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Does Your Dog Snore? It Could be Seasonal Allergies

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The same pollen and allergens that keep you from enjoying your garden come the warmer weather could also be affecting your pet.

Now that more dogs spend time snuggling up to their pet parents in bed or share the same room at night, many people are discovering that their pooch has a snoring problem. Dogs snore for many of the same reasons people do. Causes can include being overweight, nasal obstructions, illness, and allergies. Some dogs with flat faces and compact noses may be more prone to snoring as well.

Secondhand smoke can be another cause.

By visiting a veterinarian you can help rule out certain causes of the snoring. If together with the vet you determine that the cause of the snoring is allergies, you don’t have to lose anymore sleep.

Pollen counts are generally the highest in the morning and at night. Walk your dog during the afternoon when the levels are lower. Also, keep your pet out of the garden during peak pollen times.

Allergies other than from the environment may be the result of additives in dog food or from flea and tick problems. Talk about your concerns with the veterinarian to choose products that may help your dog to be more comfortable.

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