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High school track: AuBree LaForce leads way as Vermilion girls defend title at own invite


VERMILION — Last year was great.

This year was better.

A year ago, the Vermilion girls won their annual track and field invitational for the first time. Friday, even without the services of their graduated star Emily Cunningham, the Sailors made it two in a row.

Dominating the event from the get-go and buoyed by five wins in individual events and an MVP performance from senior AuBree LaForce — who was competing in her first event in a couple of weeks — the Sailors dodged enough raindrops to roll up 124 points.

The event was delayed for about an hour-and-a-half due to an afternoon thunderstorm. Ten minutes after the final event, another rainstorm blew in.

As a result of the delay, all preliminary events were scrapped, along with three field events. Only the shot put and the high jump events were competed in the field events, and all the preliminary heats were run as regular races, with the times for each heat tabulated against each other.

“We had a great day,” Vermilion girls coach Kristy Edmison said. “This is the second year in a row that we’ve been able to win our own invitational, and that’s big. We had a lot of our former state qualifiers here (honored in a midrace ceremony) so it was nice to see the heritage of our program culminating into this year.

“I think it helped the kids become aware of what Vermilion track and field’s all about. And the girls responded great. We didn’t get to compete in some of our field events, which are one of our strongest suits, so I was a little nervous about how we’d do. But we really responded in our running events.”

It was an all-around good day for the Sailors track team. The Vermilion boys finished third out of 15 teams with 69 points.

“This is probably the top finish we’ve had either here at the Vermilion Invite or in any invite in probably five or six years, maybe even longer than that,” Vermilion boys coach Dave Domonkos said.

“The boys have come on strong this year so I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished. They keep fighting every day.”

While the Sailors had some standout performances from fellow seniors Mallory Morris and Rhema Nicoll and junior Hannah Bartlome, it was LaForce who took home the top individual honor of the event.

LaForce won the 100 dash in 13.09 seconds, ran the second leg of the winning 800 relay, ran the opening leg of the winning 400 relay and finished fourth in the 200 dash with a time of 27.77 seconds in just her second time running the event this year.

“I felt pretty strong running the 200,” said LaForce, who also plays softball for the Sailors. “Coming off the two relays and the 100, I didn’t know how I was going to be feeling when that race rolled around. But I felt pretty strong running. I would have liked to finish higher, but I’m pleased with my time.

“Knowing this was the last time I was going to compete in a track event here and being Senior Night, to perform as well as I did and help the team perform as well as we did was really cool. It’s something I’ll always remember.”

LaForce combined with Abbey Bodeker, Morris and Bartlome in the 800 relay for a winning time of 1:50.02, and joined with freshman Annie Rossi, Morris and Bartlome for a winning time of 51.17 in the 400 relay.

Bartlome, who won the high jump with a leap of 5 feet, also heaped praise on LaForce.

“Our best performance was the 4x1,” she said. “Now that AuBree’s back, we can run the relays to our full potential, I guess you could say. AuBree’s start in the 100 was probably the best start to that race I’ve ever seen in my life. She got off so quick, and that’s all we’ve been talking about.”

Edmison also singled out Nicoll’s performance in the 800. Trailing in the home stretch, Nicoll used a late kick to sprint past Danielle Musgrove to win with a time of 2:35.97, beating Musgrove to the finish line by .42 seconds.

“It’s Rhema’s senior year and her final event here at home, and she ran a great race,” Edmison said. “I know winning the Vermilion Invitational was one of her big goals, so I was really proud of her. She ran a smart race, setting her pace and sticking with it. That was probably what I was most proud of.”

Morris didn’t win any individual events, but she took second in the high jump and third in the 200 to help the Sailors open an insurmountable lead.

On the boys side, the Sailors did not have any individual winners. However, Domonkos singled out senior Paul Schwensen (third in the 300 hurdles), junior Joe Karres (second in the shot put) and junior Forrest Boyd (fourth in the 400 dash) for their performances.

“Our numbers have grown,” Domonkos said. “This is probably our largest team since I’ve started coaching, which goes hand-in-hand with how we’ve been doing.

“A lot of what the boys are doing is buying into the team concept, especially in the relays.

They’re running strong in the 4x100, 4x200, 4x400 and even the 4x800, which is one junior and the rest freshmen and sophomores. That right there is what’s really exciting about it.”

The North Ridgeville boys, the defending champions, finished a disappointing fifth with 56 points. The Rangers were led by senior Paul Sonego (winner of the 400 with a time of 51.13 seconds) and sophomore Jonah Bowden (winner of the shot put with a throw of 50-foot-3).

