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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


This weekend, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is coming to a theater near you. So I decided to take a look around the net for some trivia about the film.

I found far and away the best site to get movie information is, the Internet Movie Database. It’s one of those sites that will get you the answer you need every time.

The list of trivia is way too long to reproduce here so I have included the link at the bottom of the story. There is also a link to a very long list of mistakes made during the film.

The new movie is a lock as a Number 1, but, believe it or not, the movie that got it all started, “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” almost didn’t get made.

First, when it was brought to the studios, none of them were interested. It took some arm twisting before George Lucas and Steven Spielberg finally got Paramount to take a chance on it. Then, casting was a problem. Nick Nolte passed on the leading role and Tom Selleck was cast for the part. But Selleck’s role in Magnum P.I. forced him to drop out and they finally turned to Harrison Ford.

The leading man had a job but the wrong name. Originally Ford’s character was named Indiana Smith.

Day 1 brought about the name change and filming got under way. The low budget project -- based in part on Disney cartoons -- exploded into a $22 million project before it was finished. Keep in mind that was $22 million in 1980s dollars. You could call it a good investment. When they tallied up the final count, the movie made $385 million worldwide. When you adjust that for inflation, you get a $580 million mega-hit.

In the end, the over-budget movie came in as the top film of 1981, and the American Film Institute records it as the No. 66 movie of all time.

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