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High school track and field: Keystone girls, North Ridgeville boys hang on to capture Nelson Howe Invitational titles


HENRIETTA TWP. — While the Nelson Howe Invitational at Firelands High School had more than enough wind and rain Friday, it also had plenty of drama as boys and girls titles came down to the last event — the 1,600 relay.

Keystone, which was clinging to a one-point lead over Olmsted Falls in the girls meet, cemented its championship by winning the 1,600 relay by 12 seconds.

The win — Keystone’s ninth out of 14 events — gave the Wildcats 112 points to the Bulldogs’ 104.

“We have high expectations for the girls this year and some nice upperclassmen,” Keystone coach Jeff Holzhauer said. “Those girls did a really nice job leading our freshmen and sophomores. A meet like this is good for us. We have a few really, really good quality individuals that can perform well at a meet like this.

“We have some depth issues and some holes in our lineup, but at a meet like this (with only one entrant at each event per school), you don’t see those. It’s a good confidence booster for us going into the rest of the year.”

On the boys side, North Ridgeville led Olmsted Falls by six going into the final event. While the Bulldogs’ relay team finished higher than the Rangers — second place to third – it wasn’t enough to overtake Ridgeville, which won the boys title for the third straight season, 109-103.

The Rangers and Bulldogs each won four individual events to set up the close race to the top.

“This was wonderful,” North Ridgeville coach Lucky Varouh said. “I knew we’d strong, but I didn’t know if we’d repeat. We lost a lot of great seniors and we’re very young this year. But we have some strong athletes and I was very happy they were able to pick it up.

“I’m happy we were able to bounce back and equal our performance here from the last two years. The wind was really, really something. The times were nothing to write home about, but it’s a matter of where you finish in a race.”

Due to the weather, all preliminary events were scrapped along with three field events — the long jump, discus and pole vault.

Seniors Jenna Quillen and Emily Peters, who combined for six wins, led Keystone. It was Quillen who ran the anchor leg of the championship-clinching 1,600 relay, which turned in a time of 4:44.23.

Not bad, considering it was the first time the relay of Quillen, Peters, Jena Copley and Beth Plas ever competed together.

“We knew the meet was close … so we knew we had to kick it,” said Quillen, who also won the high jump and both hurdles events. “We put our fastest girls together. It was our goal to win, and our coach knew we had it in us. We were able to put it all together today.”

Peters won the 100 and 200 dashes, along with running the second leg of the winning 1,600 relay.

“I wanted to come out strong and do my best, get a good feel for the beginning of the season,” Peters said. “My goal was to get out to a nice strong start, and I think I did that today. Winning’s icing on the cake, but the fact that we won it with a team event made the celebration even better.”

The conditions were rough, but they affected the girls 800 relay the most. Three teams, including two of the top three finishers, were disqualified because girls dropped their batons. North Ridgeville, which had originally finished second in 2:01, and Keystone, which took third in 2:02, were sent to the back of the field.

Brookside, paced by Cheyenne Danchisen and anchor Tyller Holley, won in 1:57.

“Even though our 4x1 and 4x2 didn’t place real well, I was happy,” Holzhauer said. “We had some new girls running the 4x2 (Plas, Peters, Copley and Sarah Fortune) and they dropped the baton. If we don’t drop the baton, I thought we had a shot to win it. But that’s my fault. We haven’t worked on it enough. It’s Mother Nature’s fault, too.”

Shannon Wargo also helped Keystone by winning the 1,600 and 3,200 runs and anchoring the winning 3,200 relay.

Sophomore Demario McCall led the Rangers boys, wowing the crowd with a blistering 100 dash, cutting through the wind in 10.99 seconds and winning by .59 seconds. He also anchored the winning 400 relay, which won in 45.14 seconds.

“I knew it was kind of windy, but I knew I had to fight through it and do what do best,” said McCall, who was the Rangers’ star running back in the fall.

“There’s all kinds of weather happening in football, so you have to know how to run through it and fight through everything. When I came off the blocks, I stayed low, and when you stay low, you don’t feel the wind.”

