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Girls soccer 2014: Sisters Hannah, Madison Sours play nice together, help Brookside turn things around


Nobody knows you better than your sister. That could be one of the reasons Brookside’s Hannah and Madison Sours have had so much success playing together on the soccer field.

Last season, following the Cardinals’ second straight winning season, Madison, a forward, earned second-team All-Greater Cleveland honors, while Hannah, a midfielder, was honorable mention.

While the Sours sisters have been a big part of Brookside’s resurgence, they’ve been a bigger part of each other’s accomplishments.

“It sounds awesome to hear the P.A. announcer say goal by No. 11 Madison Sours, assist by No. 9 Hannah Sours,” said Hannah, a junior who led the team with 10 assists last season. “I’ve became more of a passer since I came to high school. Now I’ve grown so comfortable with the role of wanting to be the distributor and get the ball to other people to get goals that I do the same thing on my club team.”

Madison, a sophomore, scored 17 goals last year as both sisters earned first-team All-Patriot Athletic Conference and All-Lorain County honors.

Brookside coach Zoran Cancar said the sisters complement each other well on the field.

“They’re both very special players, very dynamic athletes,” said Cancar, who is entering his fourth year leading the Cardinals. “They both have a slightly different skill set, that’s one of the reasons they play so well together. Hannah has turned into a distributor. She still has the ability to take people on and beat them and score, but over the past three years she’s turned herself into more of an all-around player. Madison is an all-out pure scorer. That’s what she does and she’s very good at it. She will go out there and look to beat people one-on-one.”

Madison and Hannah have different personalities, too, but just like their playing styles, they complement each other.

“I’m a shy person when it comes to a lot of things,” Madison said. “Hannah will just plow through people on the field. I’m really not that aggressive.”

Madison, in fact, said that often when she gets pushed off a ball or knocked down to the ground, she’s ready to forgive and forget but Hannah will get angry and look to retaliate.

“When Hannah has those scary, aggressive moments, I don’t always like talking to her, she gets so intense it’s almost scary,” Madison said, while sporting a huge grin. “But, honestly, I couldn’t have done what I did last year without Hannah. My sister is so supportive of me and I know she cares about me. My friends are supportive, too, but it’s different when it’s somebody you’re related to.”

The Sours also play club soccer together with the Cleveland Internationals.

While you would expect there to be some sibling rivalry, Cancar said there really isn’t.

“They push each other to be better and I’m sure there’s always a time where a younger sibling wants to one-up the older one, but I can’t think of one incident where they’ve been bickering or fighting with each other and that’s not always the case when you have siblings on the same team,” Cancar said.

“It’s a good partnership they have together, how they are so supportive of each other. It’s pretty rare to see that.”

Both girls are hoping to continue their soccer careers in college, hopefully at the Division I level. Hannah wants to pursue a degree in the medical field, while Madison hasn’t thought much about it yet.

“It’s a privilege to work with them and I will do whatever I can to help them reach their goals,” Cancar said. “Players like Hannah and Madison don’t come around too often.”

The Sours have the same goal most athletes have — to win championships with their team and advance to the next level within their sport. But both girls expressed another desire: to raise the profile of the sport of soccer at Brookside.

“It’s been exciting to be a part of the two good seasons we’ve had and see how the Brookside program has turned around,” Hannah said. “Now I hope we start to get more support from the community because most of the time our fan section has been, well, not very good.”

Madison hopes with continued success more students will come to the games.

“It was frustrating last year, it seemed like everybody would make a big deal of every sport except soccer,” she said.

If the Sours continue to play the way they did last season, it’s almost a certainty that more people will take notice of their exploits. But as long as Hannah and Madison are teammates, they’ll always have their No. 1 supporter close by.

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