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Boys soccer: Time runs out on Midview in loss to Elyria

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    Elyria's Allen Prechtel dribbles as Midview's Kaiden Koch gives chase in a soccer game Aug. 18.


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    Midview's Quentin Kirkpatrick chases Elyria's Isaac Dicken Aug. 18.


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    Elyria's Trey Monschein chases Midview's Kaiden Koch (16) and Josh Hogue (20) Aug. 18.


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    Midview's Josh Vincent chases Elyria's Jack Bailey and Aug. 18.



EATON TWP — Time ran out on Midview against Elyria in non-conference play Saturday night.

The Middies lost 1-0 but a potential hand-ball, penalty-kick situation at the end of regulation was nullified when officials ruled time had run out before the violation. It was the first game of the season for both teams.

“I talked with (the officials),” Midview coach Jim Igneczi said. “That’s a judgment call. He’s got to have one eye on the clock, one eye on the ball, making sure it’s not moving. That’s a judgment call. I’m not disputing that at all. I don’t envy that job at all.”

The three officials conferred after the play and after time had apparently ran out. They ruled the violation was late.

“That’s what they were discussing,” Igneczi said. “It was a hand-ball but it happened after the clock ran out.”

To make the result even tougher, the one goal scored on Midview was inadvertent. In a scramble in front of the net the ball bounced off the chest of Elyria senior Charles Locklear and off the hand of a Midview player and into the net for the only goal of the night in the ninth minute of play.

“I played it off their player and it went in,” Locklear said.

“It was exciting there at the end but it doesn’t excuse the first 79 minutes when we could have played a little bit better,” Igneczi said. “Obviously, we scored on ourselves for the goal. We didn’t have the intensity at the beginning of the game that we had at the end.”

Elyria’s senior goalkeeper Logan Boddy played every shot taken perfectly. He punched one potential goal out of harm’s way and reached high to catch another. It was pretty good for someone who normally plays the midfield position.

“I think (Midview) had a couple good opportunities towards the end and our goalkeeper made a save,” said Brett Heighberger, Elyria’s coach. “Logan came off the field for us. He’s typically not our goalie. Logan has embraced that role, at least for the time being until we can develop our younger guys.”

“I had good team support in front of me,” Boddy said. “We just managed to get the job done. It’s a fantastic way to start the season. It gives us an initial push to keep moving forward and keep getting better.”

Elyria’s defense was led by freshman Allen Prechtel and senior Jack Bailey who “really locked down anything that tried to come up the middle,” according to Heighberger.

The Pioneers controlled the action in the first half but couldn’t finish.

“First half, we controlled (the ball) pretty much all of the time,” Locklear said. “We kind of let it down the second half and they got on us the second half of the game.”

Locklear’s assessment was correct. Elyria took eight of its 11 shots on goal in the first half. Midview took only two in the first half but six in the second – nearly all of those in the frantic final five minutes of play.

“First half, I think we kind of controlled the game quite a bit,” Heighberger said. “They kind of let us work the ball forward but they did a good job of holding down the middle, making sure we couldn’t penetrate through the box.

“I don’t know if that was (the Middies’) game plan or not but they definitely got behind the ball very well and made it very difficult for us to use our speed and athleticism. We were able to get down the wings wide, which we want to do.”

Elyria managed to work the sidelines – especially Locklear – but the Middies’ defense was strong in the middle. Seniors Kiel Wells and Ben Lisle, along with sophomore Jason Riemer, patrolled the middle of Midview’s defense.

“Centering the ball, that’s where the easiest shots are going to come from,” Locklear said. “You can’t finish from the sides.”

“Cole (Midview’s senior goalkeeper Cole Thompson) – I don’t know if you could see it from your angle but he made an upper 90 (MPH), over the top of the bar that was dipping from Isaac (Dicken) on rip probably with about 12 minutes left in the first half. That goes in, it breaks the back. He played phenomenally.”

Thompson was very good for the Middies. He not only saved the one off the leg of Dicken but had had several others over the course of the evening. He also has a strong leg and came close on a couple occasions of reaching the goal on penalty kicks from midfield.

Two Elyria starters – Alex Heighberger and Chase Monschein – left the game as a pre-caution due to possible head injuries.

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Elyria 1, Midview 0

Goals: Elyria scored on an own goal (9:35 first half).

Shots on Goal: Elyria 11, Midview 4.

Saves: (M) Cole Thompson 6, (E) Logan Boddy 4.

Corner Kicks: Midview 2, Elyria 8.

Penalties: Midview 7, Elyria 8.

Yellow Cards: Midview 3, Elyria 1. .

Halftime: Elyria 1-0.

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