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H.S. Track and Field: Amherst's Taylor Hooks gets home breakthrough in Comet Relays

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    Amherst's Taylor Hooks runs next to Strongsville's Karson Cobb on the way to winning the 100 meters Saturday at the Comet Relays.


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    Tori Kubasak of Amherst finishes in the 4x100 meter relay at Amherst on Saturday.


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    Luke Gardner of Avon runs in the boys 1600 meter in Amherst on Saturday.


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    Kaylee Haff of Amherst runs in the girls 4x800 meter relay Saturday.



AMHERST — Taylor Hooks has been looking for a win at the Comet Relays since she was a freshman.

The Amherst senior got it Saturday in her final chance at the home meet, winning the 100 meters over Twinsburg junior Alyssa Willis, 12.44 to 12.72.

Hooks paced the Comets but had plenty of help as the Amherst girls led all area schools with a fifth-place finish in a field of 27 teams at the 64th annual Comet Relays.

“It felt good, especially for a cold day,” Hooks said. “I wish that I could have run a little bit faster, but overall I’m happy because I didn’t get to run (last year) so getting first is very exciting.”

The Avon boys also had a strong showing.

Harsh rains and wind that battered Northeast Ohio on Friday fortunately subsided through the morning hours Saturday, which aided performances.

“It was way better than what I did here sophomore year,” said Hooks, who missed much of last season with a hamstring injury. “I wish I could have run in it last year. I would have liked to have seen where I was at. I’m happy overall. It’s very exciting, especially because I never actually had done it. I’ve wanted to since freshman year.”

Hooks’ victory in the 100 came between top-three finishes for the Comets. Hooks teamed with her sister, Sidney, a freshman, and juniors Kylie Olney and Tori Kubasak for a second in the 800 sprint medley (1:53.70) and a third in the 400 relay (50.78).

“I really don’t like watching,” Taylor Hooks said. “I like to help the team in the relays. I feel like that by districts and regionals I should in the (11-second range) for the 100. And hopefully do very well at state. The sprint medley was nice, especially since we were disqualified for this event here my sophomore year.”

The Avon boys were impressive in the weights with two wins. Junior Joe Svec was the common denominator.

Svec threw 139 feet, 8 inches in the discus, teaming with senior Luke Waryck (135-6) and junior Nick Gardner (119-0) as Avon edged Avon Lake by just 3 inches, 394-2 to 393-11. David Eisele, Justin Wirtz and Seth Wimmer comprised the Shoremen relay.

Svec later joined juniors Tommy Lorincz and Jake Wilson for the win in the shot put relay. Svec led the trio with 48-4, with Lorincz right behind at 48-2 and Wilson at 46-6. Avon outdistanced Perkins 143-0 to 141-0.75.

“I was doing very well in shot. I was doing so good today other than my last throw. I just left a little bit,” Svec said. “For shot put I was hitting my positions. In discus I was struggling a little bit. It was muddy out there, but my teammates really stepped up. Tommy Lorincz had a really great throw (in shot). Jake Wilson did his part. He got a good mark. Over in discus Luke Waryck got a good mark out there. I know that one was very close.

“Personally, I wish I did better (in discus), but I know my teammates are very happy with their marks. This year we have a very good junior class. This year we’re feeling good. We’re very progressive since last year. I thought that if we were close to hitting our personal bests we had a very good chance of winning.”

Last year at the Comet Relays, the Avon boys finished fourth in discus and seventh in shot put. But it’s not like the Eagles had never experienced success in the throws here. In 2017, the Eagles swept discus (413-11) and shot put (143-7.25). Svec was part of the winning discus relay that day.

Amherst senior Jaret Prete pulled off a big upset in discus Saturday as he beat Rocky River senior Michael Shoaf, 159-2 to 155-9. Shoaf was second in discus at the 2018 Division I state meet and was the state champ for shot put.

“I was fortunate enough to have good weather conditions as opposed to some of the other throwers, the wind died down for me,” Prete said. “I’m happy I got a good throw in. All my work is starting to pay off slowly. I never knew I could really win this meet.

“Shoaf is a great guy to compete against. I’ve been competing against him since junior high.”

Prete’s top mark in discus came on his fourth and final throw. Earlier in the week he signed a letter of intent to the Air Force Academy.

