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H.S. Track: Vermilion girls win 3rd straight New London Relays


NEW LONDON — Biting winds, persistent drizzle and temperatures in the low-40s Saturday couldn’t derail the Vermilion girls as they won the 35th annual New London Relays for the third straight time.

The Sailors took home the top prize with

63 points, taking five of

11 events. New London was second with 45 points and Elyria Catholic third with 41.

Victory wasn’t as easy as it sounds for the Sailors. They led the Panthers

43-39 through nine events, and lost out on 10 potential first-place points when long jump was canceled due to poor conditions.

“Today was a struggle,” Vermilion junior Hannah Bartlome said. “It’s never been this cold at New London. The wind was a killer.

“The day was rough. It started out kind of misty. It cleared up briefly right after the 800 relay, before the wind kicked up again and the drizzle came back.”

Vermilion coach Kristy Edmison changed up Bartlome’s typical meet routine. Instead of high jump, long jump, 400 relay and 800 relay, she went high jump, 800 relay, sprint medley and the 1,600 relay.

“Today was different for sure, but whatever can get our team more points,” Bartlome said. “Coach said we needed it. I didn’t know it was this close.”

Bartlome posted the meet’s best high jump for the second straight year at 5-foot-4 as she teamed with Mallory Morris (4-9) and Andrea Dillon (4-9) to win with a combined height of 14-10. Vermilion held off Elyria Catholic (14-7), which was led by seniors Kalynn Daniels and Karissa McGrath, who both tied the school record at 5-2.

Bartlome anchored the winning 800 relay that included junior Abbey Bodeker, senior AuBree LaForce and Morris (1:53.0). Bodeker, LaForce and Bartlome later teamed with senior Annie Rossi to take the 800-meter sprint medley (2:01.7).

With Bartlome and Morris out of long jump, Edmison switched them to the 1,600 relay, where they teamed with Rossi and senior Rhema Nicoll for the win (4:34.8).

Edmison stayed creative throughout the meet, which was necessary after losing Dillon to a right ankle injury in long jump warmups. She used LaForce in the shuttle hurdles with Bodeker, Rossi and Savannah Kuntz, who combined for third (1:18.0).

“These weather conditions are hard for any athlete,” LaForce said. “The coaches made some adjustments with the relay teams to get us the most points. That’s the most important thing to help us win this meet. I think that shows what relay meets are all about. I ran hurdles for the first time. Hannah gave up some of her events. It showed a team effort for sure.”

The only Vermilion win without Bartlome was the closest finish of the day.

LaForce rallied from about 6 meters down in the anchor leg of the 400 relay to catch EC’s Brandy Daniels, Kalynn’s twin. LaForce teamed with Bodeker, Rossi and Morris to defeat Danielle Dziak, McGrath and the Daniels sisters, 52.8 to 52.9.

“I just wanted to make it a race,” LaForce said. “We face Elyria Catholic three or four times a year and it’s always pretty close.”

Last year, Bodeker, Morris and Bartlome were members of the 400 relay that placed second at state in Division II (48.81). Dziak, McGrath and the Daniels sisters were third at state in Division III (49.72).

“As a coach I pride myself on relay meets,” Edmison said. “It shows you have depth. It’s not about the individual. I really harp on the team aspect. If you win a relay meet, it’s really a team accomplishment. I’m very pleased to win this meet for the third year in a row.”

North Ridgeville was the top local finisher on the boys side, finishing third with 57 points. Seneca East won its fourth straight title with 104 points. Port Clinton was second with 84.

Junior Paul Sonego anchored two winning relays for North Ridgeville. He teamed with Chad Valega, Jonah Bowden and Billy Dwulat to take the 400 relay over Port Clinton, 46.5 to 46.6. He later teamed with Isaiah Santiago, Jason Lucas and Brad Sundheimer to capture the 1,600 relay over Seneca East, 3:46.0 to 3:47.2.

“Things went pretty well,” Sonego said. “We had some problems with our 800 relay (fourth, 1:38.5). Our handoffs were a little shaky. We just need to stay focused on our fundamentals and grow.

“Our hearts are there. We learned from today. We’re happy, but we’re not satisfied. We’re going to keep getting better and better.”

Elyria Catholic’s Ted Achladis, Eric Schramm and Kyle Bopp won the discus relay (359-6). Achladis had the meet’s best throw (152-9).