Jonah Bowden won the shot put, while Riley Gannon won the 1,600 to help the Rangers.

The host Falcons, who finished third with 90 points, won five events. Jordan Ruffner (400), Brennan Crawford (3200) and Derek Reynolds (800) were individual winners for Firelands.

Olmsted Falls coach John Novotny was pleased with two runner-up finishes.

“I thought, with the boys and girls, there were some areas where we did things well and others where we need some work,” he said. “I thought Kate Ferster winning the 400 and taking second in the 200, along with good showing in her two relays, was great. She’s a very strong runner for us. Weather doesn’t bother her.

“I expected them both to do well, but it’s still early and we have some room to improve. If we improve throughout the year, I think we’ll have a decent year. But this was a good early season meet to show the kids you can’t let the weather bug you. You’ve got to go out and compete.”

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TEAM STANDINGS: North Ridgeville 109, Olmsted Falls 103, Firelands 90, Keystone 57, Black River 54, Brookside 53, Clearview 39.5, Wellington 30.5.

HIGH JUMP — 1. Josh Adkins (Brookside) 5-8, 2. (tie) Corbin Zanick (North Ridgeville), Will Hoyett (Olmsted Falls) 5-8, 4. Rob Becker (Firelands) 5-8.

SHOT PUT — 1. Jonah Bowden (North Ridgeville) 49-3, 2. Tyler Gandee (Keystone) 41-6, 3. Samuel Miller (Wellington) 39-1, 4. Jake Bolton (Olmsted Falls) 38-2.

3,200 RELAY — 1. Firelands (Michael Adkins, Derek Reynolds, Cullen Grude, Patrick Brightbill) 8:58.65, 2. Black River 9:36.25, 3. North Ridgeville 9:38.64, 4. Keystone 10:05.66.

100 DASH — 1. Demario McCall (North Ridgeville) :10.99, 2. Evan Hudson (Olmsted Falls) :11.58, 3. Robert Fleck (Keystone) :12.05, 4. Colin Smith (Firelands) :12.11.

1,600 RUN — 1. Riley Gannon (North Ridgeville) 5:11, 2. Caleb Budic (Olmsted Falls) 5:13, 3. Tanner Hawley (Black River) 5:17, 4. William Dowdell (Wellington) 5:24.

400 DASH — 1. Jordan Ruffner (Firelands) :53.32, 2. Bailey Gannon (North Ridgeville) :56.52, 3. Chase Brock (Olmsted Falls) :57.55, 4. Steven Speck (Keystone) :58.86.

800 RUN — 1. Derek Reynolds (Firelands) 2:10.77, 2. Riley Gannon (North Ridgeville) 2:22.30, 3. Jacob Corcino (Clearview) 2:23.02, 4. Triston Hornbeck (Black River) 2:24.40.

3,200 RUN — 1. Brennan Crawford (Firelands) 11:01.47, 2. Evan Collier (North Ridgeville) 11:15.34, 3. Emilio Irizarry (Olmsted Falls) 11:37.50, 4. Jacob Kincer (Clearview) 12:56.40.

110 HURDLES — 1. Chase Reynolds (Olmsted Falls) :15.76, 2. Jason Lucas (North Ridgeville) :16.02, 3. Cole Lewis (Firelands) :17.71, 4. Brandon Irrizary (Clearview) :17.96.

800 RELAY — 1. Olmsted Falls (Will Hoyett, Garrett, Norman, Evan Hudson) 1:38, 2. Brookside 1:40, 3. Firelands 1:41, 4. North Ridgeville 1:42.

400 RELAY — 1. North Ridgeville (Jason Lucas, Halligan, B. Dwulat, Demario McCall), :45.14, 2. Olmsted Falls :46.14, 3. Keystone :48.05, 4. Black River :48.24. 300

HURDLES — 1. Evan Hudson (Olmsted Falls) :43.77, 2. Jason Lucas (North Ridgeville) :44.12, 3. Cole Lewis (Firelands) :46.66, 4. Zach Washington (Keystone) :50.28.