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Team scores

1, Solon, 97; 2. Strongsville, 63; 3. St. Ignatius, 61; 4. Berea-Midpark, 52; 5. Ashland, 31; 6. Tie — Brunswick, Medina and Toledo St. Francis, 30. Lorain County teams: 12. Avon, 21; 16. Amherst, 13; 18. Avon Lake, 11. Keystone didn’t score. Out of 27 teams

Individual results

Top 2 plus top local

100 meters: 1. Joseph Gillette (Strongsville), 10.98; 2. Kevin Walls (Westlake), 11.19

1,600: 1. Ivan Slyepkan (Bay), 4:23.50; 2. Jack McDonough (Rocky River), 4:25.17; 9. Luke Gardner (Avon), 4:40.80; 10. Stephen Faltay (Keystone), 4:41.48; 15. Matthew Kirsch (Amherst), 4:52.43

3,200: 1. Jakob McConnell (Kenston), 9:39.62; 2. Andrew Schuster (St. Francis), 9:44.34; 12. Brandon Wiedl (Avon), 10:38.27; 15. Matthew Kirsch (Amherst), 10:42.04

110 high hurdles: 1. Moe Abusway (Strongsville), 14.29; 2. John Wetula (St. Ignatius), 14.69; 5. Dominic Deshuk (Amherst), 15.36

300 intermediate hurdles: 1. Ian Daughtery (Berea-Midpark), 39.68; 2. Jalen Daniel (Brunswick), 40.04; 14. Deshuk (Amherst), 43.61; 20. Ryan Urban (Avon), 46.92

4x100 relay: 1. Strongsville, 43.35; 2. Solon, 43.40; 15. Amherst (Jordan Smith, Stockton Tarbush, Allen Muc, Michael Shorts), 46.39

4x400 relay: 1. Medina (Christopher Kelly, Harry Custer, Cameron Schontzler, Michael Kelly), 3:25.82; 2. Strongsville, 3:26.58; 14. Amherst (Baumgartner, Brad Kirsch, Stockton Tarbush, Isaac Davis), 3:40.64

4x800 relay: 1. Strongsville, 8:01.20; 2. Ashland, 8:02.36; 11. Amherst (Brad Kirsch, Devin Baumgartner, Ethan Barnes, Gabriel 8:32.88; 13. Avon (Joe Laforet, Muhammad Abedelejaber, Ryan Hammerschmidt, Wiedl), 8:43.86

4x1,600 relay: 1, Ashland, 18:38.02; 2. Solon, 19:15.45; 14. Amherst (Cael Walker, Sebastian Pecora, Nicholas Glahn, Caleb Cabrera), 20:59.79

800 sprint medley: 1. Solon, 1:36.63; 2. St. Francis, 1:36.94; 8. Avon (Evan Valderrama, Cole Zamborsky, Jordan Greer, Colin Kaufmann), 1:41.38; 14. Amherst (Allen Muc, Jordan Smith, Michael Shorts, Stockton Tarbush), 1:43.54

Distance medley relay: 1. St. Edward, 10:56.45; 2. Copley, 10:59.50; 15. Amherst (Walker, Brad Kirsch, Baumgartner, Barnes), 11:37.51

Shuttle hurdles: 1. Solon, 1:01.07; 2. Berea-Midpark, 1:01.30

Shot put: 1. Avon (Joe Svec, Tommy Lorincz, Jake Wilson), 143-0; 2. Perkins, 141-0.75; 4. Avon Lake (Justin Wirtz, David Eisele, Seth Wimmer), 136-3.25; 6. Amherst (Jaret Prete, Austin Renaldo, Logan Stewart), 126-2.25. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Michael Shoaf (Rocky River), 54-8.75

Discus: 1. Avon (Joe Svec, Luke Waryck, Nick Gardner), 394-2; 2. Avon Lake (David Eisele, Justin Wirtz, Seth Wimmer), 393-11; 3. Solon, 393-4; 5. Amherst (Jaret Prete, Brad Gregory, Logan Stewart), 377-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Prete, 159-2

High jump: 1. Solon, 17-3; 2. St. Ignatius 17-0; 10. Amherst (Caleb Stempowski), 6-2; 13. Keystone (Ashton Waite), 5-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Andrew Aske (Strongsville), 6-4

Long jump: 1. Strongsville, 62-3; 2. Berea-Midpark, 57-1.75; 4. Amherst (Caleb Stempowski, Deshuk, Camden Gross), 56-4.25; 14. Avon (Ryan Ptacek, Tim Conwell, Cole Roberts), 53-10. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Etaijen Easter (Twinsburg), 21-4.25

Pole vault: 1. Berea-Midpark, 26-6; 2. St. Ignatius, 25-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: tie- Justin Muchewicz (Berea-Midpark) and Dan Drellishak (St. Ignatius), 14-0


Team scores

1, Medina, 95; 2. Solon, 67; 3. Twinsburg, 53; 4. Brunswick, 50; 5. Amherst, 48; 6. Strongsville, 46; 7. Avon, 34; 18. Avon Lake, 8. Out of 27 teams

Individual results

Top 2 plus top local

100 meters: 1. Taylor Hooks (Amherst), 12.44; 2. Alyssa Willis (Twinsburg), 12.72; 6. Gaby Enourato (Avon), 13.18

1,600: 1. Olivia Howell (Solon), 4:57.3; 2. Lauryn Mick (Toledo Notre Dame), 5:01.66; 11. Madison Coppolino (Avon), 5:47.02

