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Elementary students grill North Ridgeville mayor
North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock thought he was in the clear when he undertook the task of showing 300 elementary students around City Hall.
The students learned the basics of how the city’s administration works behind closed doors, but surprised the mayor when they fired questions at him with the ferocity of 300 miniature reporters.
“They were asking me when and where some new businesses were coming into town,” Gillock said. “I wasn’t expecting that.” 
— Steve Szucs

Why fix your car when gas is so expensive?
The rising gas prices have hit many families hard throughout the nation, particularly in Northeast Ohio where gas prices hit $3.49 this week.
Residents are having a hard time keeping up with the rising prices, but according to Josh Waters of Sheffield, the best remedy comes from what otherwise might be a problem.
“My car broke down a month ago and I haven’t even had the money to fix it, so I guess I’m not all that concerned about gas prices right now,” Waters said. “I’ve been riding a bike to work and lost a few pounds doing it, so in the end this might be a good thing.”
Asked if he would get his car fixed despite the positive results, however, Waters quickly answered “yes.”
“The second I get the money I will fix it,” he said. “You can’t pick up ladies on a bike.”
— Joe Medici

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