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Team results: 1. Vermilion, 63; 2. New London, 45; 3. Elyria Catholic, 41; 4. Port Clinton, 39½; 5. Seneca East, 35; 6. Hillsdale, 33; 7. Norwalk St. Paul, 29; 7. Hopewell-Loudon, 29; 9. Brookside, 27; 10. Crestline, 21; 11. North Ridgeville, 61⁄2


6,400-meter relay: 1. Hopewell-Loudon (Leah Reinhart, Kailey Coleman, Shelby Raudebaugh, Erin Reinhart-Anez), 25:25.0; 6. Elyria Catholic (Sarah Ziegelmayer, Tori Oeftering, Erin Thiele, Abbie Guilmette), 27:55.0; 7. Brookside (Katy Ackerman, Savannah Pliszka, Emilee Gil, Jocelyn Miller), 28:35.0; 8. Vermilion (Rebecca Terschak, Savannah Kuntz, Amber Fetter, Rhema Nicoll), 28:40.0

Shuttle hurdles: 1. Hillsdale (Emily Peterson, Mady Hower, Brooke Rogers, Nicole Richards), 1:16.0; T3. Norwalk St. Paul and Vermilion (Annie Rossi, AuBree LaForce, Savannah Kuntz, Abbey Bodeker), 1:18.0; T5. Port Clinton and North Ridgeville (Kara Keller, Anna Pavovski, Emily Gommel, Alicia Senart), 1:20.0

400-meter relay: 1. Vermilion (Abbey Bodeker, Annie Rossi, Mallory Morris, AuBree LaForce), 52.8; 2. Elyria Catholic (Danielle Dziak, Kalynn Daniels, Karissa McGrath, Brandy Daniels), 52.9; 5. Brookside (Nicole Harvel, Cheyenne Danchisen, Olivia Eyring, Tyller Holley), 57.4

Distance medley: 1. Elyria Catholic (Sara Koubek, Sarah Lehman, Anna Zemanek, Michaela Foisy), 13:57.8; 6. Brookside (Ackerman, Shelby Kerstetter, Pliszka, Gil), 16:16.2; 8. Vermilion (Terschak, Sarah Hall, Nicoll, Kuntz), 17:01.0

800-meter relay: 1. Vermilion (Bodeker, LaForce, Morris, Bartlome), 1:53.0; 2. Brookside (Hannah Sours, Pierce, Danchisen, Holley), 1:57.4; 3. Elyria Catholic (Tija Ross, Kalynn Daniels, Karissa McGrath, Brandy Daniels), 1:57.8; 6. North Ridgeville (Hayes, Kayla Award, Kara Keller, Dwulat), 2:01.9

3,200-meter relay: 1. Port Clinton (Abbi Pitts, Kiya Brown, Kennedy Gulas, Hannah Weaver), 11:33.6; 3. Elyria Catholic (Ziegelmeyer, Lauren Zidek, Oeftering, Koubek), 12:03.7; 5. Vermilion (Nicoll, Terschak, Fisher, Roselynne Ferry), 12:05.1; 9. Brookside (Pliszka, Gil, Woods, Brooke Ferenec), 13:09.8

800-meter sprint medley: 1. Vermilion (Bodeker, Annie Rossi, Hannah Bartlome, LaForce), 2:01.7; 2. New London, 2:06.4; 4. North Ridgeville (Award, Senart, Dwulat, Gommel), 2:09.3; 7. Elyria Catholic (Ross, Dziak, Emily Denney, Taylor O’Dell), 2:17.1; 10. Wellington (Jordan Kastl, Tabitha Spreng, Coley, MacKenzie Calfo), 2:21.0; 12. Brookside (Eyring, Katlyn Brooks, Nicole Harvel, E. Ackerman), 2:27.6

1,600-meter relay: 1. Vermilion (Nicoll, Bartlome, Morris, Rossi), 4:34.8; 3. Brookside (Ackerman, Sours, Kerstetter, Pierce), 4:46.8; 5. Elyria Catholic (Lehman, Koubek, Zemanek, Meghan Foster), 4:54.6

Shot put: 1. Seneca East (Ashton Daniel, Kaylyn Goshe, Emily Depinet), 98-11½; 3. Brookside (Jessica Sarvas, Ally Behrendt, Gabby Woods), 84-8½; 4. Vermilion (Savannah Mowry, Lauren Hollars, Chelsea Fisher), 82-4; 9. Wellington (Nichole Schubert, Emily McKenzie, Christina Coley), 66-3½; 11. Elyria Catholic (Emma Adkins, Abbie Guilmette, Brianna Cunningham), 63-11. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Daniel, 39-71⁄2