3,200: 1. Juliette Keller (Medina), 10:58.04; 2. Morgan Jankowski (Berea-Midpark), 11:06.74; 14. Leah Gerke (Amherst), 12:35.92; 16. Abby Sidloski (Avon), 12:51.39

100 high hurdles: 1. Ada Ngozi (Solon), 15.48; 2. Kari Eckenwiler (Mansfield Madison), 15.97; 8. Macy Dimacchia (Amherst), 17.10

300 intermediate hurdles: 1. Shura Ermakov (Berea-Midpark), 46.00; 2. Ngozi (Solon), 46.93; 4. Cameron Dumais (Amherst), 48.11; 17. Avery Erskine (Avon), 55.64

4x100 relay: 1. Strongsville, 50.08; 2. Medina, 50.15; 3. Amherst (Taylor Hooks, Sidney Hooks, Kylie Olney, Tori Kubasak), 50.78; 6. Avon (Gaby Enourato, Melanie Farmer, Gabriella Guilfu, Karissa Kraszewski), 51.79

4x400 relay: 1. Twinsburg, 3:59.84; 2. Medina, 4:06.82; 9. Amherst (Kubasak, Sidney Hooks, Dumais, Anna Dudziak), 4:22.95

4x800 relay: 1. Kenston, 9:43.21; 2. Medina, 9:54.05; 3. Avon (Evelyn Pelfrey, Julie Petersen, Jules Frombach, Jane Roach), 9:54.41; 4. Amherst (Kalyn Potyrala, Kayla Snowden, Kaylee Haff, Cassidy Hill), 9:57.01

4x1,600 relay: 1. Medina (Jessica Campbell, Maddie Miller, Olivia Roberts, Jenna Razavi), 22:24.39; 2. Twinsburg, 23:15.56; 13. Amherst (Elizabeth Hughes, Emily Hughes, Liah Miller, Angelina Williams), 26:46.84

800 sprint medley: 1. Twinsburg, 1:48.72; 2. Amherst (Kylie Olney, Sidney Hooks, Taylor Hooks, Tori Kubasak), 1:53.70; 8. Avon (Gabriella Gulfu, Karissa Kraszewski, Melanie Farmer, Gaby Enourato), 1:58.69

Distance medley relay: 1. Medina (Henning, Angela Dobson, Jessica Campbell, Keller), 12:21.78 (MEET RECORD, old record 12:24.52 set in 2018 by Medina); 2. Solon, 12:35.93; 7. Avon (Pelfrey, Rennette, Roach, Frombach), 13:16.82; 8. Amherst (Haff, Kubasak, Snowden, Potyrala), 13:20.29

Shuttle hurdles: 1. Solon, 1;08.20; 2. Medina, 1:10.50; 7. Amherst (Macy Dimacchia, Robbins Sakiya, Sara Kelley, Chaley Younkin), 1:16.13

Shot put: 1. Brunswick (Meghan Daly, Ashley Geiss, Madison Wyatt), 102-2.25; 2. Perkins, 101-7.25; 3. Avon (Molly Radcliffe, Amanda Ulery, Lia Sadd), 99-2.75; 6. Avon Lake (Brooke Lumpkin, Kate Radca, Grace Eisele), 89-10.75; 16. Medina (Isabelle Wagner, Maria Cipro, Madelyn Newell), 73-2.75; 17. Amherst (Autumn Hunter, Jessica Hamrick, Skyler Jackson), 69-5.25. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Daly, 39-5

Discus: 1. Perkins, 328-5; 2. Brunswick, 321-8; 4. Avon Lake (Brooke Lumpkin, Grace Eisele, Kate Radca), 289-5; 6. Avon (Molly Radcliffe, Amanda Ulery, Meredith Vargo), 271-11; 14. Amherst (Hamrick, Hunter, Jackson), 240-6; 18. Medina (Cipro, Madelyn Newell, Wagner), 203-11. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Daly, 133-9

Long jump: 1. Kenston, 43-8.75; 2. Rocky River, 43-8; 4. Amherst (Cameron Dumais, Kelsey Traut, Alexandra Boyles), 42-10.75; 14. Avon (Michaela Evans, Oceannay Davis, Katie Vovak), 35-2.25. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Leah Schellentrager (Rocky River), 16-0

High jump: 1. Strongsville, 9-8; 2. Avon (Meghan Waters, Ally Rennette), 9-6; 11. Amherst (Chaley Younkin), 4-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Emilia Lesniak (Strongsville), 5-2

Pole vault: 1. Brunswick (Angelina Lotarski, Hannah Craddock), 22-3; 2. Westlake, 21-6; 4. Amherst (Sydney Walker, Justine Prete), 17-6; 7. Avon (Brynn Zeman, Kaylee Maxey), 16-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Lotarski, 11-9

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