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Off the Beat 06/16/07


Grin and wear it
My mother is a postal carrier, so she probably shouldn’t be dreading the mail’s arrival.
But she is.
That’s because she’s Bonnie Wallace, the sister of that dastardly Elyria native featured in The Chronicle who pays homage to the San Antonio Spurs.
Eugene Reynolds, of — where else? — San Antonio, and his wife, Gerry, both of whom grew up here in Elyria and graduated from Elyria High, traveled around the world as part of Uncle Gene’s Air Force career. When he retired, they settled in the gorgeous town of San Antonio, the highlights of which they’ve been gracious enough to show us on our trips west.
We all had a perfectly lovely family relationship.
At least we did until the showdown — the Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the mighty Spurs for the NBA championship. OK, so showdown probably overstates it since Cleveland’s performance was, well, less than spectacular.
Anyhow, Uncle Gene — who contends he doesn’t have a southern drawl after his many years of Texas living (hint, hint, nudge, nudge — he does) — promised to send Mom a Spurs championship T-shirt if the Spurs came out on top. With his team’s 4-0 romp on our hometown boys, we’re all pretty certain a T-shirt already is in the mail.
Hmmm, where do you think she’ll wear that one around here?
— Julie Wallace

Recorders find Lorain County notable
Lorain County made a good impression on county recorders from around the state this week during the Ohio Recorders’ Association this week.
“They said it was a hidden treasure,” said Lorain County Recorder Judy Nedwick.
About 50 recorders showed up for the association’s annual conference, which ran Wednesday through Friday and included visits to the county commissioners meeting and the weekly concert in Ely Square.
Nedwick said some visitors said they would even be bringing their families to visit the county.
“We got a lot of compliments,” she said.
— Brad Dicken

Lone Star lover left at sea for food
Earlier this week the Lone Star Steakhouse at Midway Mall closed its doors without any notice, much to the chagrin of many Elyrians, but perhaps none more so than David Winters.
“I used to go there all the time, but I tried to go this week and it was closed,” Winters said.
A sign on the door asked customers to stop by the restaurant’s other location in North Olmsted, but Winters said he likely won’t be making the trek anytime soon.
“Have you seen how much gas costs these days?” Winters asked. “I have a Ford F-150 for my job so gas mileage is out the window already and I am not going to spend 40 or 50 miles worth of gas there and back for a steak.”
Surveying the remaining restaurants at Midway Mall, Winters decided Red Lobster might be his next best bet.
“I guess I better get used to seafood,” Winters said.
—Joe Medici

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