Discus: 1. Seneca East (Daniel, Goshe, Jordyn Cook), 291-0½; 4. Brookside (Woods, Behrendt, Sarvas), 241-5; 5. Vermilion (Mowry, Lauren Cacciatore), Hollars), 237-4; 9. Elyria Catholic (Adkins, Cunningham, Guilmette), 191-10½; 10. Wellington (McKenzie, Schubert, Coley), 187-9½. 12. North Ridgeville (Taylor Anderson), 52-7½. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Daniel, 116-61⁄2

High jump: 1. Vermilion (Hannah Bartlome, Mallory Morris, Andrea Dillon), 14-10; 2. Elyria Catholic (Karissa McGrath, Kalynn Daniels, Brandy Daniels), 14-7; 7. Brookside (Tyller Holley, Shyanne Pierce), 9-3; 8. North Ridgeville (Anna Pavovski, Koty Hayes); 9-0; 9. Wellington (Kaylie Goins, Madison Schneider), 8-3. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Bartlome, 5-4

Long jump: Canceled due to poor conditions.

Pole vault: 1. Hopewell-Loudon (Kiley Siegel, Kailen White, Logan Frank), 22-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Jessica Lorensen (Port Clinton), 8-6


Team results: 1. Seneca East, 104; 2. Port Clinton, 81; 3. North Ridgeville, 57; 4. Vermilion, 47; 5. New London, 40; 6. Hopewell-Loudon, 23½; 7. Elyria Catholic, 23; 8. Norwalk St. Paul, 18; 9. Brookside, 7; 10. Crestline, 21⁄2


6,400-meter relay: 1. Seneca East (Wesley Pipher, Jared Stockmaster, Karl Burgderfer, Jason Willman), 19:35.0; 5. Vermilion (Austin Carlson, Ian LeBlanc, Austin Knittle, Ben Safer), 21:26.0; 8. Elyria Catholic (Jake Amato, Kevin McCaffery, Rick Washington, Ben Davis), 21:54.0; 9. Brookside (Creighton Jensen, Nick Brenneman, Alexandrous Nicolaou, James Woods), 23:46.0; 10. Wellington (Marshall Farnsworth, Conner Dunwoodie, Charles Fox, Ben Friend), 24:02.0

Shuttle hurdles: 1. Seneca East (Kevin Moore, Garrett Boesser, Ben Frankart, Hunter Saylors), 1:08.0; 5. Vermilion (Paul Schwensen, Brandon Cole, Dave Trinter, Colin Donovan), 1:17.0

400-meter relay: 1. North Ridgeville (Chad Valega, Jonah Bowden, Billy Dwulat, Paul Sonego), 46.5; 2. Port Clinton, 46.6; 3. Elyria Catholic (Liam O’Hallarhan, Justin Rankin, Jake Jaglieski, Luke Janosik), 46.8; 7. Vermilion (Paul Schwensen, Seth Konrad, Zac Shepard, Garrett Shaw), 47.9

Distance medley: 1. New London (Jake Amburgy, Jacob Pippert, Alex Copley, Jon Albaugh), 11:57.5; 3. Vermilion (Forrest Boyd, Justin Carlson, Austin Carlson, Ben Safer), 12:24.9; 5. North Ridgeville (Brad Sundheimer, Isaiah Santiago, Tommy Sherfey, Evan Collier), 12:36.5; 8. Brookside (Justin Raynak, Josh Adkins, Nicolaou, Jensen), 13:00.0; 10. Chris Clark, Ben Amato, Jake Amato, McCaffery), 13:37.0; 12. Wellington (Brier Miller, Nicholas Wojonowski, Dunwoodie, Fox), 14:47.0

800-meter relay: 1. Port Clinton (Justyn Holmes, Moore, Youngbar, Stubblefield), 1:36.7; 4. North Ridgeville (Valega, J. Bowden, Dwulat, Sonego), 1:38.5; 6. Vermilion (Schwensen, Seth Konrad, Aaron Dawson, Shaw), 1:39.1; 8. Brookside (Dana Tolley, Kmitt, Jeremiah Edwards, Steven Truong), 1:48.0; 10. Wellington (Nicholas Byers, Andy Bosley, Dowdell, Zachary Schearer), 1:53.5

