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Breathe Free Plant a Tree

We need trees in order to survive. Trees supply the oxygen in the air we need to breathe.

They keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide. Each of us is responsible for over 4,600 pounds of carbon production per year. In one year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driven 26,000 miles. Trees lower air temperatures by evaporating water in their leaves. They cut down on noise pollution by acting as sound barriers. Trees provide shade and shelter, reducing yearly heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars. They provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Tree roots stabilize soil and prevent erosion. Did you know that a 4" caliper Silver Maple's root system eliminates 700 gallons of storm water runoff per year? Want to reduce your carbon foot-print? Plant a tree and more importantly, learn how to take care of it properly. Let this be the year we all make a difference. We can help you with valuable knowledge along with delivery and plant-ing service if needed.

Arbor Day is Friday April 30, stop in and celebrate with us at Gardenscapes Nursery located at 15365 Gifford Road in Oberlin, OH, "Where Knowledge is Grown".

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