“It was a tough night, not just weather-wise but also with the competition,” Rangers coach Lucky Varouh said. “Everybody did their best and we’re looking forward to next week’s conference meet.”

Other area winners were Oberlin freshman Simon Perales with a time of 10:31.63 in the 3,200 run and the Clearview 3,200 relay team of Mike Hollingsworth, Ricky Santos, Noah Parsons and Matt Hollingsworth with a time of 8:55.78.

North Ridgeville junior Kayla Zingale’s championship in the 1,600 run (5:56.48) led the way for a third-place performance for the Rangers girls. They compiled 75 points, 20 points more than fourth-place Brookside (55).

“Overall, I did good,” Zingale said. “I didn’t beat my PR in the mile (1600), but I finished under six minutes, which was my goal. With my fourth-place finish in the 800, I was really happy with my day.”

For Brookside, senior Jessica Sarvas was the lone individual winner, claiming the shot put title with a throw of 32-11.

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TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Warrensville Heights 86, 2. Mansfield Madison 83, 3. Vermilion 69, 4. John Adams 59, 5. North Ridgeville 56, 6. Clearview 55, 7. Margaretta 50.5, 8. Berea 40.5, 9. Garfield Heights 24, 10. Oberlin 16, 11. Brookside 7, 12. Lutheran East, Cleveland MLK, Wellington 0.

Individual Results

SHOT PUT: 1. Jonah Bowden (North Ridgeville) 50-3, 2. Joe Karres (Vermilion) 49-6, 3. Colbert Bartlett (Vermilion) 43-1, 4. Somas Sessions (Berea) 42-7.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Gerrell Williams (Clearview) 6-4, 2. Devin Burghard (Mansfield Madison) 5-9, 3. Malik Hudson (Garfield Heights) 5-6, 4. Kevon Ferguson (Garfield Heights) 5-6.

3,200 RELAY: 1. Clearview (Mike Hollingsworth, Santos, Parsons, Matt Hollingsworth) 8:55.78, 2. North Ridgeville 8:59.92, 3. Vermilion 9:00.79, 4. Margaretta 9:02.41.

110 HURDLES: 1. Darrius DeMoss (Warrensville Heights) 15.09, 2. Beau Beechler (Margaretta) 16.07, 3. Dylan Harper (Mansfield Madison) 16.54, 4. Brandon Irizzary (Clearview) 16.68.

100 DASH: 1. Reggie Thomas (John Adams) :10.88, 2. DeMario McCall (North Ridgeville) :11.24, 3. JoJuan Hundley (John Adams) :11.51, 4. Kalvin Gordon (Mansfield Madison) :11.67, 5. Torian Johnson (Warrensville Heights) :11.79.

800 RELAY: 1. John Adams (Smith, Hall, Turner, Thomas) 1:31.75, 2. Warrensville Heights 1:32.34, 3. Mansfield Madison 1:35.97, 4. (tie) Margaretta, Vermilion 1:37.05.

1,600 RUN: 1. Mikael Lucas (Berea) 4:44.70, 2. Mike Hollingsworth (Clearview) 4:45.60, 3. Simon Perales (Oberlin) 4:47.40, 4. Craig Orshoski (Margaretta) 4:49.70.

400 RELAY: 1. John Adams (Turner, Thomas, Smith, Hundley) :44.0, 2. Garfield Heights :45.23, 3. North Ridgeville :45.43, 4. Margaretta :45.74.

400 DASH: 1. Paul Sonego (North Ridgeville) :51.03, 2. Terrence Roberts (Warrensville Heights) :52.02, 3. Torrez Edwards (Warrensville Heights) :53.23, 4. Forrest Boyd (Vermilion) :54.67.

300 HURDLES: 1. Frank Douglas (Madison) :39.57, 2. Darrius DeMoss (Warrensville Heights) :39.82, 3. Paul Schwensen (Vermilion) :42.40, 4. Logan Brauer (Margaretta) :44.43.

800 RUN: 1. Bryan Taylor (Madison) 2:07.38, 2. Marquise Bedell (Berea) 2:11.92, 3. Matt Hollingsworth (Clearview) 2:12.41, 4. Juwati Jackson (John Adams) 2:12.70.

200 DASH: 1. Ronnie Turner (John Adams) :22.92, 2. Darius Farmer (Warrensville Heights) :23.09, 3. JoJuan Hundley (John Adams) :23.23, 4. Darius Carlton (Garfield Heights) :23.31.

