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High school bowling: Avon Lake's Connor Gallagher makes right move, wins sectional title


    Avon Lake junior Connor Gallagher



NORTH RIDGEVILLE — Connor Gallagher didn’t make his move Sunday at the boys Division I sectional bowling tournament at Brunswick Zone until he actually moved.

Once he did, there was no stopping the Avon Lake junior.

Gallagher rebounded from an opening 172 with games of 233 and 265 for a 670 series to win the singles championship by 29 pins.

“The second game is when the (oil) pattern started transitioning,” Gallagher said of the lane conditions. “That’s when I understood that I had to move right. … Honestly, after that it just went off. My team helped me go into that zone. I went into that zone and it was awesome.”

The Avon Lake girls had a big day, too, finishing fourth to earn their first district berth. Berea-Midpark, Westlake and North Olmsted took the top three spots.

Gallagher rallied past North Olmsted junior George Trapletti, who had a 641 on games of 221, 222 and 198, and Berea-Midpark junior Gavin Fouts, who had a 625 (217-205-208).

“It went very well for me today,” said Gallagher, who had finished just 16th last year at sectionals with a 540. “I couldn’t do it without my team. My team was literally on my butt the whole time. My team was cheering me and coaches were helping me throughout everything. Without them, I wouldn’t be in this position right now.”

Gallagher was struggling coming into Sunday, having rolled just a 450 at the Southwestern Conference tournament at Buckeye Lanes on Feb. 10.

“Our assistant (Chris Loschetter) kept putting it in my head to slow down,’” Gallagher said. “I did slow down and when I did I was more focused and was way more under control. Honestly, the difference was the placement of my fingers in the ball. When I placed my thumb almost out of the ball, it would be light. When I moved it in, it would be heavier. When I was in between those two it was like throwing the ball every day. I loved it. It was the greatest feeling I ever had.”

The Shoremen finished fifth, 53 pins short of moving on to districts as a team. They were only 10 pins behind fourth-place St. Edward before struggling in the Bakers (when each team member rolls two frames each game.

Rayana Meyers led Avon Lake with the second-highest series (515) and the top game (208). Only Berea-Midpark’s Laney Fouts had a higher series (524).

“It feels pretty good,” Meyers said. “We worked pretty hard to get here. It feels that the hard work paid off. I really focused on hitting my markers with accuracy.”

The Shoregals trailed Amherst by 70 pins after the three regular games but turned it around in Baker action, earning the final district spot by a comfortable 59 pins.

Three other Lorain County bowlers advanced to district. North Ridgeville junior Dylan Mishak was second with a 587 (208-213-166) and Elyria senior Chris Willis was fourth with a 565 (181-170-214). On the girls side, Amherst senior Alexis Goldthorpe (181-167-135-483) placed third with a 483 (181-167-135).

Olmsted Falls freshman Delaney Condosta and Amherst freshman Makayla Velasquez both had 474 series but Condosta earned the fourth and final qualifying spot because her high game *167) topped Velasquez’s (161) .

“It was a relief,” Mishak said. “After the second game it was pretty rough. I thought it was a good move. It was just a little rough on the carry. I’m happy I made it after the last game. I could have made a better move. Just the last game I didn’t adjust as good as I could have.”

Goldthorpe was also happy and relieved to advance.

“I was throwing pretty well,” Goldthorpe said. “I really didn’t make any adjustments. I really didn’t have to. It feels very good. I’m very happy.”

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Team scores (Top 4 teams advance to Oakwood Village district, Feb. 24): 1. Berea-Midpark 3,971; 2. North Olmsted 3,826 (155 pins behind); 3. Olmsted Falls 3,749; 4. St. Edward 3,721; 5. Avon Lake 3,668 (53 pins behind); 6. Westlake 3,546; 7. Elyria 3,436; 8. North Ridgeville 3,416; 9. Midview 3,267; 10. Brecksville 3,140; 11. Amherst 3,072; 12. Lincoln West 3,020; 13. Lorain 3,010; 14. North Royalton 2,938; 15. Avon 2,858; 16. Lakewood 2,780

Individual qualifiers (top 4 advance to districts): 1. Connor Gallagher (Avon Lake), 675; 2. Dylan Mishak (North Ridgeville), 587; 3. Andrew Bodi (Westlake), 581; 4. Chris Willis (Elyria), 565

High series: 1. Gallagher, 670; 2. George Trapletti (North Olmsted), 641; 3. Gavin Fouts (Berea-Midpark), 625. Other top Lorain County bowlers: 6. Mishak, 587; 10. Willis, 565; 12. Rico Marcado (Lorain), 547; 14. Noah Maloney (Elyria), 538; 18. Chandon Weisner (Amherst), 520; 19. Ryan Romito (North Ridgeville), 519; 22. Nick Foley (Avon Lake), 509

High game: 1. Gallagher, 265; Zach Eble (Berea-Midpark), 249; Trapletti, 222; Maloney, 220. Other top Lorain County bowlers: Willis, 214; Mishak, 208; Branden Neiding (Avon Lake), 195; Joshua Beitel (North Ridgeville), 192; Foley, 192; Michael Ebosh (Midview), 190; Brenden Graley (Midview), 187; Romito, 178; Dominic Hawkins (Elyria), 173; Joseph Harrison (Midview), 173; Colin Skinner (Avon), 171; Brock Meyers (Avon Lake), 168;


Team scores (top 4 teams advance to Oakwood Village District, Feb. 23): 1. Berea-Midpark 3,077; 2. Westlake 3,050; 3. North Olmsted 3,030; 4. Avon Lake 2,902; 5. Amherst 2,843 (59 pins behind); 6. Olmsted Falls 2,787; 7. Midview 2,785; 8. Brecksville 2,666; 9. Lorain 2,637; 10. Elyria 2,378; 11. Magnificat 2,358; 12. North Ridgeville 2,321; 13. Lakewood 2,224

Individual qualifiers (top 4 advance to districts): 1. Krislynn Katona (Olmsted Falls), 499; 2. Megan Ashley (Lakewood), 486; 3. Alexis Goldthorpe (Amherst), 483; 4. Delaney Condosta (Olmsted Falls), 474

High series: 1, Laney Fouts (Berea-Midpark), 524; 2. Rayana Meyers (Avon Lake), 515; 3. Hannah Groden (North Olmsted), 512. Other top Lorain County bowlers — 7. Goldthorpe, 483; 8. Makayla Velasquez (Amherst), 474; 10. Alexis Qualls (Midview), 463; 14. Kerissa Haught (Midview), 458; 16. Jazlyn Harris (Lorain), 434; 18. Paige Keim (Elyria), 427; 19. Ta’lia Harris (Lorain), 423; 21. Katelynn Ramancak (Amherst), 421; 22. Catie Kolodny (North Ridgeville), 418; 25. Savanna Wilson (Midview), 416

High game: 1. Meyers, 208; Taylor Hedges (Westlake), 192; Groden, 185. Other top Lorain County bowlers — Goldthorpe, 181; Kolodny, 170; Qualls, 166; Haught, 164; Velasquez, 161; Claire Smith (Lorain), 153; Paige Gannon (Lorain), 153; Jazyln Harris, 147; Wilson, 146; Keim, 143; Katherine Dull (Amherst), 143


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