200 DASH — 1. Will Hoyett (Olmsted Falls) :24.65, 2. David Bell (Black River) :25.05, 3. Brandon Kmitt (Brookside) :25.82, 4. B. Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :25.92.

1,600 RELAY — 1. Firelands (M. Adkins, D. Reynolds, P. Brightbill, J. Ruffner) 3:46.9, 2. Olmsted Falls 3:51.83, 3. North Ridgeville 4:06.58, 4. Keystone 4:12.26.


TEAM STANDINGS: Keystone 112, Olmsted Falls 104, North Ridgeville 72, Firelands 61, Black River 47, Brookside 47, Wellington 32, Clearview 32.

HIGH JUMP — 1. Jenna Quillen (Keystone) 4-8, 2. Daleney Rogala (Firelands) 4-6, 3. Tyller Holley (Brookside) 4-6, 4. Vicky Wilkins (Olmsted Falls) 4-6. SHOT PUT — 1. Breanna Simmons (Olmsted Falls) 33-8, 2. Morgan Leach (Black River) 31-9, 3. Arianna Salkowitz (Clearview) 27-7, 4. Summer Adkins (Firelands) 27-0.

3,200 RELAY — 1. Keystone (J. Copley, M. Copley, Hostal, Shannon Wargo) 11:09.4, 2. Olmsted Falls 11:13.3, 3. North Ridgeville 11:34.26, 4. Firelands 12:00.2.

100 DASH — 1. Emily Peters (Keystone) :12.92, 2. Francesca Klypchak (Olmsted Falls) :13.29, 3. Morgan Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :13.31, 4. Makayla Koerner (Black River) :13.48.

1,600 RUN — 1. Shannon Wargo (Keystone) 5:49.19, 2. Stormie Kadar (Olmsted Falls) 5:55, 3. Kayla Zingale (North Ridgeville) 6:27, 4. Tori Hritsko (Firelands) 6:45.

400 DASH — 1. Kate Ferster (Olmsted Falls) 1:02.55, 2. Tyller Holley (Brookside) 1:08.78, 3. April Arbor (North Ridgeville) 1:10.73, 4. Beth Plas (Keystone) 1:11.93.

800 RUN — 1. MacKenzie Calfo (Wellington) 2:39.22, 2. Jena Copley (Keystone) 2:40.89, 3. Ally Hessler (North Ridgeville) 2:43.43, 4. Caitlyn Chalfant (Olmsted Falls) 2:44.97.

3,200 RUN — 1. Shannon Wargo (Keystone) 13:06.45, 2. Liz Neudeck (Olmsted Falls) 13:13.05, 3. Ashley Martin (Wellington) 14:10.65, 4. Leslie Peterson (Firelands) 14:39.30.

100 HURDLES — 1. Jenna Quillen (Keystone) :17.67, 2. Vicky Wilkins (Olmsted Falls) :18.47, 3. Danielle Blogojevic (North Ridgeville) :19.06, 4. Autumn Lampshire (Black River) :21.14.

800 RELAY — 1. Brookside (Madison Sours, Pierce, Cheyenne Danchisen, Tyller Holley) 1:57, 2. Black River 2:05.28, 3. Firelands 2:05.65, 4. Olmsted Falls 2:09.96.

400 RELAY — 1. Olmsted Falls (Kate Ferster, Fissel, Pipper, Francesca Klypchak) :54.75, 2. North Ridgeville :55.09, 3. Firelands :57.09, 4. Keystone :57.52.

300 HURDLES — 1. Jenna Quillen (Keystone) :57.76, 2. Danielle Blogojevic (North Ridgeville) :53.02, 3. Vicky Wilkins (Olmsted Falls) :54.19, 4. Madison Sours (Brookside) :57.65.

200 DASH — 1. Emily Peters (Keystone) :28.86, 2. Kate Ferster (Olmsted Falls) :28.89, 3. Morgan Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :29.45, 4. Dezarie McElya (Clearview) :31.21.

1,600 RELAY — 1. Keystone (Plas, Peters, J. Copley, Quillen) 4:44.23, 2. North Ridgeville 4:56.51, 3. Firelands 4:59.88, 4. Olmsted Falls 5:02.75.

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