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High school bowling: Amherst girls capture third sectional title in last four years, head to district for fifth straight season


LORAIN — The tradition continues.

For the third time in four years, the Amherst girls took home the top prize at the Lorain County Division I sectional bowling tournament.

Amherst methodically chased down defending champ North Olmsted on Sunday at Rebman Rec for the win. The Comets rallied from a 43-pin deficit after three regular games to win, 3,550 to 3,507.

It was the fifth year in a row the Amherst girls qualified for districts.

Senior Courtney Thompson led the Comets, ringing up the tournament’s No. 1 series with a 630, 33 pins better than North Olmsted sophomore Amanda Gale (597).

“We came in with an open mind and didn’t let anything bring us down,” Thompson said.

“We just kept good attitudes. We thought that we were definitely going to move on to districts but we really wanted to win it again like we did (in 2011 and ’12. We just came out, did our best, pulled it through and won this time.”

Amherst beat North Olmsted in each of the six Baker games. Overall, the Comets outscored the Eagles 1,032-952 in the Baker round.

Only two teams qualified out of Lorain with this year’s divisional split, making the margin for error slim.

“Winning under these conditions definitely feels a lot better,” Thompson said. “We’re confident to go into districts. We’re hoping to make it to state.”

Amherst advances to the Akron district next Sunday at Riviera Lanes. The top six boys teams and top five girls teams will advance to the state tournament in Columbus, March 7-8.

“Districts is hard, but we can do it if we can keep good attitudes and not let anything bring us down,” Thompson said. “We can get through. We can do it.”

Sophomore Amanda Witten (513), senior Rachel Glowacki (501) and freshman Victoria Stawicki (479) of Amherst finished 12th, 14th and 17th for high series at the sectional.

“I have girls that can all throw strikes,” Amherst girls coach Perry Keplinger said. “I told them to keep plugging away, make those spares and every now and then make those strikes and we’re going to be OK. That’s kind of what we did. Every now and then we’d hit a bump in the road and get a split. But because we had a double early on we had all decent Baker games.”

Things were still tight through five Baker games, when Amherst led by 13 pins.

“Once they got the lead they were bowling well and they relaxed,” Keplinger said of his team. “That was great. It was fun for us.

It was fun for North Olmsted. We’ve battled each other all year. I told them (the Eagles) afterwards when I congratulated them that we’ll push each other all the way to Columbus.”

Olmsted Falls was the only local boys team to qualify, earning its seventh straight trip to districts. The Bulldogs finished second behind Brunswick, 4,321-4,101. Berea-Midpark (4,061) and defending champ St. Edward (4,045) were the other two qualifiers.

Senior Jake Olszewski led Olmsted Falls with a 628, the seventh-highest series.

“Practicing here Saturday definitely made us more prepared for today,” Olszewski said. “I definitely was able to adjust faster than I would had I just walked in here without a practice session. All in all, I thought we bowled very well.”

Senior Chad Kuchenmeister (624), senior Dan McFadden (617) and junior Andrew Oltmanns (569) of Olmsted Falls also finished in the top 20 for high series, placing eighth, ninth and 19th.

“The drier pattern helped,” Olszewski said. “I was able to use my less-aggressive ball and because of that I was able to send it out and let it walk in, which definitely helped me personally. It worked out better for my teammates, too.”

“They battled all day. I couldn’t ask for more of them,” Olmsted Falls coach Chuck Carver said.

The North Ridgeville boys held the third qualifying berth through four of six Baker games with a 3,675 score over Berea-Midpark (3,665) and St. Ed (3,661) before falling back.

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Team scores

Top two teams advance to Akron district

Amherst 3,550, North Olmsted 3,507, Brunswick 3,387, Lorain 3,161, Olmsted Falls 3,138, Elyria 3,054, North Ridgeville 2,635, Berea-Midpark 2,526.

High game – top 20

1. Brianna Simmons (OF), 229; 2. Courtney Thompson (A), 225; 3. Colleen Ziegman (E), 223; 4. Amanda Gale (NO), 222; 5. Megan Zipp (B), 216; 6. Angela Gale (NO), 214; 7. Amber Kessler (NR), 211; 8. Emily Skonier (B), 219; 9. Tabitha Milam (L), 207; 10. Cassidy Broz (B-M), 202; 11. Taylor Reis (NR), 199; 12. Colleen Prokop (B), 196; 13. Marissa Kostandaras (NO), 194; 14. Rachle Glowacki (A), 193; 15. Anna Sharick (E), 189; 16. Victoria Stawicki (A), 182; 17. Julie Hellinger (L), 179; 18. Amanda Witten (A), 178; 19. Nicole Clancy (NO), 176; 20. Taylor Perkins (NO), 170.

High series – top 20

1. Thompson, 630; 2. Amanda Gale, 597; 3. Simmons, 569; 4. Milam, 569; 5. Emily Skonier (B), 549; 6. Colleen Prokop (OF), 546; 7. Amber Kessler (NR), 543; 8. Angela Gale, 543; 9. Broz, 535; 10. Zipp, 528; 11. Ziegman, 526; 12. Witten, 513; 13. Reis, 511; 14. Rachel Glowacki (Amherst), 501; 15. Kostandaras, 501; 16. Stacy Hillenbrandt (B), 483; 17. Stawicki, 479; 18. Sharick, 465; 19, Sierra Schleich (B), 457; 20. Elisha Woods (L), 455

Individual qualifiers

1. Simmons, 569; 2. Milam, 558


Team scores

Top four teams advance to Akron district

Brunwick 4,321, Olmsted Falls 4,101, Berea-Midpark 4,061, St. Edward 4,045, North Ridgeville 3,998, Amherst 3,806, Elyria 3,796, Valley Forge 3,678, North Olmsted 3,557, Westlake 3.441, Padua 3,342, Lorain 3,271, Brooklyn 1,518.

High game – top 20

1. Austin Smith (NR), 267; 2. Jason Kopco (SE), 258; 3. Mitch Andzelik (Bru), 257; 4. Nick Outrich (B-M), 257; 5. Jake Olszewski (OF), 256; 6. Kyle Hegedus (SE), 255; 7. Eric Bator (Bru), 247; 8. Justin Vetrovsky (Bru), 247; 9. Dan McFadden (OF), 246; 10. Shane Cauley (NR), 245; 11. Scott Zipp (Bru), 237; 12. Joey Peterson (NR), 236; 13. Aaron Gurek (VF), 236; 14. Ken Kokita (Bru), 227; 15. Collin Velasquez (L), 227; 16. Chad Kuchenmeister (OF), 224; 17. Josh Molzan (VF), 224; 18. Kevin Zingales (SE), 223; 20. Malik Shabazz’ei (Bro), 223

High series – top 20

1. Andzelik, 714; 2. Kopco, 696; 3. Vetrovsky, 669; 4. Hegedus, 667; 5. Outrich, 661; 6. Smith (NR), 645; 7. Olszewski, 628; 8. Kuchenmeister, 624; 9. McFadden, 617; 10. Jeff Maloney (E), 604; 11. Bator, 601; 12. Velasquez, 599; 13. Jacob Vance (B-M), 598; 14. Shabazz’ei, 595; 15. Peterson, 594; 16. Robert Callam (NO), 594; 17. Bob Lewandowski (A), 582; 18. Spencer Brodie (Bru), 578; 19. Andrew Oltmanns (OF), 569; 20. Nick Bobincheck (B-M), 567

Individual qualifiers

1. Smith, 645; 2. Maloney, 604; 3. Velasquez, 599; 4. Shabazz’ei, 595

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