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Common Sense Kitchen - Begin your holiday with this festive breakfast

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Let’s shake up the holiday menu today with an unexpected twist!

Sure all the traditional foods will be there for dinner. However, what about breakfast time?

Whether you are planning a holiday breakfast for two people or a home filled with family and friends, we have the perfect morning meal. Today we are making cheese omelets with a skirt of sun-dried tomatoes and a display of snow peas. The combination on the palate is pleasingly sweet, tangy, savory, cheesy and crunchy. In addition, the plate presentation is beautiful, too. Enjoy!

Cheese Omelet with

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

makes one serving

(double for two, and so on)

2 eggs

1/8 cup milk

pinch pepper

2 slices American cheese

2 teaspoons sweet butter

¼ cup chopped sun-dried


½ cup snow peas (fresh or

frozen, thawed)

Beat eggs, milk and pepper together. Heat a skillet to medium low; melt 1 teaspoon butter. Add egg mixture. Cook for one minute. If egg is still liquid on top, gently lift edges of omelet – top, both side and bottom, so liquid spreads equally under omelet until all liquid has solidified. Slice cheese into four equal pieces and place on omelet. Using a flipper double fold the omelet leaving a ‘skirt’ on the bottom end.

Turn heat off; allow to rest in pan. Meanwhile, chop sun-dried tomatoes. Plate omelet and place tomatoes on omelet skirt. Heat snow peas (wipe and use same skillet) with 1 teaspoon butter and heat on medium heat for about 2 minutes; plate with omelet. Keep omelet warm by placing plates or platter in a low oven, 250° F.

Personalize your plate: we used organic eggs, skim milk, American cheese, freshly ground white pepper and sweet butter (unsalted) for the omelet. These are preferences. You can easily switch up the ingredients to use any eggs, milk or cream, cheese – or combination of cheeses black pepper and salted butter. And, choose your own fruit or vegetable to accompany your omelet. Make it your own - Happy Holidays!

Nutrition information: calories 409, total fat 27 g, cholesterol 471 mg, carbs 11 g, sodium 988 mg

Lorraine Barnett is a nutritionist and freelance writer from Westfield Center.

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