David B. Hager
Stephen C. Haines
Tami M. Hall
Amanda M. Hanko
Nicole R. Haponek
Sarita M. Havens
Stanley A. Hawryluk
Matthew A. Hellinger
Jennifer K. Herbert
Arturo Hernandez
Bryan M. Hilko
Cynthia D. Howard
Jennifer A. Humphrey
Brent N. Hutlock
Kyle M. Ilcisko
Cynthia M. Jackson
Mary M. Jacobs
Julie M. Johnson
Dana M. Juristy
Catherine A. Kachure
R. Michael Kacur
Michael J. Kaminski
Christen M. Kaminski
Peggy A. Kanserski
Megan R. Kegyes
Anne L. Keller
Sora Kim-Johnson
Keith W. Klekota
Holly C. Koepp
Laura M. Krebs
Ann M. Krutko
Pamela M. Kryc
Denise A. Kubusak
Scott A. Lachman
Rona L. Lauricia
Alexis R. Leonard
Sandra Lima
Julie M. Lockyer
Richard Lopez
Robert D. Loy
Amanda C. Lugar
Johnna R. Lyman
Sandy L. Maassen-Hatalowicz
Victoria L. Machor
Paulette Mager
Diane A. Markel
Taryn Q. Mathewson
Valerie A. Matthews
Laurelle D. Mayes
Karen L. McCombie
Esther B. McKenzie
Elizabeth D. McKinney
Amy T. McMillan
Erin B. McSeveney
Tina M. Medina
Elva Mendoza
Michelle E. Meno
Nancy B. Miller
Trisha N. Mills
John J. Monteleone
Dawn R. Monteleone
Lisa E. Muglich
John D. Murphey
Ruth L. Nemeth
Susan M. North-Patterson
Adam A. Nunnari
Sandra J. Oesterman
Erin M. Oleen
Valerie J. Orlandi
Alison M. Ortenzi
Cynthia M. Ortiz
Katherine Otero
Candyce L. Owens
Brian C. Pagan
Noemi Pagan
Paul B. Passano
Sandra D. Peloquin
Gilbert G. Perez
Tiffany L. Perry
Lisa M. Pierce
Kathryn Pierce
Scott A. Plzak
Amy Poretsky
Leslie A. Porostosky
Madeline Pozzi
Dawn M. Pribanic
Deborah A. Pustulka
Lori S. Pyers-Goodwin
Angela M. Raesler
Roxanna L. Ramirez
Timothy Reeves
Dean A. Reinhart
Patricia A. Renner
Megan M. Roberts
Kenneth Robison
Sue L. Roman
John B. Rositano
Karen L. Rossi
Raymond R. Rubino
Carolyn C. Rudd
Cynthia J. Salmon
Maxine F. Schindler
Christen K. Schneid
Jean M. Schroeder
Theodore J. Sexstella
Laura L. Sexstella
Scott E. Sherwood
Tony D. Shoulders
Frances M. Sienicki
Susanne M. Silva
Jeannette Silvasy
Janet D. Sito
Jodi E. Skladan
Latoya J. Smith
Patricia R. Smith
Mary Anne Solem
Kari L. Sosnowski
Cassandra Staib
Thomas E. Steiner
Nancy J. Stephany
Elizabeth A. Street
Christopher J. Szente
Aniko A. Szucs
Brad D. Ternes
Brian M. Thomas
Rebecca A. Thompson
John R. Tice
Jennifer A. Tillack
Terence P. Traut
Jan D. Urankar
Patricia R. Van Valey
Quincy T. Washington, Jr.
Dawn M. Webb
Melissa L. Whitaker
Kathy M. Wildman
Dustin K. Wiley
Paul W. Williams
Carrie A. Woodie
Donald L. Woods
Marsha R. Woods
Nora C. Wright
Susan A. Zimmerman

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