3,200 RUN: 1. Simon Perales (Oberlin) 10:31.63, 2. Ben Safer (Vermilion) 10:37.51, 3. Creighton Jensen (Brookside) 10:39.52, 4. Esaidre Welch (Madison) 10:51.89.

1,600 RELAY: 1. Warrensville Heights (Farmer, Edwards, Roberts, DeMoss) 3:28.76, 2. Madison 3:38.74, 3. Margaretta 3:38.90, 4. Vermilion 3:40.05.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Vermilion 124, 2. Mansfield Madison 107, 3. North Ridgeville 75, 3. Brookside 55, 5. Laurel 50, 6. Garfield Heights 45, 7. Margaretta 37, 8. Clearview 13, 9. Lutheran East 7, 9. Wellington 7, 11. John Adams 5, 12. Warrensville Heights, Oberlin, John Adams, Cleveland MLK 0.

Individual Results

SHOT PUT: 1. Jessica Sarvas (Brookside) 32-11, 2. Savannah Mowry (Vermilion) 32-0.5, 3. Allison Johnson (Mansfield Madison) 31-10, 4. Jeri Pollard (Lutheran West) 30-11.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Hannah Bartlome (Vermilion) 5-0, 2. Mallory Morris (Vermilion) 5-0, 3. Kaylee Howe (Mansfield Madison) 4-6, 4. Koty Hayes (North Ridgeville) 4-3.

3,200 RELAY: 1. Mansfield Madison (Lodwick, Clow, Baker, Musgrove) 11:04.3, 2. Laurel 11:16.2, 3. Vermilion 11:34.5, 4. Brookside 12:00.8.

100 HURDLES: 1. Kasey Parkhurst (Margaretta) :16.46, 2. Alexis Heuss (Mansfield Madison) :16.81, 3. Abbey Bodeker (Vermilion) :16.91, 4. Abby Young (Laurel) :17.21.

100 DASH: 1. AuBree LaForce (Vermilion) :13.09, 2. Morgan Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :13.12, 3. Tyller Holley (Brookside) :13.17, 4. Heather Younkin (Clearview) :13.22, 5. Annie Rossi (Vermilion) :13.39.

800 RELAY: 1. Vermilion (Bodeker, LaForce, Morris, Bartlome) 1:50.02, 2. North Ridgeville 1:51.14, 3. Margaretta 1:51.62, 4. Garfield Heights 1:54.93.

1,600 RUN: 1. Kayla Zingale (North Ridgeville) 5:56.48, 2. Sarah Baker (Mansfield Madison) 5:58.88, 3. Cassie Schillero (Garfield Heights) 6:08.31, 4. Hannah Cebull (Vermilion) 6:20.49.

400 RELAY: 1. Vermilion (LaForce, Rossi, Morris, Bartlome) :51.17, 2. Brookside :52.77, 3. Mansfield Madison :54.14, 4. North Ridgeville :54.15.

400 DASH: 1. Brioni Turner (Laurel) 1:02.35, 2. Regina Zehner (Mansfield Madison) 1:03.15, 3. Becca Denman (Margaretta) 1:03.35, 4. Shyanne Pierce (Brookside) 1:05.83.

300 HURDLES: 1. Abby Young (Laurel) :48.77, 2. Abbey Bodeker (Vermilion) :49.20, 3. Annie Rossi (Vermilion) :49.77, 4. Alexis Heuss (Madison) :51.11.

800 RUN: 1. Rhema Nicoll (Vermilion) 2:35.97, 2. Danielle Musgrove (Madison) 2:36.79, 3. Paris Taylor (Laurel) 2:42.31, 4. Kayla Zingale (North Ridgeville) 2:42.99.

200 DASH: 1. Mia Gregory (Garfield Heights) :26.94, 2. Morgan Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :26.99, 3. Mallory Morris (Vermilion) 27.34, 4. AuBree LaForce (Vermilion) :27.77.

3,200 RUN: 1. Sarah Baker (Madison) 12:35.79, 2. Taylor Lowery (North Ridgeville) 13:36.58, 3. Ariah Clow (Madison) 13:55.85, 4. Hannah Cebull (Vermilion) 15:22.11.

1,600 RELAY: 1. Laurel (Young, Hata, Taylor, Turner) 4:24.02, 2. Madison 4:28.93, 3. Garfield Heights 4:34.60, 4. Brookside 4:50.73.

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