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All pets must go


Adoption center being closed in favor of spay, neuter program

VERMILION — Faced with the reality that adoption will not curtail the growing homeless pet population, the World Animal Foundation has decided to close its pet adoption center.
President Gary Barnby said the nonprofit organization, headquartered on Liberty Avenue, instead plans to focus on low-cost spaying and neutering services. It is teaming up with Life Savers Spay and Neuter Service to bring the program to the area by January.
However, first the two nonprofits will need to raise $150,000 to fund the clinic in Lorain County.
Barnby is optimistic.
“Spaying and neutering is just much more effective than trying to just adopt all the animals out,” he said. “We are estimating that if we spay and neuter approximately 12,000 animals during the first year that will reduce the animal population born the following year by 43,200.”
When the clinic opens, Barnby said residents can have  animals in for just $30. The cost is significantly less than a traditional trip to the veterinarian, which can run between $100 and $400.
While the change will mean the discontinuation of a service the foundation used to springboard its start two years ago, Barnby said it will not mean all adoption efforts will be abandoned. Residents who want their pets to go to good homes can still post pictures on the organization’s Web site.
“We will still work with the local animal shelters and assist with finding suitable foster homes,” he said.
Barnby hopes the last two
5-week-old kittens will find a home. They are the center’s last pets.
Found a week ago abandoned near an apartment complex in Vermilion, Barnby said both cats have been seen by a veterinarian, treated for fleas and worms and will soon receive their shots.
The only thing they need now is a home.
“It can take anywhere from a week to three months to find a home for some animals,” Barnby said. “In the meantime, the pet population just continues to grow. As long as we are content with breeding, we will always have a homeless animal situation.”
Although the regional clinic will not open until January, arrangements have been made with Humane Ohio in Toledo for a one-day spay/neuter clinic July 24 for cats, kittens and feral cats.
Preregistration with a payment of $51 is required. Fee includes transportation to and from the clinic, a rabies shot, basic veterinary examination, surgery, tattoo at surgery site, pain medication and food.
Cats will be returned to Vermilion the next day. For more information, call (440) 282-8335.
Contact Lisa Roberson at 329-7121 or

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