3,200-meter relay: 1. Seneca East (Burgderfer, Wesley Pipher, Jordan Phillips, Bryce Watson), 9:13.6; 4. Vermilion (Zach Myracle, LeBlanc, Johnson, Boyd), 9:32.3; 6. North Ridgeville (Don Henderson, Riley Gannon, Santiago, Sundheimer), 9:48.1; 7. Brookside (Woods, Brandon Bellman, Raynak, Jensen), 10:05.3; 8. Wellington (Farnworth, Miller, Rickie Porter, Friend), 10:31.1

800-meter sprint medley: 1. Seneca East (Zach Gregg, Depinet, Walker, Adam Hall), 1:43.7; 3. Elyria Catholic (Jaglieski, Janosik, Rankin, Jacob Moore), 1:45.0; 4. Vermilion (Schwensen, Konrad, Shaw, Dawson), 1:46.0; 7. North Ridgeville (Sonego, Dwulat, Aaron Spina, Reed), 1:48.6; 10. Brookside (Morgan, Truong, Tran, Antonio Perez), 1:54.2; 11. Wellington (Wojonowski, Alex Coker, Donovan Elswick, Nicholas Byers), 2:02.2

1,600-meter relay: 1. North Ridgeville (Santiago, Jason Lucas, Sundheimer, Sonego), 3:46.0; 2. Seneca East, 3:47.2; 5. Vermilion (Boyd, Konrad, Shaw, Myracle), 3:53.9; 8. Brookside (Bellman, Brenneman, Edwards, Tran), 4:05.2; 9. Elyria Catholic (Todd Trockley, Will McKinney, Liam O’Hallarhan, Adam Oeftering), 4:21.4; 10. Wellington (Bosley, Schearer, Elswick, Byers), 4:38.8

Shot put: 1. Seneca East (Ben Hahler, Owen Best, Adam Porter), 133-7½; 3. Vermilion (Joe Karres, Ethan Griffith, Colbert Bartlett), 120-6½; 4. North Ridgeville (Jonah Bowden, Terrell Lee, Elias Rodriguez), 109-3; 6. Elyria Catholic (Spencer George, Eric Schramm, Zach Sudnick), 106-8½; 7. Wellington (Samuel Miller, Bryce Gibbs, Jared Sipes), 106-4; 11. Brookside (Brenden Pospisil, Antonio Perez, John Knight), 86-1. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Cody Smith (Port Clinton), 56-21⁄2

Discus: 1. Elyria Catholic (Ted Achladis, Schramm, Kyle Bopp), 359-6; 2. Port Clinton, 349-7; 4. Vermilion (Bo Nelson, Dave Lewis, Austin Futo), 326-4; 6. North Ridgeville (Johan Bowden, Dave Difillippo, Talon Dorton), 309-10; 7. Wellington (Samuel Miller, Andrew Fahler, Chris Wagner), 269-1. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Achladis, 152-9

High jump: T1. Vermilion (Aaron Dawson, Justin Carlson, Dave Lewis) and Port Clinton (Stubblefield, Youngbar, Moore), 16-6; 4. North Ridgeville (Corbin Zanick, James Hicks, Chris Trahey), 15-6; 6. Brookside (Josh Adkins, Max Wilson), 10-0; 10. Wellington (Dowdell), 5-0. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Dawson, 5-9

Long jump: 1. Port Clinton (Brock Moore, Nathan Stubblefield, Jonathon Youngbar), 57-1; 3. Brookside (Bryan Tran, Brandon Kmit, Jeremiah Edwards), 50-11¾; 4. North Ridgeville (Isaac Reed, Mike Halligan, Alex Scullin), 49-9¾; 8. Elyria Catholic (Conner Ridell, Luke Janosik, Luke Whitacre), 47-4¾; 9. Vermilion (Austin Carlson, Aaron Dawson, Nick Vanderhoof), 45-11¾; 11. Wellington (Alex Coker, Conner Dunwoodie, Mike Dowdell), 39-10¼. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Moore, 19-8

Pole vault: 1. Seneca east (Zach Gregg, Depinet, Dakota Magers), 28-0; 2. North Ridgeville (Sean Kegg, Tommy Wendling), 19-0; 3. Vermilion (Nick Cacciatore), 10-6. INDIVIDUAL BEST: Cacciatore, 10-6

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